 edward thorndike 1874-1949. edward thorndike brief history 1874: born in massachusetts 1895:...

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Edward Thorndike

Edward Thorndike1874-1949SEdward Thorndike

Brief history

1874: Born in Massachusetts1895: Graduated from Wesleyan University (B.S.) 1897: Graduated from Harvard University (M.A.)1898: PhD from Columbia University1899-1939: Instructor/Director Teachers College at Columbia University Thorndikes path to discovering the Laws of Learning

Thorndike studied how cats learnedHungry cats were rewarded with foodBehavior changed as a result of consequencesLed Thorndike to formalize the Law of Effect (1905) and the other Laws of LearningHover mouse over video above to stop, pause, or play.The Laws of LearningBehavioral learning theory based on connectionism

Several laws were established, but three are directly attributed to ThorndikeLaw of EffectLaw of ExerciseLaw of ReadinessThe Laws of LearningLaw of ExerciseEncourage repetition to acquire skillsPractice makes perfectLaw of EffectEmotional reaction of the learnerPositive outcomes = repeat behaviorLaw of ReadinessPhysical, mental and emotional state of the learnerCold room = negative learning experienceThorndike and Adult LearningThorndike parlayed his animal studies into research on adult learning Approached adult learning from a behavioral psychological perspective His 1928 book, Adult Learning, was the first to report results of research on adult learningProved that adult learning doesnt decline with ageThorndikes Impact Pioneered the study of educationGave future Behaviorist theorist a starting point with the Laws of LearningB. F. Skinner created the Skinner box to study Operant ConditioningClark Hull elaborated on Thorndikes view of connections between stimuli and response to create Hulls systemChanged the belief that adult mental development declined with ageReferencesKnowles, M. (1970) The modern practice of adult education (Vol. 41). New York: Association PressMerriam, S. B. (2001) Andragogy and self-directed learning: Pillars of adult learning theory. New directions for adult and continuing education, 2001 (89), 3-14Puzzle Box [Video file]. Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fanm--WyQJoBregman, E. O. Thorndike, E. L., Tilton, J. W. and Woodward, E. (1928). Adult learning. New York: Macmillian