 which jake would you bring in for an interview?  why?

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WHICH JAKE WOULD YOU BRING IN FOR AN INTERVIEW? WHY? How many pages? One page is preferred Two pages are used when you have enough relevant experience to fill both pages Utilize point font size and have enough white space The most impressive related experience should be on the top half of the page Using a summary of qualifications at the top of the resume is highly recommended this is your opportunity to catch the readers interest! Use action words to start your bullets or statements Include industry buzz words whenever they are relevant Use consistency in your style and presentation of information Use quality resume paper and do not staple multiple pages Spell check and read through your resume twice, then have someone else read through and edit it use action verbs to describe what you did in each position or experience be descriptive and specific write a full statement action verb + details + results = strong resume statement EXAMPLE: Assisted the drug delivery research group in identifying environmental problems and outlined suggestions for improvement and optimization Include a cover letter with your resume Whening your resume, label your attachments with your name Use a professionaladdress Be professional on social networking sites After submitting your resume, follow up with anor phone call Do I need to fill out each section if I already have that information on my resume? What do I put down for my reason for leaving? What about the salary expectations section? Who should I put down as references? YOUTUBE VIDEOCLIP YOUTUBE VIDEOCLIP Make each cover letter fit the job in which you are applying for Use your experience and relate it to the job Express passion for the kind of work you would be doing Add something in the letter that states how what the organization does/mission fits with your values or interests JAKE RYAN SAMPLE 2211 Riverside Avenue, Minneapolis, Minnesota October 11, 2009 Dan Howman Project Manager Pace Analytical Services, Inc Granada Avenue Minneapolis, MN Dear Mr. Howman: I was excited to see your advertisement for the Chemist position on Augsburg Colleges Augpost system. I have been looking for a position that would allow me to use my experience in research to work within a pharmaceutical environment, where the focus is on developing relationships with partners in the healthcare field. Paces mission fits extremely well with my values and passion to protect the environment and make the world healthier for everyone. Recently, I graduated from Augsburg College with a bachelor of arts in Chemistry and Computational Economics. During my junior year, I did an internship at the University of Minnesotas Chemistry department. Within that position, I worked effectively on the team to develop useful methodologies for the synthesis of natural products as potential pharmaceuticals. I really enjoyed the opportunity to be involved in the development, testing and research of new pharmaceuticals. My education, internship, and research experience have increased my abilities in the following areas: Effectiveness in testing and researching potential pharmaceuticals Strong analytical and problem solving skills Excellent interpersonal and intercultural communication skills Successfully worked with research teams regarding product development and suggestions for optimization My work, education, and leadership experiences have allowed me to grow both personally and professionally. I am passionate about working within the field of pharmaceutical research and believe that I can make an important contribution to Pace Analytical Services Inc. Enclosed is my resume for your further consideration. Thank you in advance and I look forward to meeting with you soon. Sincerely, Jake R. Sample Enclosure