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Agile BI Delivering Intelligence Faster Tim Smith

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  • 1 Agile BI Delivering Intelligence Faster Tim Smith
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  • 2 The 5 Use Cases You Need to Know About Informatica 9.5 Big Transaction Data Big Interaction Data Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) Oracle DB2 Britton-Lee Ingres Informix Sysbase SQL Server Cloud Salesforce.com Concur Google App Engine Amazon Other Interaction Data Clickstream image/Text Scientific Genomoic/pharma Medical Medical/Device Sensors/meters RFID tags CDR/mobile Social Media Data Facebook Twitter Linkedin Youtube Big Data Processing Big Data Analytics on Hadoop Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) & DW Appliances Teradata Redbrick EssBase Sybase IQ Netezza Greenplum DataAllegro Asterdata Vertica Paracell Data Privacy Agile BI App Performance Proactive Customer Engagement
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  • 3 I Need a Single View of All Enterprise Data NOW Applications Partner Data SWIFTNACHAHIPAA UnstructuredDatabasesSocialWarehousesNoSQL Cloud Computing SOA ESB/EAI ETL EIIHand Coding Business Intelligence
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  • 4 Today, it Takes too Long to Deliver New Critical Data or Reports to the Business On average, how long does it take to add a new source of data to your data warehouse? On average, how long does it take to create a complex report or dashboard with about 20 dimensions, 12 measures, and 6 user access roles? 2011 TDWI BI BENCHMARK REPORT Organizational and Performance Metrics for Business Intelligence Teams 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 1 month 2 months 3 months 4-6 months 6 months or more 11% 7% 22% 20% 14% 12% 7% On average, how long does it take to change a hierarchy (e.g. a new way of classifying products or organizing sales regions)? 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 1 month 2 months 3 months 4-6 months 6 months or more 25% 13% 8% 25% 10% 6% 8% 4% 1 week 2 weeks 3 weeks 1 month 2 months 3 months 4-6 months 6 months or more 15% 9% 13% 16% 9% 5%
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  • 5 Why Does it Take So Long? It takes too long to explain requirements It takes months to change a DW/add new critical data It takes many iterations to get the right data/reports Changes break integrations & impact applications Directly accessing operational systems is not possible / ideal Typical Data Integration Process IT Has a Huge Backlog a b c d 1 2 3 4 5 6 Design Change Integrate Unit Test Validate Deploy Business is Involved Too Late As-Is Value Stream Map (LOT OF WAIT & WASTE) e
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  • 6 You Cant Solve this in the BI Layer Unstructured DataSpread MartsEDWApplicationsMainframe Data Federation Here = No Reuse No Easy Way to Handle Change No Data Quality & No Data Consistency No Common Data Access Layer Need a Common Data Access Layer DATA MART
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  • 7 Identify new business opportunities Easily up-sell/cross-sell to customers Take business decisions on current data Agile Businesses Cant Wait 3-6 Months to Comply with changing regulations Identify and correct problems Respond to competitive threats
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  • 8 Solution Architecture DATA DISCOVERY DATA VIRTUALIZATION Rules Logical Data Object Rules DATA REPLICATION X MAP PROD
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  • 9 Data Replication Non-Invasive Access to Operational Data Source Transactional Applications Target Operational Data Store JMS
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  • 10 The Agile Enterprise Depends on XML Data Integration Web Services Mobile Data Web Log Data Partners GS1 GDSN XML Reporting RHHR
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  • 11 Big Transaction Data Data Discovery Enterprise Domains Labor Costs Trustworthy Secure
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  • 12 Data Virtualization Fast and Direct Access to New Critical Data and Reports PROFILE AND CLEASE DATA SO IT CAN BE READILY TRUSTED DELIVER REUSABLE DATA SERVICES TO CONSUMERS CREATE A COMMON ACCESS LAYER ACROSS DATA SOURCES Enterprise Data Sources Data Virtualization (Built-On Lean Principles) PRODUCT CUSTOMER ORDER Logical View of All Underlying Data QUICKLY & DIRECTLY ACCESS DATA WITHOUT MOVEMENT 00110101 00100101 01011010 10010110 PortalBIComposite Apps Data Consumers
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  • 13 HealthNow Accelerates Value through Virtualization Rapidly prototype Analyze & profile anytime Transform & cleanse in real time Provision to BI The SolutionThe Result DW Virtual View Change Request Deploy to Production BusinessIT 5x Faster 1/3rd Cost The Challenge. Business users had to wait 1700 hours for IT to make one small change in a report, so they created their own custom workarounds 30,000 MS Access data marts
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  • 14 Summary, Takeaways BusinessIT Identify a Small, Critical BI Project in the Company Involve the Business Early & Often in the Process Bake-In Data Quality Demonstrate Business Value Early Self-Service + Data Virtualization = ROI New data & reports take too long YOU can now do it in DAYS! Have the Critical Conversation 1 2 3 4 5
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  • 15 Deliver Intelligence Faster Agile BI The SolutionThe Result Agil BI. Quickly deliver information to business users who wish to make trusted decisions in days instead of weeks or months. Quickly Access New Data Sources: Data virtualization accelerates access to data sources while minimizing development time. Trustworthy Data. Accelerates understanding of how good or bad data is without knowing its structure & identifies sensitive data to keep it private. Simplifies Handling of Complex Data. XMap reduces time and cost required to process hierarchical data Protects Production Systems. Data replication offloads data for analysis with minimal impact on production systems. Deliver new intelligence to business in days instead of weeks or months Lower development costs to support BI/reporting VALUE COST
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  • 16 Next Steps Join the community at http://bit.ly/DataVisualizationCorner & Schedule a meeting with your Informatica representative now!
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