10 best things to do before your child starts school

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Slide 2 10 best things to do before your child starts school Slide 3 Talk to your child so they look forward to starting. 1 Slide 4 Buy uniform and NAME it. 2 Slide 5 Let your child be independent. Let them fasten coats Put on shoes and socks Go to the toilet and flush it. Wash their hands. Let your child use a knife and fork. 3 Slide 6 Remember that attendance is important throughout the school year. Parents and carers are no longer permitted to take children on holiday in school term time. 4 Slide 7 Have a set bedtime and think about limiting scary DVDs and computer games. 5 Slide 8 Work with your child to count accurately up to 20 things and sing number rhymes. 6 Slide 9 Let your child share books with you at home. Read the old favourites. Dont buy reading scheme books or RWI reading books. 7 Slide 10 Buy a blue book bag. When Read Write Inc starts your child will need it every day. 8 Slide 11 Get set for wet and cold weather. Have 2 pairs of wellies home and school Buy multiple pairs of gloves. 9 Slide 12 10 Read the Reception brochure. Find what happens in the autumn term.