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CommandmentsFor great presentations

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Thou shalt know your topic

Be well read on the subject of your presentation.Everyone knows you know the slides.Any question therefore, will be outside of them.Would you panic? Or have a ready answer?

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Thou shalt address the audience

The slides are not your presentation.You are!You talk to your audience. The slides are there just to aid you.Make eye contact, with the occasional use of gestures.

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Thou shalt K.I.S.S.

Before you snigger, K.I.S.S stands for “Keep It Simple Silly.”Too much information can bore them and ruin your timing. Your slides are to be brief and crisp.Much like a small helping of breakfast cereal.

Page 5: 10 Commandments for Great Presentations

Themes aren't just about the right color. It may please you.But what if it fails to connect with the audience?Imagine if you used a great turquoise shade for your slides.And then presented them at a carpenter's convention.

Thou shalt choose the right design template

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Thou shalt not use electrifying colors

They need both eyes and ears, to follow you.Don't blind your audience with a clash of bright colors.Dazzling slides tend to underplay their actual content.Your attempt to throw light on a topic may actually leave them in the dark.

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Thou shalt script neatly

Choice of optimum font type and size is paramount.Avoid Comic Sans like the plague. No fonts with running letters either.Use no more than 2 types.One for headlines and one for content.

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Thou shalt depict wisely

Pictures and graphs, much like the slides themselves,are only there to aid you. They do nothing on their own.Use too many and your audience will doubt your research.Remember, kittens and babies work only on YouTube.

Page 9: 10 Commandments for Great Presentations

Thou shalt sort content appropriately

Each slide should cover a certain aspect or topic.Avoid spilling it onto the next. The audience, even you, will find it easier to keep track.Each slide is like an article - concise, yet comprehensive

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Thou shalt not animate wildly

Unless your audience is a kindergarten class,Avoid using excessive animation.And if you do use such effects, don't use a wide variety.Keep it within the theme and you will keep them happy.

Page 11: 10 Commandments for Great Presentations

Thou shalt check for hardware malfunctions

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.Do hardware checks before you kick off your presentation.Be sure to check the projector bulb. And make certain of apt lighting to avoid screen glare.

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We redefine it.

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