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Looking for inspiration for your big day? Look no further than these slides of 10 Dreamy Wedding Dresses. Enjoy.


  • 1.Welcome to our October Issue Be My Sweetheart, 10 Dreamy DressesThursday, 11 October 12

2. Be My SweetheartBenjamin Roberts10 Dreamy DressesThere is a romantically retro feelingattached to this exquisite dress; the way itfalls so gracefully from a sweetheartneckline evokes images of undiluted 1920sglamour. Made with lace and a tulleoverlay, this dreamy dress is totally suitedto a willowy bride with a vintage themerunning through her day. A statementheadpiece or fascinator is a must.Thursday, 11 October 12 3. Be My SweetheartJasmine Bridal10 Dreamy DressesThis dress is romantic and radiant; itgives the bride a sense of prettyplayfulness, enhanced by the twinkletulle and gorgeous netting. Available fromJasmines Collection, the design isshown here with a statement, feather-embellished choker but any powerfulpendant or fashion-forward choker wouldcomplement the ethereal, feminine styleperfectly.Thursday, 11 October 12 4. Be My Sweetheart10 Dreamy Dresses Justin AlexanderA sweetheart neckline may be traditional,but the length of your dress doesnt haveto be. This circular cut, A-line lace dressmakes a powerful, vintage-inspiredstatement with its cool tea length. It isdainty, romantic and feminine - and thebeautiful cummerbund, accented with silkflower and feather, is the icing on the cakewhen it comes to flattering your figure.Thursday, 11 October 12 5. Be My SweetheartCharlotte Balbier10 Dreamy DressesTaken from the Candy KissesCollection, you will certainly feeladored in this divine ivory dress byCharlotte Balbier. Although it has atimeless silhouette, the contrast ofthe lace encrusted bodice and lace-upcorset with a daring ruffle waterfallskirt makes Dolly a trulycontemporary choice for a fun,modern bride. Add subtly sparklingaccessories for even more glamour.Thursday, 11 October 12 6. Be My SweetheartHollywood Dreams10 Dreamy DressesYou have more to choose from than tiaraswhen it comes to hair accessories; a haircomb can be just as chic, but less imposingif you want to wear a lavish hairstyle.Designed with an antique appearance, thedelicate leaves of the Madrid comb fromIvory & Co have a vintage silver finish withivory pearls and tiny solitaire Swarovskicrystals to add sparkle.Thursday, 11 October 12 7. Be My Sweetheart10 Dreamy Dresses Blue by EnzoaniIf you want your wedding dress to bedazzleyour groom and guests, this Eurekamoment may be the answer. Thesweetheart neckline gives way to aromantically ruched bodice andasymmetric floral appliqus, placed underthe bust and below the hip. A beautifulbustle skirt finishes the look in superbstyle. Interesting, detailed and unique,this dress will be talked about for years.Thursday, 11 October 12 8. Be My SweetheartSweetheart10 Dreamy DressesA sweetheart styled neckline doesnt haveto be strapless but this clever design bySweetheart gives you the best of bothworlds; the off-shoulder straps provideadded confidence and comfort, but yourshoulders are still on show. The effect isincredibly sexy perfect for your I Domoment. Accented with silk flowers, thisstunning dress also has a sweep lengthtrain.Thursday, 11 October 12 9. Be My SweetheartMikeaella Bridal10 Dreamy DressesThis strapless dress by Mikaella Bridal hasa wonderfully romantic wow factor. Itclings to your silhouette, making the mostof your figure and caressing your curves.The embellished details at the waist (andon the thigh) pack a real punch in terms ofmaking this dress sophisticated andelegant but undeniably sexy too.Thursday, 11 October 12 10. Be My SweetheartMori Lee10 Dreamy DressesTimeless, super-stylish and beautiful, thistulle gown by Mori Lee ticks all the boxesfor eternal romantics and for fashionlovers. The jewelled sash frames thesweetheart neckline perfectly and thedramatic, full-fishtail design adds afashionable twist. This dress looks lovelyworn with a stunning statement necklaceand long tumbling curls.Thursday, 11 October 12 11. Be My SweetheartLyn Ashworth10 Dreamy DressesThere is something ever-irresistible, andtruly romantic, about a fitted corset,sweetheart neckline and a full flowingskirt. But such a timeless design doesntneed heavy vintage-influences - as shownby this strapless cathedral dress, whichwould suit a modern bride with punky,short hair or a radical up-do and fierceaccessories.Thursday, 11 October 12 12. Thanks For ViewingVisit our site to view more beautiful wedding dresses:h#p://www.hitched.co.uk/wedding-dresses/ Thursday, 11 October 12