10 marketing trends for 2013

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15 minute presentation to our local Rotary group on marketing trends.


  • 1. Looking AheadThe MarketingSavant GroupSocial Media, Content and Marketingwww.marketingsavant.com [email protected] Things in 2013 www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771

2. The most reliable way to anticipate thefuture is to understand the present. -- John Naisbitt, Author of Megatrends (1982) www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 3. 2013 is not going to be "the year of the [fill in the blank]." Instead, 2013 is going to build on the digital accomplishments of the past. Our industry is going to continue its refinement based on consumer needs - - and not a marketers desire to make something big happen. -- Peter Platt, iMedia Connection www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 4. 1. MIND THE TECHNOGRAHPHICSWHAT?The social customer is here andtheyre waiting for you toengage with them. We need tounderstand our customers notjust at the demographic level,but also at the psychographic,behavioral and technographiclevels.HOW? Survey your customers what are they doing withsocial media? Adapt your usage to meettheir habitswww.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 5. 2. START WITH WHY / BACKSTORYWHAT?Organizations have discoveredthat sharing the Why aboutyour organization is a powerfuldifferentiator and that tellingthat story with a consistentfocus on behind the scenesthrough social media is apowerful way to differentiate.HOW? Tell your story Use Facebook Timeline Answer questions directly Start with Why!www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 6. 3. HUMAN SOCIAL MEDIAWHAT?People buy from people andsoftware is so 2011. Ascompanies wake up to thepower of social media, customers are demanding fundamentallymore human businesses anduse social networking to get toreal employees who will engagewith them.HOW? Employee social media brands Real answers to questions Blog as yourself Get real Demonstrate empathy, be authentic and focus oncollaborationwww.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 7. 4. THE VISUALIZATION OF EVERYTHINGWHAT?Infographics have become digitalcurrency. The love affair withvisualization is far from over,especially with things likeInstagram and Pinterest. Tellinga visual story puts you on thefast path to positive word ofmouth.HOW? Create infographics for yourindustry Share visuals of EVERYTHING Embed visuals in all content www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 8. 5. SOCIAL AMPLIFIES EVERYTHINGWHAT?Corporations around the worldare hamstrung by a lack ofintegration (of everything).Social media is just one areawhere meanginful integrationleads to a multiplier effect inresults that goes way beyondthe incremental.HOW? Evaluate marketingtouchpoints for social opps. Plan social media as part ofyour strategywww.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 9. 6. INBOUND IS ITWHAT?Inbound marketing is a set ofmarketing strategies andtechniques focused on pullingrelevant prospects andcustomers towards a business.Inbound the way buyers makepurchasing decisions today -using the Internet to seek outproducts and services.HOW? Build Inbound Channels Embrace Thought Leadership Push less, pull more www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 10. News/Media/PR SEO Email Blogs + BloggingResearch/White PapersInfographics Comment Marketing Social NetworksOnline VideoINBOUND MARKETING! Forums (AKA free traffic sources) WebinarsSocial BookmarkingWord of MouthDirect/Referring Links Podcasting Type-In Traffic Q+A Sites www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 11. 7. IN WE, WE TRUSTWHAT?Media was the only category togain in the Edelman TrustBarometer in 2012, save fortrusting peers in social media.The value of co-created contentand social media interactionshas never been higher.HOW? Embrace social media andempower your customers ANDEMPLOYEES to share yourcontent Create content worth sharing(educate, inform, assist orentertain)www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 12. 8. FOMO TURNS TO JOMOWHAT?Every second, 694,445 queries areentered into Google search and20,000 new posts are added onTumblr. Consumers, however, areturning away from informationaddiction and the brands that helpcut through the clutter arewinning.HOW? Act as a credible industry filter focus on customerinformation needs Apps, curation sites andmobile-only sites can helpwww.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 13. 9. SOCIAL IS NOT A DEPARTMENTWHAT?The true social enterprisegoes far beyond marketing toadd value in Finance, HumanResources, Operations,Communications, CustomerService, InformationTechnology, and Sales.HOW? Deploy social in likely-to-succeed areas (HR) Involve sales in the socialmedia strategy Turn customer service ontosocial channelswww.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group888.989.7771 14. 10. THE DEATH OF THE QR CODEWHAT?The QR code has struggled foryears to gain adoption. Its asimple idea: QR codes gave usthe ability to quickly get todetailed information by simplyscanning a graphic. Greatconcept -- but a horribleexperience for a variety ofreasons.HOW? Ignore them (unless codescanning becomes native indevices and marketersreally use them for theintended purpose) www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771 15. Looking AheadThe MarketingSavant GroupSocial Media, Content and Marketingwww.marketingsavant.com [email protected] Things in 2013 www.marketingsavant.comThe MarketingSavant Group 888.989.7771