10 mind-blowing google drive tips & tools for teachers

Download 10 Mind-blowing Google Drive Tips & Tools for Teachers

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Find resources here, Bit.ly/eltlinks Pear.ly/cw_yj and Bit.ly/Gtools


  • Google Drive 5 GB free 1 ollaborative C cts as a A cloud rganize/ O Share folders ree mobile F app for all formats ork offline W yncs when S online
  • Document Creation
  • Drive.google.com
  • Google Presentations reate pptx or upload C one created ollaborate on a C presentation roup chat G everse changes R ree app for all formats F dd comments A reate hotspots C mbed E
  • Google Docs reate document C together or upload a Word/Open Office roup chat G everse changes R ork on a mobile W device ork offline, synchs W online dd comments A 0 can edit & 200 view 5
  • Chat & Edit Collaboratively
  • Download or Make a Copy
  • Share Options
  • Privacy Options
  • Written & Voice Feedback
  • Drive.google.com
  • Do more with Google Drive apps
  • Apps, Games, More!
  • Add Voice Comments to Docs
  • Open With Kaizena
  • Kaizena
  • Kaizena
  • Scripts- written in Javascript & add a layer that allows you to do more with Google products
  • Goobrics! Youpd.org/doctopus
  • Google Forms reate form to fill out C mbed E ives chart, graph, etc G analytics
  • Spreadsheets
  • Flubaroo- Grade online assignments in one step. Get reporting and analysis on student performance. Email students their scores.
  • Flubaroo.com/flubaroo-user-guide
  • Take a screenshot of text. Google Drive converts to text to edit.
  • Before
  • In Google Drive
  • Bit.ly/googletimesavers
  • Pear.ly/cw_yj
  • ShellyTerrell.com Bit.ly/eltlinks Pear.ly/cw_yj