10 most extreme places on earth. mt. chimborazo (ecuador) –highest point on earth

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10 Most Extreme Places on Earth

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10 Most Extreme Places on Earth Slide 2 Mt. Chimborazo (Ecuador) highest point on Earth Slide 3 Marianas Trench (Indonesia and Japan) lowest point on earth Slide 4 The Dry Valleys (Antarctica) driest place on Earth Slide 5 Lut Desert (Iran) hottest place on Earth Slide 6 Angels Falls (Venezuela) Earth's highest waterfall Slide 7 Tristan de Cunha (UK) most remote inhabited archipelago on Earth Slide 8 Oymyakon (Russia) coldest inhabited place on Earth Slide 9 Lloro (Columbia): wettest place on earth Slide 10 Mount Thor (Canada) Earth's greatest vertical drop Slide 11 Dead Sea (Jordan) Earth's lowest elevation