12 health and fitness mistakes you dont know youre making

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Facts and fallacies on fitness and health


  • 12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Dont Know Youre Making

    Michael Matthews

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    You Have Been Lied to, and Its Time to Learn the TruthThe health and fitness industry is notorious for scams, fallacies, and pseudo-science.


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    12 Health & Fitness Mistakes You Dont Know Youre Making

    Myth #1: I have bad genetics

    Myth #2: You can "shape" your muscles with certain exercises

    Myth #3: You should always stretch before working out

    Myth #4: When doing cardio, you want to get your heart rate into the "fat burning zone"

    Myth #5: Sweating more during cardio burns more fat

    Myth #6: Exercising on an empty stomach burns more fat

    Myth #7: The body can only digest 30 grams of protein per sitting

    Myth #8: Diet sodas are good for dieting

    Myth #9: Salt is bad for you

    Myth #10: Steroids make you look awesome

    Myth #11: Stress and cortisol make you gain weight

    Myth #12: Alcohol doesn't affect muscle growth or fat loss


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  • You Have Been Lied to, and Its Time to Learn the Truth

    When I started training nearly a decade ago, I was full of wrong ideas.

    I thought that my genetics werent good enough, that it took hours and hours of grueling cardio to lose weight, that I was a hardgainer, that a really sick pump was the key to muscle growth, that I shouldnt eat at night if I didnt want to get fat, and many other fallacies that were foisted upon me by workout magazines and trainers (many of whom get their information from magazines).

    Like many other people, I would hit the gym regularly only to see little or no results. Naturally, this leads to frustration and many people eventually quit or turn to steroids or develop unhealthy eating habits. Fortunately, I chose the path of better education, and I starting writing books to help people get great results from training naturally and eating healthily.

    Because the fact isand this is probably the biggest lesson Ive learned over the last ten yearsbuilding a great body just isnt that complicated. Its like good sexsure, it requires effort, but the principles are few and simple and if you stick to them, you get the job done.

    Heres what it boils down to: If youre willing to train for 45 minutes per day, 3 5 times per week, and follow a sensible eating plan, you can have a great body that youre proud of. And if youre not already a seasoned lifter, you can easily gain 15 20 pounds of lean mass in your first 10 12 weeks of traininga pretty dramatic change. If youre looking to lose weight, you can lose the same amount in the same period.

    In this book, Im going to address a dozen myths and bogus claims in a scientific and straightforward manner. Im not going to bother with pictures or fluff material because you can get more than your fill of that in other fitness books or on various websites. Im going to give you the straight facts and help you approach your training and nutrition in a smarter way.

    But first I want to talk about the lie factories that spawn many of these bunk fallacies and how you can avoid the many more variations that are sure to come. So lets get to it.

  • The War Against BS and Broscience

    A couple decades ago, there wasnt enough information on working out.

    These days, with the Internet and magazine racks full of glossed-up magazines featuring chemically enhanced athletes, the workout information market is like a mountainous garbage dump. Somewhere in the muck are the basic, workable truthsthe stuff were actually looking forbut theyre greatly out-numbered by the worthless crap.

    If you hit the Internet and start participating in health and fitness forums, youre entering a land ruled by broscience and idiocy, where its almost impossible to sort out whats true and workable, and whats not.

    Whats broscience, you ask? Broscience is the predominant brand of reasoning used by amateur bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts where the anecdotal stories of people that really have no idea whats going on inside their bodies takes precedence over credible scientific research. Just because a guy is big thanks to steroids or a girl is thin thanks to starvation diets that wreck your body doesnt necessarily mean they have good advice for you.

    A million bad advices fall under the heading of broscience. You should do high reps and low weight to tone your musclesBZZZT. The more sets you do, the betterBZZZT. Deadlifts are bad for your backBZZZT. Women shouldnt lift weights because theyll get bulkyBZZZT. Wrong, wrong, wrong, bro.

    And what about the magazines? Heres a fun fact that you probably didnt know: MuscleMag, IronMan, Flex, Muscular Development, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle Media, and the rest of the mainstream bodybuilding magazines are owned by supplement companies and are used simply as mouthpieces for their products. Yup. MuscleMag is controlled by MuscleTech; IronMan is controlled by