12 little twitter tips

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12 little Twitter tips

Author: antti-hirvonen

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Every journos must read -slideshow!


  • 1.12 little Twitter tips

2. Basic tweet with link 3. Tweet with @mention and link 4. Tweet with picture and link (powerful) 5. Re-tweet journalists 6. Re-tweet other (reliable) sources 7. React and tweet with personal touch (powerful) 8. Serie of tweets, same link 9. Open your process 10. Tell people why to read 11. Ask to re-tweet for good reason 12. Ask opinion and answer 13. ...and 5 more 14. Find hot hashtags 15. Follow up hot hashtags 16. Investigate on hot hashtags 17. Get informed on hot hashtags 18. Publish on hot hashtags to reach new audience 19. The end