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    Adult Bible Study Guide

    Apr May Jun 2012

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    Adult Sabbath School Bible Study GuideAn Appeal

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    Joe A. Webb Principal Contributor

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    Evangelism and WitnessingContents

    1. Defining Evangelism and Witnessing2. Every Member Ministry

    3. Spiritual Gifts for Evangelism and Witnessing

    4. Evangelism and Witnessing as a Lifestyle

    5. Sequential Evangelism and Witnessing6. Personal Evangelism and Witnessing

    7. Corporate Evangelism and Witnessing

    8. Equipping for Evangelism and Witnessing

    9. Releasing Into Ministry10. A Love Response

    11. Let the Church Know

    12. Evaluating Witnessing and Evangelism

    13. A Perpetual Ministry

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    Evangelism and WitnessingWhy Our Church? {166}

    GOD RAISED UP this church toproclaim present truth, the three

    angels messages of Revelation 14:6-12.

    Thus, whatever else our church is

    doing, first and foremost, we shouldpurposefully attempt to lead as many

    people as we can into Gods

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    Whether we call it spreading thegospel, evangelizing the world, or

    preaching present truth,one core business is to tell the Jesusstory with the intention that people

    will accept Him as Lord and Saviorand become disciples and even

    disciple makers.

    Evangelism and WitnessingWhy Our Church? {166}

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    Even with the benefits of moderntechnology, the task is huge.

    And when all is said and done, thetask falls upon millions of volunteersmotivated by a love for God and for

    lost humanitya love for thosewhose sins Jesus bore on the crossjust as much as He bore ours.

    Evangelism and WitnessingWhy Our Church? {166}

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    While evangelism and witnessing arethe personal responsibility of each

    believer, the whole body of Seventh-

    day Adventist believers (the church)has a corporate responsibility, as

    well.Heres a point that cant beover-emphasized: if its not done at

    the local church level, it just wont

    Evangelism and WitnessingWhy Our Church? {166}

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    In the context of outreach,understanding spiritual gifts also

    is important.It is vital, however, to not only

    encourage members to discover the

    ways in which they are spirituallygifted, but to also present them withopportunities to exercise those gifts.

    Evangelism and WitnessingWhy Our Church? {166}

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    Evangelism and WitnessingOur Goal {167}

    TO INCREASE A persons store ofbiblical knowledge.

    To use that knowledge for good, andin this context the greatest good is togive those who faced eternal

    destruction the opportunity foreternal life.

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    Evangelism and WitnessingLesson 1, April 7

    Defining Evangelism and


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    Defining Evangelism and WitnessingKey Text

    Matthew 28:19, 20 NKJV


    disciples of all the nations, baptizingthem in the name of the Father andof the Son and of the Holy Spirit,

    teaching them to observe all thingsthat I have commanded you; and lo, Iam with you always, even to the end

    of a e.

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    Defining Evangelism and WitnessingInitial Words {169}

    AN EMPLOYEE OFTEN is given a jobdescription. Its a detailed account

    of duties. The Bible also speaks

    about a job description, and in thiscase its one for Gods people. Paul

    admonishes the Corinthianbelievers to always *abound+ in thework of the Lord. Paul certainly

    included the work of spreading

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    Defining Evangelism and WitnessingQuick Look

    1. What is Evangelism?(Acts 5:42)

    2. What is Witnessing?(Acts 5:18-20)

    3. Together: Evangelism andWitnessing (1 Peter 3:15)

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    Defining Evangelism and Witnessing1. What is Evangelism?

    Acts 5:42 NKJVAND DAILY IN

    the temple, andin every house,they did not

    cease teachingand preaching

    Jesus as theChrist.

    h l

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    1. What is Evangelism?Experiencing the Gospel {170}

    TO BE AN evangelist in any sense ofthe word, one must have personal

    understanding and experience of theeverlasting gospel.

    It is this gospel that ultimately brings

    belief, confession, conversion,baptism and discipleship, and thepromise of eternal life.

    1 Wh E l ?

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    1. What is Evangelism?Definition {174}

    Evangelism is the process of clearlyand persuasively proclaiming thegospel of the Lord Jesus Christ sothat individuals will accept Him as

    their personal Savior and follow Him

    as Lord in order to become disciplesand disciple makers.

    D fi i E li d Wi i

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    Defining Evangelism and Witnessing2. What is Witnessing?

    Marcos 5:18-20 NKJVHEWHO HAD beendemon-possessed

    begged Him that he might be with

    Him. JesussaidGo home toyour friends, and tell them what

    great things the Lord has done foryou. And he departed and

    began to proclaimall that Jesus had

    done for him; and all marveled.

    2 Wh i Wi i ?

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    2. What is Witnessing?Making Testimonies {171}

    A WITNESS IS one who gives atestimony, one who attests to some-thing that he or she knows from

    personal experience. Sharing onespersonal experience of God is not asorganized or as intentional as radio,television, or crusade evangelism.It can be very spontaneous given

    anywhere at anytime with anyone.

    2 Wh i Wi i ?

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    2. What is Witnessing?Making Testimonies {173}

    Usually a personal testimony isexpressed in three distinct sections.

    Pauls personal testimony (Acts 22):

    His life before he knew the LordJesus (vss 3-5).

    How he met the Lord (vss 6-16).His life experience after conversion

    (vss 17-21).

    D fi i E li d Wit i

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    1 Peter 3:15 NKJVBUTSANCTIFY THE LordGod in your hearts, and

    always be ready to givea defense to every-one

    who asks you a reasonfor the hope that is inyou, with meekness and


    Defining Evangelism and Witnessing3. Together: Evangelism and Witnessing

    3 T th E li d Wit i

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    3. Together: Evangelism and WitnessingLife and Teaching of Jesus {170}

    EVANGELISM AND WITNESSINGsurely have to do with speaking

    about the life and teaching of Jesus,the difference those teachings andbeliefs have made in the individual

    believers life, and the differenceJesus can make in anyones life if He

    is accepted as Lord and Savior.

    3 T th E li d Wit i

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    3. Together: Evangelism and WitnessingLife and Teaching of Jesus {174}

    The rapid growth of the early churchwas due to the conviction andcommitment of its members.

    The teachings of Jesus Christ and theinfluence of the Holy Spirit remain

    basic and crucial to all witnessingand evangelism.

    3 T th E li d Wit i

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    3. Together: Evangelism and WitnessingContinual Process {170}

    The early

    churchs evangelistic process was notcomplete until people have becomedisciples and were incorporated into

    the local group of believers.


    and nurture

    It is important to view evangelismand witnessing as a continual processrather than as a single program or

    event. A vital part of the process isestablishment and nurture.

    3 T th E li d Wit i

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    3. Together: Evangelism and WitnessingDifferent Strategies {171}

    Sometimes planned evangelism isenhanced by the personal witnessing

    of those involved,and sometimes spontaneous

    witnessing leads people into a more

    planned program.

    Defining Evangelism and Witnessing

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    Defining Evangelism and WitnessingFinal Words {175}

    men of like passions

    AS HIS REPRESENTATIVES amongmen, Christ does not choose angelswho have never fallen, but human

    beings, men of like passions withthose they seek to save.

    Divinity needed humanity, for itrequired both the divine and thehuman to bring salvation to the

    world The Desire of Ages 296