15's party specialists. we are a company with 20 years of experience, working and making the best...

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15's party specialists Slide 2 We are a company with 20 years of experience, working and making the best parties, offering the best buffet and photo studio in Cali. Mainly you have to choose the theme of your party, we offer you four different party themes: Animal Print. Classic. Hawaiian. Hollywood. Slide 3 In this party the girl is going to have all the decoration done with animals fur colors. In general with three colors brown, white and the other color that you want, for example fuchsia or blue. All the receiving is going to look a little crazy but stylishly. Slide 4 We offer you the same decoration of the image, but you get the pink color to change for another color that you want, could be green or blue. The table with a brown tablecloth, the seats with cover with a brown cloth and with topknots depending the color that you want, flowers for the center of the table, plates in ceramic, Leopard napkins and cops. Slide 5 You will have the cake done by us, with the form and colors that you prefer. There are some examples: Slide 6 You will have the dress designed by us, and you can change the colors. There are some examples: Slide 7 You will have an invitation printed in two colors that you choose: 1. Animals fur color. 2. Dresss color. We offer two possibilities: With a topknot or without it. Slide 8 Little cakes with many animals fur colors. Slide 9 In this party the girl is going to have a sweet night. You will have all the decoration done with the color that you want, normally the same color of the dress. The most common colors used are blue, fuchsia, rose and violet. Slide 10 You will have the decoration designed depending of the dresss color. Slide 11 You can get the cake decorated by us, depending on the dresss color or the color that you want and agreed with the receiving decoration. Slide 12 Slide 13 You will have the invitations printed according to the color that you want and it consists in three parts: The big one ( in which appears your name and the event). The medium (the receiving address and time). The little one (the envelope) Slide 14 You will have sweets snacks, fruits and candies to mix with the chocolate. Slide 15 In the party the girl is going to have a tropical night, with lots of warm colors like yellow, orange, red, fruits, cocktails, all the attendants wearing white clothes with Hawaiian accessories. Slide 16 We have the decoration done with lots of flowers and warm colors. The tables will be covered with tablecloths in different colors, ones in green, others in red, others in orange and others in yellow and is the same with the seats, they are covered with white cloth and topknot in one warm color. Slide 17 We make the cake decoration with flowers and warm colors. This is an example: Slide 18 We offer you two possibilities. You will have an invitations print in warn colors, flowers and could be with one image like a Hawaiian dancer. Slide 19 We offer lots of different cocktails and little cakes with alcohol. Slide 20 In this party the girl is going to spend a night as a movie star. There you can have the decoration done in three different colors; black, white, red and with details in golden. You get the arrival done like a big star. Slide 21 We have the decoration done like the image. You will have the table decorated with a white tablecloth with a Oscar awards in the center, dishes in ceramic, coups, silver cutlery and red napkins. The seats are covered with a black cloth and topknots in red with golden. Slide 22 You will have the cake done by us if you want. The typical cake of this party is done and decorate with the same colors of the receiving, black, red, white, and golden like in this image, with some stars and film roll. Slide 23 We have 2 different options created by us. One like a film roll ant the other like movie tickets. Slide 24 We offer: Hot dogs. Popcorns. Coups of champagne. Cookies. Oscar awards' cakes. Slide 25 Dj (all night). Fountain chocolate. Limousine. Reminders. Shows (Dancers, Mariachis, Recognized Singers).