1896 - 1914

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1896 - 1914. Dems. & Reps. Urban; middle class: Writers Teachers College Educated Professionals Scholars Social Workers Politicians. Progressive were not. Not united by geography or occupation Not Populists Not a political party (until 1912). Areas of Reform. Social Justice - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 1896 - 1914

  • Dems. & Reps.

    Urban; middle class:WritersTeachersCollege Educated ProfessionalsScholarsSocial WorkersPoliticians

  • Progressive were not....Not united by geography or occupation

    Not Populists

    Not a political party (until 1912)

  • Areas of Reform

    Social JusticeWorkers RightsSocial WelfareConsumer ProtectionPolitical DemocracyEnvironmentalism

  • Social Justice

  • Social GospelSocial assistance programsChurch to help poorCatholics, Jews, ChristiansJane Addams, Hull House

  • Settlement Houses c. 1889

  • Salvation Army ; YMCA

  • State Reforms

    Hiram Johnson (CA)Workers Comp.

    Robert La Follette (WI)Income TaxCorporate Tax

  • 16th AmendmentFederal Income Tax

  • Public HealthSanitation SystemsTrash RemovalSewersFood InspectionsPhysical EducationIncreased school enrollmentChild Labor laws

  • Portland High School (2nd free public HS in US)

  • Moral ReformTemperance Movement

    WCTUFrances Willard18th AmendmentProhibition

  • MuckrakersJournalistsExposed corruptionLeads to major reforms

    Ida Tarbell Upton Sinclair Jacob RiisFrank NorrisJohn SpargoLincoln SteffensIda B. Wells

  • Political Democracy

  • Direct Election of Senators17th AmendmentWomens SuffrageNWSA , AWSA19th AmendmentCity GovernmentsCommissionersAustralian Secret BallotsDirect Primary

  • Presidential NominationsCaucus---small group of individuals who would choose a candidateConvention---members from the political parties nominate a candidateDirect Primary---allow registered voters to participate in choosing a candidate1790 to 18281828 to 1900Current System Used

  • Environmentalism

  • Gifford PinchotJohn MuirTeddy RooseveltNewlands Reclamation Act - dams, canals, irrigation projectsEstablishes 190 million acres for national forests.Creation of U.S. Forest Service


  • Civil Rights

  • Social Reality

  • SegregationSouthern statesRedeemer govts.Separate public facilitiesUnequal Pay ScalesJim Crow LawsLiteracy TestsPoll TaxesGrandfather Clause

  • Plessy v. Ferguson (1896)Supreme Court legalized segregation throughout the nation.Plessy was only 1/8 black, but still forced to sit in a segregated train carSeparate but Equal as long as public facilities were equalProblem: Black facilities never equal to White facilities

  • Booker T. WashingtonFormer slaveGradualismVocational EducationEconomic self-sufficiencyTuskegee InstituteAtlanta Compromise

  • Tuskegee Institute

  • W.E.B. DuBoisHarvard Professor

    Immediate Equality

    Niagra Movement (1906)Black PrideNAACP

    Top 10%Top 10% accepted into collegePut into power positionsPower Structure argument

  • Ida B. WellsLynchingsThe Red Record

  • Lynchings (1890-1920)