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    Thinking Out Loud Newsletter 1st Quarter 2016

    Thinking Out Loud Our quarterly community newsletter

    1st Quarter, 2016 New Board Edition

    River West is a community organization (HOA) within the town limits of Windsor, Co. and part of Larimer County. Our River West Community was established to appeal to homeowners wanting a blend of open spaces with town amenities such as paved streets and sidewalks, town water, and sewer as well as the protection of town law enforcement. We have 212 homeowners and more than 152 acres of open space owned and controlled by our association, complete with all the wildlife indigenous to northeast Colorado.


    Presidents Report 1

    Meet Our Board 2-3

    Contributions from Members, General Information

    and Related Articles 4-6

    River West Real Estate Market Activity 7

    Board Minutes 8-11

    Contact Information 12

    A new year always brings changes and challenges. This year will not be different. Lets start with the changes. I am the new HOA president, but no stranger to the board. At our February meeting, we were trying to decide how many years I have served in total. We couldnt come up with a definite answer without searching the records!. I think it is 10 or 11 of the 16 years I have lived here. I originally joined the board with Mac McDowell in 2002 because of

    a front ponds problem that Mac spearheaded in solving. I decided I enjoyed being an active member of our community. First of all, I want to welcome the two new members to our board, Steve Fischer and Jim McIntyre who graciously volunteered to be on the board. We lost 3 long term serving members this year. Steve Bullard, Rick Smith, and Mike Kauffman served many years and all served as president. They were key drivers for many of the positive things that have happened in recent years- things like long term contracts with our providers to control and predict costs, and dealing with the major flooding damage from 2013. They worked tirelessly for us and will be missed. This years projects include initiation of updating and beautifying our entrance. Also, there are still some problems to be resolved from the past flooding, but much of the work has been done. Windsor has plans to reroute the Poudre River Trail and extend our entry sidewalk to join the new trail route. When done, the trail will cross directly west from the trail entrance on the east side of CR 13. The complete board contact information is found at the end of this letter. However, there is a very important point regarding problems of an immediate nature. Poudre Property Services (PPS) is the property management company for our HOA. They should be contacted if there is an issue that needs timely attention. Our volunteer board meets 6 times per year and as such, we cannot address a time sensitive issue. The information for PPS is at the end of the letter. Our HOA manager is Sandra Oldenburg, and she has a lot of experience with our HOA. Please call or email PPS when there is something they should know or correct.

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    Thinking Out Loud Newsletter 1st Quarter 2016

    Meet Our Board Bob Jonckowski, Treasurer

    Regarding the previous year I can't say enough about the efforts of Rick Smith, Mike Kauffman and Steve Bullard. It seems every term the President and board has a mine field of "cowpies" to navigate. Last year was no different as they managed to guide us through the field without stepping in it. The erosion issues were particularly daunting and my hat is off to you all for you perseverance and dedication. Going forward the issues of maintaining the subdivisions

    ascetic appearance and open spaces care in the most cost effective way will always be a balancing act.

    Amy Goeden, Secretary

    I have lived in River West since 2002 and I've been on the board since 2010, if memory serves me. I've enjoyed being an active part of our neighborhood by collaborating with fellow board members and other home owners to not only maintain our subdivision, but to also improve it. I feel blessed to live in such a beautiful ar-ea, and to be surrounded by wonderful neighbors and friends. I feel we are so much more than a subdivision, we are a communi-ty.

    Steve Fischer, Member at Large Steve and Shandi Fischer. 2104 river west drive. We have 4 kids and 2 grandkids. They are spread around the country from TX to Fla. Our hobbies are camping and outdoor activities and of course the Broncos! Looking FWD to adding what I can to our wonderful neighborhood...

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    Thinking Out Loud Newsletter 1st Quarter 2016

    Duties of Our Board of Directors

    Our Board of Directors is charged with maintaining, preserving and enhancing the common

    assets of our association. In order to perform those duties our Board depends upon the ad-

    vice and counsel of experts in various fields of community association management: our

    management company, attorneys, landscapers, insurance specialists, etc. When making

    decisions regarding our community, the Board is expected to consider all the facts and

    factors involved in the issue and make the best business decision possible. Sometimes those

    decisions may not appear to be in the best interests of all of the owners, however if each own-

    er understood all of the underlying issues that go into making the decision, they would

    understand that the Board's choice of action is usually the most practical and well thought

    out. In addition to dealing with insurance, maintenance, financial and contractual decisions,

    the Board must also balance their positions on the Board with their role as a homeowner. If

    assessments are increased that means they are increased for them also. If rules are enacted,

    that means they have to obey them, too. Being a board member does not grant one immunity

    from the responsibilities of living in an association. In fact, serving on the Board reflects just

    how seriously they take that responsibility. So, please keep in mind that our board members

    are actually doing "double-duty" for our community: they serve as board member and neigh-

    bor...and they deserve a heartfelt "thank you" for all of their contributions to our community!

    Meet Our Board Mary Adams, Member at Large & ACC Liaison Spring is almost upon us, at least according to the calendar. It's that time when we start getting ready for all the home and landscape improvements we planned while shoveling snow or passing time during Bronco half-times. If you are planning any outside changes such as repainting, additions, major landscaping projects, or fence building, etc., please remember to submit your plans to PPS for ACC approval. The ACC meets once a month usually on the 4th Tuesday. Please get your plans to PPS in ample time for the paper-work, blueprints, paint samples, etc. to be sent to the ACC. Thank you for all you do to make River West such a great place to live.

    Jim McIntyre, Vice President I have always been a strong believer in volunteering to help my communi-

    ty. I have served on both public and private boards and committees in every

    community I have lived.. Most recently the Board of Adjustments and

    Appeals for the Town of Windsor.

    I believe the past boards of our HOA have done a good job and look forward

    to studying the issues that are before us. I have relocated my office from

    Denver to downtown Windsor which will enable me the time to help the

    board and members of our HOA.

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    Thinking Out Loud Newsletter 1st Quarter 2016

    Protect Your Home You can deter thieves while you're away.

    While you're away from home, make sure your personal property doesn't end up in the hands of a burglar. Protecting your home can be as easy as making it look occupied while you're gone. Here are some simple measures you can take that can pay off in security and peace of mind:

    Leave drapes and shades open. If closed, it's a sign you're gone.

    Don't stop all deliveries. Instead, have someone you trust pick up mail and newspapers every day.

    Leave a radio on. It signals to a burglar that someone's home.

    Also, turn the volume adjustment on your telephone bell (if you still have a land line) down so a prowler will be less likely to hear the ringing of an unanswered call.

    Use automatic light timers. Set them to turn lights on and off in different rooms at different times.

    Park a car in your driveway or park it street side. If you plan to be gone for just a few days, park your second car in the driveway or ask a neighbor to park a car there. This not only gives the im-pression you're home but also stops burglars from backing up a van and loading your possessions.


    Join your neighbor and have your Talking Out Loud association quarterly newsletter delivered electronically via e-mail attachment. Our newsletters are in universally accepted PDF format, vi-rus scanned and they view and print in color. In addition to the newsletters, the Board occasional-ly sends out important notices that are too time sensitive to go out via snail mail. Not only is it efficient, but it saves our association (and ult