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  • 1. The Biodiversity Heritage Library 2007 2009: A Status Update Martin R. Kalfatovic Suzanne C. Pilsk Smithsonian Institution Libraries Bianca M. Lipscomb Biodiversity Heritage Library The Field Museum :: Chicago, Illinois :: 10 July 2009

2. 3. 4.

  • 2003. Telluride. Encyclopedia of Life meeting
  • February 2005. London. Library and Laboratory: the Marriage of Research, Data and Taxonomic Literature
  • May 2005.Washington. Ground work for the Biodiversity Heritage Library
  • June 2006. Washington. Organizational and Technical meeting
  • August 2006. New York Botanical Garden. BHL Directors Meeting.
  • October 2006. St. Louis/San Francisco. Technical meetings
  • February 2007. Museum of Comparative Zoology. Organizational meeting
  • May 2007. Encyclopedia of Life and BHL Portal Launch. Washington DC.

5. American Museum of Natural History (New York) Academy of Natural Science, Philadelphia California Academy of Sciences (San Francisco)Field Museum (Chicago) Natural History Museum (London) Smithsonian Institution Libraries (Washington)Missouri Botanical Garden (St. Louis) New York Botanical Garden (New York) Royal Botanic Garden, Kew Botany Libraries, Harvard University Ernst Mayr Library of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, Harvard University Marine Biological Laboratory / Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution 6.

  • BHL Europe Launched in May 2009
  • 28 Institutions
  • 14 countries
  • 3.4 million funding for three years
  • Discussions underway with the Chinese Academy of Scienceand the Atlas of Living Australia for BHL components

7. 8. Initial grant from the MacArthur and Sloan Foundations (as part of the Encyclopedia of Life grant) Additional support from parent institutions Supplemental grants in place for specific development (e.g. Moore Foundation for Fedora) Additional grants being actively pursued by BHL and individual members 9. 10. The Encyclopediaof Life Serine Molecule 11. H Informatics Marine Biological Laboratory Missouri Botanical Garden Species Pages &Secretariat Smithsonian Education and Outreach Smithsonian & Harvard Synthesis Center Field Museum 12. Built from a variety of new and existing sources Views available for varying levels of expertise from novice to expert Legacy literature a key component of the EOL species pages Encyclopedia of Life Species Pages 13. Encyclopedia of Life 14. BHL 2.0 15. 16. How to make THIS into 0s and 1s 17. Statistics: 1.3 million catalogue records73% are monographs (remainder are serials at title-level)63% is English language material The next most popular language (9%) is German About 30% of material was published before 1923 18. Rough Selection

  • Marine Biological Laboratory/WHOI
    • Marine monographs
    • General Science
  • Museum of Comparative Zoology
    • MCZ publications
    • Herpetology monographs and serials
    • Ichthyology monographs and serials


  • University of Illinois
    • Fieldiana
    • Natural history of Illinois
  • American Museum of Natural History
    • AMNH publications
    • Ornithology
  • Natural History Museum
    • NHM publications
    • Major natural history general serials

Rough Selection 20.

  • Botany Collections
  • Missouri Botanical Garden,
  • New York Botanical Garden,
  • Harvard Botany Libraries, and
  • Royal Botanic Garden, Kew
    • will cooperatively develop a methodology for botanical publications and botanical collections from other BHL members will fill in gaps

Rough Selection 21.

  • Smithsonian Institution Libraries
    • Smithsonian publications
    • Entomology collection
    • Marine mammals
    • Fishes
    • Selected special collections materials

Rough Selection 22. Collections Coordinator on boardin February 2009. Bianca Lipscomb, based at the Smithsonian, will coordinate material selection across the BHL and contributing partners Rough Selection 23. Ernest Ingersoll Hand-book to the National Museum Smithsonian Institution , 1886 Mass Scanning Workflow Serial management Bid Lists Monograph Management Dedupper Pick Lists Packing Lists 24. Mass Scanning Workflow Local data flow Vendor data flow WonderFetchtm Return of data Return of material Billing 25. Flow of the Process Select Book ~Pull from Shelf Review Physically and Metadata Establish viability and create Wonderfetchtm Send to IA scanning center 26. Smithsonian shipment to FedScan 27. Flow of the Process Book is scanned & QA Page images loaded to IA Derivatives created Book returned QA on returned book against images Book returned to library 28. Flow of the Process Metadata files harvested from IA portal to BHL Taxonomic Intelligence Added Available through BHL 29. BHL Scanning 30.

  • Internet Archive
  • 501(c)(3) organization
  • Dedicated to Universal Access to Human Knowledge
  • Founder of the Open Content Alliance
  • Provides:
    • Mass scanning
    • Archival storage of files
    • Image processing
    • Technology development

31. Single Scribe Machine Custom built by the Internet Archive Human operated 3,500 page per shift per day 32.

  • Northeast Regional Scanning Center
    • 10 Scribe machines
    • MBL/WHOI
    • Harvard
  • Jersey City Facility
    • 10 Scribe machines
    • AMNH
    • NYBG


  • University of Illinois
    • 2 Scribe machines
  • Natural History Museum, London
    • 1 Scribe machine
  • Missouri Botanical Garden
    • Non-Scribe operation


  • Washington, DC
    • 1 Scribe machine at Smithsonian Libraries (Natural History Museum)
    • 10 FedScan Facility (Library of Congress)

35. http://www.bhl.si.edu/wonderfetch.cfm?date1=4/23/2009&date2=4/23/2009 http://www.bhl.si.edu/wonderfetch.cfm?date1=7/2/2009&date2=7/2/2009 http://www.bhl.si.edu/wonderfetch.cfm?date1=5/14/2009&date2=5/14/2009 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44.

  • Staffing:
  • Administration
  • Metadata
  • Collections support
  • Database/Systems
  • Conservator
  • Technicians for pulling
  • Technicians for Quality Review
  • Other things:
  • Travel
  • Equipment
  • Transportation

Staffing Estimates to Reality 45.

  • Items
  • Cardboard to Cardboard
  • A barcoded book
  • Estimated just over 6,000 in a year
  • Cost: $70.26
  • Pages
  • Approximated just over 300 pages in an item
  • Estimated just under 1,900,000 in a year
  • Cost per page: 0.23

Smithsonian Costs Estimates to Reality 46. What about other scanning?

  • Missouri Botanical Garden Library continuing in-house scanning process
  • Other BHL members also have non-Internet Archive scanning operations
  • Ingest of other interested libraries

47. The BHL Portal! 48. The BHL Portal is not an OPAC! 49. Metadata failure to serve 50. 02761nam2200469450000100070000000500170000700800410002401000230006501900130008803500140010103500230011504000610013804900270019905000150022610000420024124501930028326000830047630000170055950403350057650501540091159001090106559000960117465000260127094500210129694500730131794500310139094500480142194500480146994500470151794500790156494500440164394500460168794500480173394500760178194500440185794500510190194500510195294500710200394500900207494500960216494500310226045979720050131154400.0731129m19021933enkb000 0 lat caagr03000069 //r582a14018362aABY6485LBa(OCoLC)ocm00751549aU.S. Dept. of Agr. Libr.cRIUdOCLdCHSdSERdSMIdWaOLNaSMI$aSMIMaSMIEaSMIB00aQL354b.S51 aOscar Mayer & Co.10aPronto pup:bhot dogs hamburgers/ca Oscar Mayer and Company.aNew Orleans, La. :bBourbon Street Foods,c2000.Metadata: Real MARC Still failure to serve 51. 52.

  • Specimen
  • Plate or other visual image
  • Taxonomic description

53. 54. Plant Names Specimens Plant Names Plant Names Specimens Descriptions Plant Names Plant Names Citations 55. BHL Portal Demo 56.

  • Example Seaches :
  • IA; BHL :
  • Insecta; publication mensuelle
  • http://www.archive.org
  • http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org
  • http://www.google.com/
  • IA; BHL; Google :
  • As nature shows them

57. http://www.eol.org/ 58. User-Generated PDFs Article-izing content User-generated metadata Example http://biodiversitylibrary.org/pdfgen/15371I 59. http:// cite.biodiversitylibrary.org / 60. Developing the Collection

  • Permissions agreements with publishers of natural science content
  • Rhodora
  • American Ornithologists Check-list of North American Birds|AOU Check-list in BHL
  • RequestsUser-solicited identification of literature corpus

61. Thanks for sticking around! 62. BHL Portal http://www.biodiversitylibrary.org Cite http:// cite.biodiversitylibrary.org Internet Archive http:// www.archive.org Ubio http:// www.ubio.org Links 63. Credits Thanks to all the BHL partner staff who have worked on presentations over the years!