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2011 Softball

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SoftballItems for Review

• Softball State Series• 2011 FHSAA Softball Finals• Status of Softball Evaluation

Program• Softball Official’s Uniform• Officials Recommendation

Forms• Softball Field Clinics in 2012• Softball Exam Schedule• Questions, Comments or


Softball State Series• Congratulations! This year’s State

Series were fantastic!

• Overall, Officials that were assigned did a great job!

• Nearly every official and assigned crew ranked a 4.0 or higher within their evaluation

• Reminder – Officials/Associations who are not following NFHS Softball Rules are doing a disservice to the players, the game and other officials.

• Please be sure to call everything as noted in the NFHS Softball Rules Book (Illegal Pitches)!

2011 Softball FinalsA Special Thanks to Florida Professional

Officials Association for their assistance during the 2011 Softball Finals in Clermont.

Status of Softball Evaluation Program

• Evaluations continue to improve• Overall, the positive feedback has been

helpful to both the FHSAA and officials

• Past evaluations are being used for State Final Assignments

• State Final Assignments will be getting tougher to obtain as state evaluations will continue to be more of a determining factor within the assignment process.

• Beginning with the 2012 season, Evaluations will no longer be offered at State Field Clinics. Evaluations will be done at “Evaluation Camps” in conjunction with actual tournaments.

• An evaluation of 4.0 or higher will be the desired target for assigned officials and/or crews.

Officials Uniform• The FHSAA has teamed up with Honig’s to

create new Officials Uniforms in various sports.

• The sports of Football, Softball and Volleyball will all begin to move in the direction of new uniforms to generate funding in order to implement enhanced evaluation and training programs.

• Beginning with the 2011-12 season, State Series Softball Officials will be required to wear the new uniform shirt at State Series Events.

• The current uniform will be sufficient for all regular season contests.

• The new uniform will consist of a powder blue shirt with navy and white trim. A smaller FHSAA shield patch will be on the left chest and an FHSAA acronym patch will be on the right sleeve.

• The new uniform shirt has been approved for use during regular season baseball contests for officials who work both sports.

Officials Recommendation Forms• Be sure to list alternate officials/crews if

available• Officials that do not meet the requirements, but

are included, must have the reasons noted in the comment section. “Didn’t attend Field Clinic” is not acceptable… I need to know WHY the individual didn’t make it to a clinic!

• It is important to list crews by ability , not by experience or because they have not been to that level before (i.e. their turn)! Remember – officials need to be recommended by ability, especially in the later rounds. I.e., State Semifinal/State Final Crew #1 should be the BEST 3 officials in your Association based on ABILITY.

• Associations who are not recommending crews by ability, will not receive assignments.

• Some Associations have received assignments EVERY year and in order to give every worthy Association a chance, there are a few Associations that may not get an assignment in a given year.

• It is the assignors goal to put the best officials on the field as our student-athletes only deserve the best!

2012 Softball Field Clinics

Charlotte County Officials AssociationDate: Fri Jan 13th, 2012 - Sat Jan 14th, 2012 Site: TBAPhone: (941) 628-1257 Contact Name: Keith McDonoughEmail: [email protected]: Bob Campos, Don Schaible, Keith McDonough, Dennis Murphy

Mid Coast Officials AssociationDate: Fri Jan 13th, 2012 - Sat Jan 14th, 2012 Site: Melbourne High SchoolPhone: (321) 728-8744Contact Name: Bill SchmidEmail: [email protected]: George Phillips, Robert Goldberg

Okaloosa Walton Officials AssociationDate: Fri Jan 13th, 2012 - Sat Jan 14th, 2012 Site: Niceville High SchoolPhone: (850) 830-4961Contact Name: John GordonEmail: [email protected]: Darnell Watson, Jimmy Black, Chris Biechlin, Larry Warrenfeltz, Mario Molina, Bob Farroll

West Florida Fast-Pitch Umpires AssociationDate: Sat Jan 21st, 2012 Site: Miss Sarasota Softball FieldPhone: (941) 981-3709Contact Name: Henry SheldonEmail: [email protected]: TBA

Evaluations will no longer be offered at Softball Field Clinics. We will be adding Evaluation Camps

beginning with the 2011-12 season.

2012 Softball Exam Schedule• Online Open Book Exam

– January 27th – February 1st

• Online Closed Book Exam

– February 9 – February 20th

• Online Make-Up Exam

– February 24th – February 2

• Online Rules Presentation

– January 30th – February 11th

– This leaves a 3-day window for officials who want to view the Rules Presentation prior to taking the online open book exam

• This schedule provides the opportunity for all officials to be tested and to post a score prior to pre-season classics.

Questions, Comments or Suggestions?

Congratulations and Good Luck

Congratulations on a Great Year and Good Luck during the upcoming season.

Enjoy your summer!

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