2012 governor's economic summit

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Governor’s Economic Summit “Gigabit Communities: Why Utah is a Leader”

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The Governor’s Utah Economic Summit 2012 featured a panel titled “Gigabit Communities: Why Utah is a Leader.” John Njord, Executive Director of the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) moderated the two-member panel of Spencer Cox, Vice President and General Counsel of CentraCom Interactive, and Vance Checketts, Vice President of EMC Corporation.


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Governors Economic Summit

Gigabit Communities: Why Utah is a Leader

GOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011The Utah Broadband ProjectPurposeTo develop a statewide map of available broadband services and a plan to increase broadband adoption and deployment in the state.

GOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011Website: http://broadband.utah.gov

GOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011

John Njord, Utah Department of Transportation

Spencer Cox, CentraCom Interactive

Vance Checketts, EMCGOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011Vance Checketts EMC

GOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011

Spencer Cox CentraCom Interactive

GOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011

March 2012 Broadband CoverageWirelessWiredJohn Njord Utah Department of Transportation

GOED Board PresentationMay 26, 2011

Growth in Fiber Network

DDI - 5014/13/201220UDOTs Network 2006 UDOT Fiber/Conduit 631 Miles

TradedFiber/ConduitCircuits100 Miles

21UDOTs Full Network 2012

UDOT Fiber/Conduit 900 Miles

TradedFiber/ConduitCircuits1000 Miles22