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2012 WEC Meetings Lihue, Hawaii John P. Hewlett UW Ranch/Farm Management Specialist

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  • 2012 WEC MeetingsLihue, Hawaii

    John P. HewlettUW Ranch/Farm Management Specialist

  • Traditional PresentationOnsite (live)

    Web LibraryePresentation

    Email/Newsletter (push technologies)

    Webinar/MeetingBlog/Pod castWiki

    eCoursewareSelf-directed coursesInstructor-lead courses

    Distribution Technologies

  • Traditional Presentation: live

    User experiences content in real timeUsually provides opportunities to interact with presenter(s)Once over, the conversation endsLogistical hurdles:

    Limited chance to ask questionsAbility to hear/see

  • Web Libraries

    Static pages (traditionalweb pages, static html)Provide links to information/data

    By hostingBy linking to other web-based services

    User/browser is expected to encounter the data by

    Searching the web (GOOGLE)Via links from other sites

    Challenging to keep updated

  • ePresentation: email/newsletter

    User experiences content on their schedule (asynchronous)May provide opportunities to interact with presenter(s) Challenges:

    Present one idea/topic at a timeLimited ability toexplain or interactover the content

  • ePresentation: webinar

    User experiences content in real timeMay provide opportunities to interact with presenter(s)Once over, the conversation endsLimited content coverage (usually)Can remove challenges of distance/distributionSeveral logistical hurdles:

    BandwidthInternet speed2-way audio/video

  • ePresentation: meeting

    User experiences content in real timeProvide opportunities to interact with presenter(s)May provide for ongoing interactionMay provide for extensive content coverageCan remove challenges of distance/distributionSeveral logistical hurdles:

    BandwidthInternet speed2-way audio/video

  • ePresentation: blogContent:

    LocalOff-site (links)

    Provides for asynchronous comment/discussion about the content:

    Clarify ideasOffer other opinionsLink to additional resources

  • ePresentation: wikiContent

    DocumentsPhotosAudioMany others …

    Distributed authorship, including by usersMay offer other features:

    Blog-stylecomment/interactionSchedulingSharing technologiesDocument reviewVersion managementMany others. . .

  • ePresentation: wiki cont.

  • ePresentation: content management systems (CMS)

    Core features:User ManagementMedia ManagerLanguage ManagerBanner ManagementContact ManagementPollsSearchWeb Link ManagementContent ManagementSyndication and Newsfeed Management

    Menu ManagerTemplate Management

  • eCourseware

    Provides basis for educatorsand learners to interact aroundcontentPrimarily provides for:

    Access control/user management


    May also include otherfeatures:

    BlogsWikisSCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant course material

  • eCourseware: self-directed learning

    Allows user to access and move through content at their own pace/schedule:

    Library (static pages)BlogWikiContent management systems (CMS)

    Feedback via quiz/testing componentsLimited ability to interact with instructor

  • eCourseware: instructor-lead learning

    Content types:Local documents (electronic material, printed material, slides)Web-based materialLive/recorded audioLive/recorded video

    Interaction:Threaded discussionEmailChatWebinar/meeting


  • HostingVideo recording/editingAudio recording/editing

    Content Production

  • HostingAdobe ConnectWebExIlluminateBlackboard

    Content Production: webinar

  • SoftwareCamtasiaPremiere

    StandardsFlashHTML 5

    Content Production: video

  • SoftwareAudacitySoundbooth


    Content Production: audio

  • RSS (Really Simple Syndication) FeedsRSS readersMobile platforms


    Content Production: other features

  • Learning Process

    (Act), followed by the individual observing and reflect upon it (Observe and Reflect), followed by some conclusion or generalization about the experience (Generalize) which forms the basis for modified future action (Plan).

  • Type and level of interaction over the content:One-time encounter vs. ongoing Single presenter vs. two or moreBrief explanation vs. training in detail (skill building)Controlled vs. open access Feedback: none vs. multiple levels/modes


  • Traditional PresentationWeb Library (static pages)ePresentation

    Email/Newsletter (push technologies)

    Webinar/MeetingBlog/Pod castWiki/CMS systems

    eCoursewareOthers . . . ?

    What Technology or Combination?

  • Live presentationRefers to tools/pre-prepared & posted materialsBroadcast as webinarRecorded/processed for posting

    Posted with interaction via blog/threaded discussion Materials:

    Handouts posted as documentsTraining package:

    Slides with notes for other educatorsTeaching outline

    Distribution via CD/web training (live/webinar)Live presentation using recorded material

    Multi-dimensional Approach

  • Western Extension Committee Examples