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A look at Nicholls State University for prospective students


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people creating possibilities

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“ S m a l l” i S n ’ t a b a d w o r d . Nicholls is proud to be a small, regional university of approximately 6,600 students. Our size doesn’t limit us; in fact, it allows us to better address your needs on a personal level. Explore Nicholls online at


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A college degree won’t be enough to set you apart in today’s competitive job

market. That’s why Nicholls emphasizes more than assignments and exams.

You won’t get a one-size-fits-all education here. Our faculty and staff believe in creating the fullest, deepest, most memorable

college experience — custom-designed just for you.

To reach your highest potential, you’ll need

hands-on experience, leadership skills and

professional connections. But you won’t have to wait, hoping that these opportunities

might come your way. Nicholls is a campus of movers

and shakers. We’ll help you create your own possibilities, whether it’s landing an impressive

internship, leading a campus organization, studying abroad,

researching new discoveries or accomplishing something that

hasn’t even been thought of yet.

nicHolls state uniVers ity.Find unlimited possibilities at

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Forget large lecture hallS. The average class size at Nicholls is only 25 students.

Reserve your seat by applying at nicholls.edu/welcome.

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Our professors are more than lecturers and test graders. They’re

your advisers, career coaches and motivators. Although they come from vastly different backgrounds, what they

have in common is their passion for forming lasting relationships

with their students. Considered experts in their fields, they

enjoy sharing their extensive real-world experience and connecting

students with current professionals.

At Nicholls, you can expect your classes to be interactive, engaging

and innovative. Our faculty believe in face-to-face learning

and lively discussions — a connection you can’t find on

Wikipedia or YouTube.

m e e t y o u r l i f e l o n g m e n t o r .

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See For yourSelF. Our 287-acre campus offers a picturesque background for studying. Come explore the possibilities by scheduling a tour at


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Textbooks can only go so far. At Nicholls, our classes allow you to dive into your major and take your future career for a test run. Through class projects, labs and community service programs, you’ll gain the practical experience needed to land your first job.

Here’s a peek at how Nicholls students like you are preparing for their careers today:

• Using high-tech hospital equipment and computerized human simulators, future nurses practice their life-saving skills.

• Aspiring business leaders perfect their sales pitches in our state-of-the-art sales lab.• Education majors use video chat to teach one-on-one lessons to local elementary students.• Future journalists cover breaking news via The Nicholls Worth newspaper, KNSU radio

station and NTW television station.• From the football field to the basketball court, athletic training students help keep

Nicholls athletes healthy.• Art students display their work in our campus art gallery and lend their creativity to create

designs for local companies and the community.• Children who struggle with speech and hearing problems get help from Nicholls

communicative disorders students in the Jo Carol Nolen Speech, Language and Hearing Center.

Get experience now.

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With more than 60 degree programs to choose from,

you’re bound to find a major that suits you — whether

you’ve known what you wanted to be since kindergarten

or whether you’re still trying to decide. Nicholls is known

for having strong education, business, accounting and

nursing programs, but we also offer several one-of-a-kind

degrees that you might consider.

from the crowd.st


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During his senior year at Nicholls, Dr. Jeffrey Rau (BS ’04) didn’t sweat over whether a medical school would accept him. He knew that Nicholls had prepared him not only to get in but also to succeed. “My histology course at Nicholls was more challenging than the one I had to take at Tulane University School of Medicine,” says Rau, who is now a physician at LSU Health Sciences Center.

The Nicholls biology program has helped launch the careers of hundreds of doctors, dentists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, physician assistants, veterinarians, pharmacists and dental hygienists. Our curriculum includes 100 percent of all courses required and recommended by medical schools. Plus, our professors have long-standing relationships with Louisiana’s medical and professional schools.

from the crowd.• culinary arts At the Chef John

Folse Culinary Institute — the first in the nation to offer a culinary bachelor’s degree — you’ll learn cooking techniques from renowned chefs and have the chance to intern at some of the country’s top restaurants. You’ll begin getting hands-on experience your freshman year and eventually work at our student-run restaurant, LeBistro. Best of all, our tuition is incredibly affordable, especially compared with private culinary schools.

• Marine biology South Louisiana’s wetlands and estuaries provide a unique backdrop for studying marine biology. Our students spend a lot of time outside of the traditional lab, doing field research on fishes, crustaceans, oysters, plants and birds. We also work on projects with the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON), a world-class research facility.

• geoMatics Our geomatics program, the only one in the state, trains students to use satellite technology such as GPS and ultimately become professional land surveyors. We’re using some of the latest equipment, including drones, to conduct research related to coastal Louisiana habitats and erosion. Our geomatics graduates are in high demand, often securing full-time jobs before their graduation.

• MaritiMe ManageMent Our maritime management concentration is unlike any program currently being offered in the U.S. Designed specifically to meet the needs of the oil and gas sector of the maritime industry, our program teaches students about marine transportation, safety, law and business practices. Louisiana is home to five of the seven largest maritime companies in the world, so the job market is promising for Nicholls grads.

• pre-professional

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choose a university where you’ll feel comfortable learning and living. In the past few years,

the Nicholls campus has undergone a complete makeover to ensure that you’ll

eat, sleep, study and stay healthy in modern facilities.

Be in the middle of the action by living on campus in a spacious suite-style room

or apartment. Our residence halls are equipped with wireless Internet, computer labs, TV/game

lounges and study areas. We designed our halls so that you’ll have the privacy you want while

also being conveniently close to your classes and all campus activities.

When it comes to eating on campus, our dining hall serves up

freshly prepared pizzas, pastas, soups, sandwiches, salads and dessert

— all-you-can-eat style. Other dining spots are located

throughout campus including our student union food court, coffee shop

and sandwich café.

Burn off those calories in our brand-new recreation center. The 63,000-square-foot facility features top-of-the-line cardio

and weight-training equipment, group fitness classes, basketball/volleyball

courts and an elevated indoor walking track. If team sports motivate you, get in the game by

joining flag football, volleyball, softball or one of our many other intramural squads.

Live comfortably and in style.

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your cariS welcome here , too. Unlike many universities, Nicholls allows freshmen to

park on campus. All of our parking spaces are just a

short walk away from classrooms and residence halls.

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Our campus calendar is full of social activities, athletic games, musical events, cultural festivities and more. Check it out at nicholls.edu/welcome.

you won’t be bored.

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have the t ime of

Your college experience will be what you make of it. Nicholls offers a wide range of possibilities so that you can customize not only your academics but your campus involvement, too.

Want to organize campus concerts? Network with fellow pre-med students? Or help keep Nicholls environmentally friendly? We have organizations for that. And much more.

Hoping to become a campus leader? Consider joining one of our thriving gr∑∑k organizations. It’s one of the best ways to meet hundreds of new people, and the Greek experience will encourage you to take special pride in your academics, your campus and your community.

Expecting an awesome college experience? Then you certainly don’t want to miss out on nicholls traditions. Wear your red and gray as you cheer on the Colonels football team. Learn to race a pirogue during Homecoming Week. Devour pounds of crawfish at our annual Crawfish Day.

No matter how you choose to become a part of campus, one thing’s for sure: At Nicholls, you’ll feel connected — to other students and to the university community.

yo u r l i F e .

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Thibodaux knows how to welcome newcomers. Here, you’ll find friendly neighbors

and warm smiles from strangers — the definition of southern charm.

A small town with a big personality, this community has lots to

offer — including shopping boutiques, live music venues, restaurants, coffee shops

and a historical downtown area. The city is home to fairs, community festivals and

Mardi Gras parades, so you’ll have plenty to do. Plus, because of Thibodaux’s

friendly nature, you’ll feel safe and find it easy to get around town. Before you realize

it, Thibodaux will feel like home.

a new city to call HoMe.






Thibodaux30 min.

75 min.

2 hours

1.5 hours

5.5 hours

2.5 hours

5.5 hours2 hours

1.5 hours

2.5 hours

75 min.

30 min.

Just a short drive...

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“A track and field scholarship brought me down to the bayou from New York City. Clearly I’m not afraid of taking on new challenges, so when the opportunity presented itself, I just went for it. My experience at Nicholls definitely set the framework for what I’m doing now. I absolutely love journalism. Being able to shed light in dark places is a thrill.”

Keitha nelson2004 mass communication graduateMorning anchor at ABC 57 News in South Bend, Ind.

“The education I got at Nicholls gave me an advantage at Texas Chiropractic College in Houston. I had already learned, or at least reviewed, a lot of the material the TCC professors were teaching. I had also taken athletic training classes — something a lot of people in my field don’t get to do. My Nicholls allied health background immediately put me on the fast track to becoming a chiropractor.”

Dr. Reid Amedee 2007 health sciences graduate

Chiropractor at Houston Spine & Rehabilitation Center in The Woodlands, Texas

Your dream job shouldn’t just be a fantasy. Our Colonel alumni are living proof that a Nicholls degree can help you land impressive jobs. Whether you hope to live in Louisiana or move far away after graduation, our faculty and staff will help get you there.


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“One of the guest speakers at our Nicholls Computer Club meeting was from Transech, a technology consulting company, and I told him that I’d be interested in following him around one day to learn about the company. He called me later, showed me the ropes and offered me an internship. That experience really cut my learning curve after graduation, when I started working at Transech full time.”

ellen Kennedy2010 computer information systems graduateTechnology consultant at Transech in Houma

“My classes and professors at Nicholls helped me become a professional. They instilled in me the drive to become a better person and to strive for more in my career. Initially, my plan was to go to Nicholls for one year and then head to a nearby college. But I joined a sorority, had the time of my life at Nicholls and never ever thought of leaving after that first year.”

Carla Landry Knowlton2001 allied health graduateNational sales manager at aden + anais children’s clothing line in New York City

As a Nicholls culinary student, Johnathan

Lynch (BS ’11) of Ruston cooked for

several fundraising galas, served as

Paula Deen’s assistant for a local cooking

show and won first place in the regional

San Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef

Competition. While competing for the

national title, he met Top Chef fan

favorite Fabio Viviani, who offered

him a job upon graduation. Lynch is

now a sous chef at Café Firenze in

Moorpark, Calif.

“If it wasn’t for Nicholls participating in

that competition, I wouldn’t be

here,” he says. “Nicholls has a

great community of students

and faculty. If you want to be

somebody on campus, the

opportunity is there. From

extracurricular activities

to sports to culinary

competitions, Nicholls

keeps you on your

feet and active.”

Jobs are on the menu.

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accountingArt K-12 Art EducationAthletic Trainingbiology Cell and Molecular Biology

Environmental BiologyMarine BiologyMicrobiologyPre-Clinical Laboratory SciencePre-Dental HygienePre-Medicine/Pre-DentistryPre-Occupational TherapyPre-PharmacyPre-Physical TherapyPre-Physician AssistantPre-Veterinary Medicine

Birth to Five/Early Interventionist EducationBusiness Administration

Multinational BusinessPre-Law

ChemistryProfessional ChemistryPre-Medical/Pre-DentalPre-OptometryPre-Pharmacy

Communicative DisordersComputer Information SystemsCulinary Arts

Culinary OperationsPatisserieProfessionalResearch and DevelopmentService

dieteticsEarly Childhood Education (PK-3)Elementary Education (1-5)english Creative Writing

Literary StudiesWriting and Rhetoric

financeFinancial Services Marketing

General Family and Consumer SciencesChild, Family and Social Services

geomaticsGovernmentHealth sciences

Pre-ProfessionalSupervision and Management

HistoryHuman Performance Education (K-12)Interdisciplinary StudiesManagement Human Resources Management Maritime ManagementMarketing Professional SalesMathematics Advanced Mathematics

Computer ScienceSecondary Mathematics Education

Mass communicationJournalismPublic Relations

Middle School Education (4-8)Music Instrumental Music Education

Liberal ArtsVocal Music Education

NursingPetroleum Services

Exploration and ProductionSafety Technology

Pre-EngineeringpsychologySecondary Education (6-12)

EnglishFamily and Consumer SciencesGeneral ScienceSocial Studies

sociologyFamily/Youth Advocacy

These non-degree programs allow students to take their first few semesters of classes at Nicholls while preparing to enter professional schools.

Art majors may choose an area of focus: Art History, Ceramics, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking or Sculpture.

Thinking about a minor? We have more than 30 to choose from: Accounting, Addictive Behaviors, Art History, Art Studio, Bayou Studies, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Creative Writing, Culinary Arts, Economics, English, Family and Consumer Sciences, Film Studies, Finance, Food Service Strategies and Operations, French, Geography, Government, Health Promotion, History, Humanities, Information Systems, International Studies, Internet Studies and Web Development, Management, Marketing, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Music, Psychology, Social Sciences, Sociology, Spanish and Speech.

Make a ‘major’ decision.

Nicholls offers more than 60 bachelor’s degree programs. Learn more about the majors that interest you at nicholls.edu/welcome.

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Admission Requirements:r Meet the Board of Regents Core 4 curriculum (19 units);

r Have at least a 21 ACT composite score OR a minimum overall 2.35/4.00 GPA; and

r Have the need for no developmental English or math courses.

Important Dates:Take the first steps toward joining the Nicholls family:

ASAP: Take the ACT, and send Nicholls your scores. Our code is 1580.Visit actstudent.org.

NOW: Schedule a campus tour.Visit nicholls.edu/tours or call 985-448-4507 or 1-877-NICHOLLS.

AUGUST (of your senior year): Start applying for admission.Visit nicholls.edu/apply or call 985-448-4507 or 1-877-NICHOLLS.

JAN. 5: Apply by date to qualify for scholarships.

AFTER RECEIVING YOUR ACCEPTANCE LETTER: Start applying for on-campus housing.Visit nicholls.edu/housing or call 985-448-4479.

APRIL 15: Complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by today. The Nicholls FAFSA code is 002005.Visit fafsa.ed.gov or call 985-448-4048 to speak with our Office of Financial Aid.

APRIL–AUGUST: Attend an orientation session, where you’ll schedule your classes, get your ID card and parking pass, and meet fellow freshmen.Visit nicholls.edu/orientation or call 985-448-4415 or 1-877-NICHOLLS.

MID-AUGUST: Start creating your own possibilities at Nicholls.

Your College Investment:Estimated cost of attendance per semester* In-state students Out-of-state studentsTuition and fees $3,600 $8,345

Housing costs vary depending on which residence hall/apartment you stay in; whether your room is semi-private, private, single or double occupancy; and what meal plan you choose. The costs range from about $3,230 to $5,550 per semester.

*These costs are based on figures from fall 2013 and are subject to change. They do not include estimates for books, supplies, personal expenses or fees applicable to specific classes.

Financial Aid:Figuring out how to pay for college doesn’t have to be a headache. Our Office of Financial Aid will walk you through your funding options — grants, loans, student employment and scholarships. To speak with one of our staff members or set up an individual financial counseling session, call 985-448-4048.

Scholarships:If you have a 3.0 GPA and at least a 24 composite on the ACT, you’ll automatically be considered for scholarships if you apply to Nicholls before Jan. 5. A separate application is not required.

Become a Colonel.

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people creating possibilities




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