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1 2013 Sorority Recruitment Welcome to Sorority Recruitment at the University of South Florida

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2013 Sorority Recruitment

Welcome to Sorority

Recruitmentat the

University ofSouth Florida

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Table of Contents

Welcome Letter......................................3Sorority Recruitment.............................4Recruitment Events Orientation Night............................5 Spirit Day.........................................6 Philanthropy Day.............................7 Break...............................................8 Sisterhood Day.................................9 Preference Day................................10 Bid Day..........................................11Preparing for Recruitment...................12Tips for Recruitment............................13Things to Ask Yourself.........................14Rules for PNMs....................................15Matching Process..................................16Greek Village........................................17Being a New Member...........................18Frequently Asked Questions................19Greek Glossary.....................................20

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WelcomeDear Potential New Member, On behalf of the Panhellenic Community at The University of South Florida, I would like to extend you a warm welcome to Sorority Formal Recruitment! While the recruitment process may seem confusing, this packet is geared toward Potential New Members, PNMs, like yourself and in it you will find answers to many of the questions or concerns you may have about joining a sorority and the recruitment process. Our Panhellenic Community prides itself on upholding and maintaining the values that have been instilled in our organizations since their founding. Joining a sorority is much more than joining a social organization; you are opening the doors to endless opportunities of leadership development, community service, academic excellence and the lifelong bonds of sisterhood.

Recruitment is a unique process that will bring women of all walks of life together. Throughout the Recruitment process, we encourage you to make new friendships with the women you meet in the chapters and with your fellow PNMs. Joining a sorority is not just for the years that you are a collegiate member; it will have benefits long after you graduate.

For me, Greek Life has been my home away from home. As a member, I have been fortunate enough to be exposed to the truest bonds of sisterhood, within my own chapter and with the entire Panhellenic Community. Greek Life has opened up many doors for me from networking and service opportunities to traveling around the country for leadership development. I know that these opportunities can be yours too.

Enjoy the Recruitment process and don’t forget to have fun! The Panhellenic Community is so thrilled that you have chosen to join us and we hope that you find your home away from home in one of our nine amazing sorority chapters here at The Univeristy of South Florida!

With Panhellenic Love,

Melissa KellyVice President of Recruitment

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Sorority Recruitment

What is Recruitment? Recruitment is a designated period of time when a series of organized activities are held by each sorority for the purpose of recruiting new members. Formal Recruitment is governed by the Panhellenic Association and is structured in such a way that women interested get to meet all sororities in the Panhellenic Community. The Formal Sorority Recruitment experience at The University of South Florida is held over two weekends after the first week of Fall classes.

Who is the Potential New Member? You! Any woman who has not yet accepted an invitation or bid to join a sorority and is an undergraduate, full-time student at the USF-Tampa campus is considered a PNM.

How Does Recruitment Work? Formal Recruitment consists of six mandatory events (Orientation Night, Spirit Day, Philanthropy Day, Sisterhood Day, Preference Day, Bid Day). Each of these events will be explained in the pages to follow. As the recruitment events continue, the number of events that Potential New Members can attend decreases. On Spirit Day, PNMs will visit all nine sororities. On Philanthropy Day, PNMs can visit up to six sororities. On Sisterhood Day, PNMs can visit up to four sororities. On Preference Day, PNMs can visit up to two sororities. Throughout these events, both the Potential New Members and the sorories are narrowing down their choices. On Bid Day, Potential New Members may be offered one bid (or invitation) to become a new member of a sorority. This is how you will find out which organization you will become a member of.

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What is it? Orientation Night is required for all women going through Recruitment. This night will be your first real glimpse of Panhellenic Sorority Life at The University of South Florida. You will learn how the entire Recruitment Process works, the schedule for the week and receive all of your materials for the week. You will also meet your recruitment counselors, also known as Pi Chi’s, and the women in your Pi Chi group going through recruitment with you. Your recruitment counselors will go over the Recruitment Process, what to expect, reminders and will answer any questions you have! Please bring a copy of your Fall 2013 Class Schedule so we can make arrangements for any class conflicts that may occur throughout the week of recruitment.

Please Keep In Mind: Recruitment is a very exciting, but very hectic time. For your own benefit, we ask that you request off from work or make necessary arragements to be able to participate fully during the recruitment week. In order to remain a participant in recruitment, you must attend all of the recruitment events you are invited to!

What to Wear: Dress casually. You will not be interacting with any of the sororities on this night. Keep in mind that you could be in the Marshall Center for up to two hours and it can get chilly! Bring a jacket.

Orientation NightFriday, August 30 - 7pm | Marshall Center Oval Theater

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What is it? Spirit Day is your first opportunity to get to know each of the nine sororities individually. You will be going to each chapter on this day; think of this day as a “meet and greet”. Each event is 25 minutes in length. These events are fast-paced and full of energy, but don’t feel intimidated. The sorority women are just as nervous as you are! Expect a lot of singing, clapping and smiling faces. Each of the chapters are really excited to meet you for the first time.

Questions to Ask: This is the first time you will be meeting the chapter so most conversations will be casual. Some questions you may want to ask the sorority women include: Why did you join a sorority and what is your favorite part? What are some

requirements for this sorority?

What to Wear: Dress in USF spirit, whether it be a Bulls jersey, OUR Shirt or green and gold outfit. Spirit Day is the most casual and laid back of all days. We recommend you wear sandals or flats. Keep in mind that you will be in the Marshall Center all day and it can get chilly! Bring a jacket.

Spirit DaySunday, September 1 | 9am - Marshall Center

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What is it? Philanthropy Day events let you experience firsthand the importance members of the Panhellenic Community place on giving back. During these events, you will work side by side with sorority members on creative philanthropy projects that pertain to that sorority’s individual philanthropy. The sororities will then donate the completed crafts to the charity. These events give you a chance to learn about the sororities in an interactive way while also contributing to the community! On this day, you may return to up to six chapters. Each event will be 35 minutes in length.

Questions to Ask: Talk with each sorority member about their chapter’s specific philanthropy and what events they hold throughout the year to raise money. Ask questions such as: What is the best memory you’ve had since being in the sorority? What other types of events do you participate in? What are your favorite events?

What to Wear: Dress casually. You will be making crafts that could potentially be messy. Shorts, skirts or casual dresses are recommended. You will be in Greek Village this day and it will be hot out. This day is slightly dressier than Spirit Day. We recommend you wear sandals or flats.

Philanthropy DayMonday, September 2 | 9am - Greek Village

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3-Day Break

A three day break is provided in between Philanthropy Day and Sisterhood for potential new members, recruitment counselors and sorority members to focus on their academics during the school week. Throughout the week, your recruitment counselors will host get-togethers and one on one meetings for your group to bond and to answer any questions or concerns you might have to make you feel comfortable in the Panhellenic Community.

Tuesday, September 3: Generally, on Tuesday, your recruitment counselors will use this day to set up a group outing. This could range from grabbing dinner or dessert together, or activities such as going to the movies, bowling, mini-golfing, ice skating or Boing!

Wednesday, September 4: On Wednesday evening, you will get the opportunity to join the Panhellenic Executive Board for the first general-body Panhellenic Community meeting. You will attend the meeting with your recruitment counselors and your Pi Chi group. These meetings take place every other Wednesday at 9pm in the Marshall Center Room 3707.

Thursday, September 5: Generally, on Thursday, your recruitment counselors will take this time to set up a one on one meeting with you to talk about your expreience through recruitment up to that point. Discussion topics will revolve around how comfortable you feel, questions you have about the recruitment process and what your recruitment counselors can do to make your experience better.

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What is it? Sisterhood Day events are very special! On this day, you will have the opportunity to learn what makes each sorority unique through a video presentation and/or personal testimonials. This day will give you a better understanding of how the women feel about their sorority, what it means to them and what it can mean to you. On Sisterhood Day, you may return to up to four chapters. Each event will be 45 minutes in length.

Questions to Ask: By today, PNMs have started to feel connections with some of the sororities and should lovok for a sorority that fits their lifestyle. Look at the friendships in

each chapter and begin thinking about where you feel at home. Ask about academics, financial time and social commitments.

What to Wear: Sisterhood Day is more formal that the previous two days. We recommend wearing sundresses or skirts; think “Sunday Best”. We also recommend wearing sandals or flats, but you may wear heels or wedges at your discretion. Keep in mind you will be traveling between houses in Greek Village under the heat.

Sisterhood DayFriday, September 6 | 1pm - Greek Village

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What is it? Preference Day, also referred to as Pref, is the final round of Formal Recruitment events. These events are usually more serious than the previous events because they include a glimpse into the sorority’s ritual that you can participate in. Preference Day events are the most meaningful and often the most emotional step during recruitment week. Following these events, you will determine which sorority you would like to call your own. Listen carefully to the songs and words you hear. The sorority women are trying to express to you what it is life to be a part of their sisterhood. On Preference Day, you may return to up to two chapters. Each event will be 60 minutes long.

Questions to Ask: This is the last opportunity you have to find out about the chapter and its

members. Ask questions that you need final answers to. Ask serious or light-hearted questions. Open up to the members that you speak with and feel free to talk about anything you may be struggling with.

What to Wear: Preference Day is the most formal event. Dress in cocktail attire. Heels are not required, but recommended. We also recommend bringing an extra pair of sandals or flats if you have down time between events.

Preference DaySaturday, September 7 | 10am - Greek Village

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What is it? Finally! The event you have been waiting for all week! Bid Day marks the end of the recruitment week. On Bid Day, your recruitment counselors will distribute the bids (invitations) to join a Panhellenic sorority. Once bids are received, you will join the Panhellenic Community for a unity and revealing ceremony where you will find out the affiliations of the recruitment counselors and the Panhellenic Executive Board. From here, you will join your new sorority for a sisterhood event to welcome you and the other new members!

What to Wear: Wear casual and comfortable bottoms with your white Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment t-shirt that will be provided for you. We recommend wearing color-neutral bottoms. Usually, each sorority will provide you with a new shirt during your sisterhood event. We also recommend sandals or flats to run home in!

Bid DaySunday, September 8 | 12pm - Greek Village

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Preparing for RecruitmentSocail Media:

• Facebook/Twitter• Be mindful that although Facebook and Twitter are great ways to

communicate and share information, you will want to be selective on the information and pictures you place on your profiles. Inappropriate behavior portrayed could send the wrong message to people who do not know you.

• Pan Love Facebook Page• The University of South Florida Panhellenic Association has a Facebook

page called “Pan Love”. Women who have registered for Formal Recruitment should add it to recieve updated information about the entire recruitment process. This page is also a great resource to ask any questions before recruitment begins.

• Panhellenic Website• You can find out more information about all of the Panhellenic Sororities

offered at The University of South Florida, the Panhellenic Association and the recruitment process at our website: usfpanhellenic.com

Missing Events: You must attend all of the events you are invited to. Some of the events will be happening during class times on Friday, September 6 and we will work with your class schedule to provide you with event schedule on Sisterhood Day that will complement your academics. It is not permissible to miss class to attend recruitment events! Please email [email protected] to alert us of any potential schedule conflicts you may have. Your recruitment counselors will also be asking you about scheduling conflicts at Orientation Night. They will work closely with you to make sure you can attend as many recruitment events as possible. Please bring a copy of your Fall 2013 Class Schedule with you to Orientation Night so we can make arrangements for class conflicts.

Special Needs: If you need any special services or accomodations during recruitment, the Panhellenic Recruitment Staff will be happy to assist you. Please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life at (813) 974-7335 to request these services.

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Tips for RecruitmentKeep An Open Mind - Don’t listen to stereotypes - every member in each chapter is different and every chapter nationwide is different. Don’t judge a sorority on two or three of its members or by its chapter size. Information that you get from the media, people in other organizations, etc., can be inaccurate and not helpful to you at all.Be Ready With Questions and Answers - Ask Questions! The sorority members want you to ask questions! This gives you a chance to find out if that sorority is really for you. Make sure you have all the information that you need to make an informed decision. Find common interests when you visit a sorority.Make Your Own Descisions - You are the only one who knows what is best for you! You and your best friend don’t have to join the same chapter to stay best friends! Keep your invitations and decisions to yourself. Follow your heart and listen carefully to what the sorority women are offering you.Be On Time - The events will begin on time and you want as much time as possible to meet the sorority members to make your decisions.Sleep - The recruitment week is tiring, be sure to get enough rest. You are making many tough decisions and want to be alert and thinking clearly.Be Comfortable In Your Clothes - Dress presentable but comfortable. Make sure you wear appropriate shoes as well, you will be walking and standing a lot!Bring Snacks - Recruitment can be a very long process. Lunch or dinner will be provided to you throughout the events, but feel free to bring any snacks or water so that you can stay hydrated and keep your energy up. Just Bring Yourself Into Events - When you walk into each event, you will have a tea card with your name on it to present to the chapter. Purses, sunglasses, watches or any other items will not be allowed into the events. Your recruitment counselor can hold those things for you.Utilize Your Booklet - You will be getting a lot of information, take notes! Your notes will be extremely helpful when it’s decision making time. Use this to help you remember all of the chapters as well as a referece for some basic informationn, like dues and GPA requirements.Follow Recruitment Guidelines - You will be agreeing to a Potential New Member Contract. This contract outlines guidelines that you must follow during the recruitment week. These guidelines are in place to help faciliate the recruitment process in the most just and fair way. When Making Your Decision - Keep in mind that these are the women with whom you will be spending the next few years with and whom you will share friendships for a lifetime. Use your recruitment counselors, she’s there for you. Choose the chapter that’s right for you. Think about all of the options available to you and join the sorority with which you fit in the best and feel the most comfortable with. Most importantly of all, follow your heart and have fun!

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Things To Ask Yourself

It is important to ask yourself these questions both before and throughout the recruitment process. Remember, sororities are values-based organizations and can be a large time commitment.

• Why do you want to join a sorority?

• Do you have the financial resources to pay dues?

• Wil you have the time to participate in chapter leadership positions, chapter meetings, service events, intramurals or other chapter events?

• How will this organization help you develop throughout your college career?

• Do you feel comfortable around the women of the chapter?

• What are the strengths of each particular chapter? What are the things you see the chapter is struggling with?

• Are you ready to make a commitment to join this organization for life?

• Has the chapter answered all of your questions and given you ample information?

These recruitment policies exist to make sure that you are never made to feel uncomfortable and to make Formal Recruitment an enjoyable experience for all.

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Rules for PNMs As a Potential New Member who plans to participate in Formal Recruitment at the University of South Florida, there are several important rules that govern the membership recruitment process that you need to be aware of:

• A Potential New Member must be an admitted, degree-seeking, full-time undergraduate female student (taking at least 12 credit hours) considered in good standing at the University of South Florida-Tampa Campus.

• All Potential New Members must attend the Panhellenic Recruitment Orientation Night and all events to which she has been offered an invitation throughout the week.

• Social contact outside of recruitment events with current sorority members is not permitted unless speaking about Fraternity/Sorority Life and/or Panhellenic Recruitment in general. Specific questions about Panhellenic Recruitment should be directed towards a Panhellenic Council Executive Board Member, a Recruitment Counselor, or the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

• Potential New Members should not attempt to befriend and/or send any sorority member messages via Facebook, Twitter, or other social media outlets until the conclusion of Bid Day.

• Potential New Members should not purchase anything for sorority members and should not receive any gifts or notes from sorority members until the conclusion of Bid Day.

• If Potential New Members know a recruitment counselor’s affiliation, they are not to reveal it to others.

• Orientation Night to Bid Day, no Potential New Member shall visit any place of residence of Panhellenic Members and Panhellenic Members shall not visit any place of residence of Potential New Members unless it is during a designated Recruitment event.

These recruitment policies exist to make sure that you are never made to feel uncomfortable and to make Formal Recruitment an enjoyable experience for all.

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Matching Process

Mutual Selection Process: The mutual selection process is the way Potential New Members and sororities narrow down their choices each day; as Potential New Members narrow down the chapters they are most interested in joining, the chapters are narrowing down the women about whom they are most interested in getting to know more.

Ranking: At the end of each day’s events, you will rank all of the chapters you visited that day. You will be ranking the chapters based upon the connections you made that day and how comfortable you felt with each chapter. Your recruitment counselors will be there to help you through this process.

Preference Day Ranking: After your last event on Preference Day, you will be asked to sign a Preference Agreement. We ask that you think back on the event(s) you attended on Preference Day and what you liked about each sorority. The most important thing to remember in ranking is to make your decision on your own feelings.

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Greek Village

From Fowler:Take LeRoy Collins Boulevard to Alumni Drive, make a right on Alumni Drive. Take Alumni Drive to Maple Drive and make a left on Maple. Greek Village will be on the right at the second light (Holly Drive).

From Bruce B. Downs:Take Fletcher Avenue toward I-75. After you pass the 46th Street traffic light, Maple Drive will be the first street on the right; make a right on Maple. Greek Village will be on your left.

From 1-75:Take the Fletcher Avenue exit westbound. Take a left at 50th Street. The first street on the right after you turn onto 50th will be Holly Drive; make a right at Holly. Greek Village will be located on the right at the first traffic light (Maple Drive).

Where to Park:In order to avoid parking citations, please park in the lots designated for your particular parking pass. A map of all parking lots and their designations can be found online at http://usfweb2.usf.edu/parking_services/maps.asp The closest “S” lots to Greek Village are the Crescent Hill Garage, Corner of Maple Drive and Willow Drive, or on Sycamore Drive). The closest “R” lots are across Maple Drive from Greek Village or on the corner of Maple Drive and Holly Drive.

How to get to Greek Village!

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Being a New MemberNew Member Programs:

• New Member Program• The time period where the new members of a sorority learn about their sorority

before initiation. The new member program lasts from Bid Day until initiation. Formally, this time was called a pledge period.

• New Member• A woman who has accepted a sorority bid but has not yet been initiated.

Women that sign a Preference Card and accept a bid becomes a new member.• New Member Pin

• A distinctive badge worn on the chest designating a new member of a particular fraternity or sorority for the period of time between bid acceptance and initition.

• New Member Responsibilities• New members are responsible for ttending required meetings (normally once a

week). They are also expected to pay new member dues, uphold a certain grade point average and whatever else the sorority requires of them before they can be initiated.

• Initiation• The traditional ritual which brings a new member into full membership of the


Who helps you:• New Member Class

• The group of new members that will be going through the New Member Program and Initiation together. Formerly called a pledge class.

• New Member Educator: • An initiated member of a chapter responsible for implementing and facilitating

the new member program and preparing the new members for initiation.• Junior Panhellenic

• An organization specifically for sorority new members which helps develop sorority responsibility, unites new member classes and coordinates activities.

• Big Sister• A big sister is an initiated sister in the same chapter, chosen to help guide a new

member. Each new member gets a big sister, when is dependent on each chapter.• Chapter Members

• Initiated sisters of a chapter who help guide new members and get them acquainted to sorority life and responsibilities.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsWhat is the Panhellenic Association? Every sorority woman belongs to the Panhellenic Association immediately upon becoming a member. The Panhellenic Council serves as the governing body of the Association which includes nine national sororities. The Panhellenic Association works to unite sorority women to focus on common goals and to create a network of support for chapter members.

Who are the Panhellenic Executive Board members? The Panhellenic Executive Board is composed of members of sororities who have been elected to lead and coordinate the programs, events, meetings, and efforts of the Panhellenic Association including Panhellenic Sorority Recruitment. All members of the Executive Board disaffiliate from their sororities during Formal Recruitment.

Which sorority is the best sorority to join? All of the sororities offer different incentives and opportunities through their membership. It really depends on what you are looking for in a sorority and what each has to offer your needs. The best way to find out which sorority is right for you is to go through Panhellenic Recruitment.

What does the registration for Recruitment cover? Lunch/dinner for everyday of Recruitment, a t-shirt, bag, Recruitment Booklet, and a favor.

What is the minimum GPA I need to go through Recruitment? There is no minimum GPA requirement to go through Recruitment. Each sorority has different requirements for membership into their organization, ranging from 2.5 to a 3.3.

How much are semester dues for the sororities? This amount ranges from $450 to $1000 a semester, depending on the sorority and whether you live in or out of the house. To find out the dues amount for individuals sororities, ask the sororities during Recruitment events. However, new member dues are always higher than those for initiated sisters.

Am I required to live in the sorority house as a member? This depends on the sorority. Most sororities have a required live-in policy for a period of one or two years. To find out the specific live-in requirements for each sorority, ask a representative of the sorority during Recruitment events.

Do I need to have a recommendation from a sorority woman to go through Recruitment? Recommendations are not necessary to go through Recruitment. Although it is a great way for sororities to be able to learn about you, you can still get into a sorority without having a recommendation. The recommendation provides a means of introduction and does not guarantee an invitation to membership from that sorority.

Where do I send recommendations to?Sorority Name c/o Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life4202 E Fowler Avenue MSC 4100Tampa, FL 33620

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Greek GlossaryAlumna: a sorority member who is no longer in college; plural is alumnae.Bid: an invitation to join a sorority or fraternity.Big/Little Sis: affectionate terms given to sorority women who adopt new members. The Big Sister, an initiated member, takes a new member under her wing. Candlelight: a sorority ceremony in which a sister announces her receiving of a lavaliere, pin, or engagement ring. Also known as a Candle Pass.Chapter Meeting: a weekly meeting held to discuss sorority business. Chapter: the name applied to the local organization of a national fraternity or sorority.Charter: permission from the national organization to have a chapter. Collegian/Collegiate: an initiated, life-long member of a sorority currently in college. Formerly known as “active”.Crest: insignia used by sorority and fraternity members. Each crest has hidden, secret meanings behind it. Also known as a coat of arms or shield.Dues: charge of joining a fraternity or sorority which covers costs of operation, formal events, activities and other membership privileges.Founders Day: an event celebrated by Greek organizations to highlight the founding of their organization and celebrate its history. Fraternity: the name that applies to all Greek letter organizations characterized by a ritual, pin, and a strong tie of friendship. Greek: a general name applied to all fraternity and sorority members because of the Greek letters associated with the organization’s name. Greek Week: an organized week of activities including games and competitions. This is a fun time for all the Greeks to get together to promote Greek unity. Honor Society: an organization whose purpose is to recognize members of fraternities and sororities for particular characteristics. Lavalier: a necklace with a fraternity or sorority’s Greek letters on it.Legacy: a female relative, varies from sorority to sorority, of a potential new member (usually a mother, sister, or grandmother).Letters: the first Greek letter of each Greek word that makes up the name of a fraternity or sorority. Often refers to clothing that bears the fraternity or sorority letters. Mascot: a symbol, usually an animal, chosen to represent a Greek letter organization. Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement: PNMs sign this after Preference, indicating in order, which sororities of the ones whose events they attended they liked the most. Motto: a brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal.National Panhellenic Conference: the conference body of the 26 women’s fraternities established in 1902 to support the collegiate chapters.Open Motto: a short phrase that describes the purpose or outlook of a fraternity or sorority, and is available for all to read. Panhellenic: formed from two Greek words Pan meaning “all” and Hellenic meaning “Greek,” Panhellenic is the governing body for sororities.Philanthropy: a charity or fundraiser that a fraternity or sorority supports. Can be national or local or both. Ritual: a secret ceremony of a fraternity/sorority. Also, the formal document that contains secret principles and ideals upon which the fraternity or sorority was founded. Silence: the period of time during the formal recruitment process when there is no communication between potential members and sorority members.Sister: a sorority woman who has been formally initiated by her chapter. Social: an event between a sorority and fraternity, or several fraternities and sororities, often involving themes.Sorority: informally, women’s fraternities are called sororities. Sorority means “sisterhood” in Latin.