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Transportation in a Growing Metropolis Perspectives from Miami-Dade

Los Angeles12+ MillionNew York18+ Million

2Miami Urbanized Area5.5 million people and growing4th largest urbanized area in the US2


Miami Gateway to the AmericasInternational logistic hubPortMiami ability to accommodate post-Panamax ships. Cruise ship capital of the world.MIA largest international air cargo airport in the country. Non-stop flight service to over 75 Latin American citiesEight of the ten top export markets are in Latin America led by Brazil, Venezuela and Colombia 3

Canadian Connection Canada is Floridas top export market Conduit between Canada and Latin AmericaOver 450,000 Canadians Snowbirds spend a 1-6 months in Florida. CanadaFest (Hollywood) attracts 150,000 persons Canada is the largest segment of international tourism market with 3.7 million visitors (2013)About 46% of these visitors come to South FloridaCanadians constitute 40% of all tourism spendingCanadians make up 7% of home sales in South Florida


Planning for the Next 25 Years5

People discussion:Aging populationStrong tourist and immigrant populationYounger generation does not want to driveResidents want a shorter commute tripResidents want to spend less $$ on transportation costsThe system should be safe and comfortable, convenient, easy to navigate, and get people where they need to goOverall residents want more options specifically regional transit for work, school, entertainment, errands & recreation


How We Travel Today?



Regional Corridor Network Statistics At a Glance7

System snapshot 7

Rapid Transit Corridor Projects Historical Overview8

1984Metrorail &Metromover198919942003Tri-RailMetromoverExtensionsBusway1997Metrorail Ext To Palmetto Station2007Busway ExtTo Naranja2005Busway ExtTo Florida CityMetrorail Ext To MIC2012

Network 861986


Metrorail (Heavy Rail) System23 stations25 milesTwo (2) routesGreen LineOrange LineAverage daily ridership 76,000 (2015)Major park-ride facilitiesBus system oriented to feed Metrorail system


Metromover System Urban circulator system Fare free21 stations4.4 milesThree (3) routesInner LoopOmni LoopBrickell LoopAverage daily ridership 32,000Largest urban automated people mover system in U.S.


We targeted 7 stations for our sampling survey. Again, this was a one day effort and we focused the OD information by zone. That allowed us to capture information from high-ridership stations and understand the trip patterns for Metromover patrons.

The final survey took 30 45 seconds and we mentioned only 8 questions at the start. Setting these expectations early improved the responsiveness. Over 75% of the people asked completed the surveys.

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In addition, comparing the surveys collected against the ridership we had a great intercept and capture rate for the sampling survey.

Details if Needed:Results of surveyed population:

Last Years Average February Weekday Ridership = 32,741Last Years February Average Weekday Ridership at Surveyed Stations = 22,859 boardings

Intercepted 1,193 riders = captured 3.6% of all riders; 5.0% of surveyed stations

People that took survey 898 people = 2.7% of all riders; 3.9% of surveyed stations


South Dade Busway20-mile dedicated roadway for transit busesConnects to the Metrorail southern terminus stationMultiple routes (local, limited, and express routes)29 stationsParallels major arterial



12Express Bus Network

Express bus service along I-95 HOV lanes95Express service began using new express lanesService expanded to Broward CountyDramatic increase in ridership



Tri-Rail (Commuter) and Freight Rail Network Tri-Rail is a 72-mile system from Miami to West Palm BeachAverage weekday ridership ~14,00018 StationsOver a 100 miles of freight rail Serving major activity centers and intermodal hubsSome conversion to passenger rail service13


Voters approved a half percent sales surtax for transportation (Nov. 2002)Annual revenues $228 million (FY 2013-14)Eight (8) rapid transit corridors identifiedPeoples Transportation Plan (PTP)14

Corridor Length2.5 milesProject StatusCompleted 2012TechnologyHeavy Rail (Metrorail)Capital Costs$560 million (2012)# of Station(s)

Ridership One station

Station Boardings ~ 1,600 average weekdaySystem Boardings ~ 8,000 Average weekday

Orange Line (AirportLink)New line to Miami International Airport (MIA)Increased service along portions of Metrorail mainline15

Metromover System Expansion Plan

Significant downtown growth200,000 Residents190,000 employeesRider survey conducted1/3 of riders use system 6 to 7 days a weekOnly 27% of total are work tripsLargest percentage remains in zone (50%)Ridership doubled since 199916

It is very interesting that 50% of the activity remains within the south zone.16

Metromover Expansion Master Plan


From the screening of the alternatives we came up with an overall Metromover Master Plan representing the ultimate vision for the expansion of the system. The Master Plan adds 5.8 miles of guideway to the current 4.4 mile Metromover system. This results in a total system length of 10.2 miles making Metromover the largest urban APM system in the US.

The corresponding order of magnitude cost estimate for implementing the Master Plan is estimated at $1.9B with an additional O&M of $42.6M per year based on the additional guideway length added to the system.


BRT Corridor Development3 Major Arterial CorridorsNorth (NW 27th Avenue)Kendall (SW 88th Street)East-West (Flagler Street)Frequent Service (Minimums)5 minutes peak15 minute off-peak and weekendsNo local service all service BRTStation Spacing - every half mile spacing (1/4 mile max walk)Robust Station AmenitiesLevel platform (13 inches above roadbed)Ticket vending machinesReal time bus arrival information


Running Way Option Curbside

Running Way Options Left Lane/MedianBRT Corridor DevelopmentTraffic Signal PriorityDedicated Bus Lanes 19

South Florida Express Lanes NetworkMulti-county planIntroduction of premium tolling or toll within a tollAdding express lanes to the following facilities:I-95I-595I-75SR 826SR 836Turnpike (HEFT)



Commuter Rail Expansion for Northeast CorridorCoastal LinkMiami - Jupiter85 Miles25 stationsAAF private endeavor to provide inter-city service between Miami and Orlando Intermediate stops in Fort Lauderdale and West Palm BeachService to be integrated with each other



All Aboard FloridaExpress intercity passenger rail serviceServes tourists, business travelers and residentsMiami and Orlando in just under 3 hours4.5 million sq. ft. of new development in MiamiDeveloped by Florida East Coast Industries (FECI)



Direct Connection (DC)Beach Corridor - Light Rail Transit (LRT)Introduction of LRT TechnologyProject in Planning PhasesConnecting Miami Beach to Downtown Miami (6.5 miles) Serving various travel marketsResidentsVisitorsEmployeesDedicated guidewayCatenary-free23


Highly dense urban areaHigh parking costsHigh pedestrian and bicycling usageTransformation to a non-auto oriented system24Miami Beach: South BeachBeach Corridor Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Other Major ProjectsPort Tunnel25th Street ViaductMiami Intermodal Center (MIC)



Todays Premium Transit System

Our VisionaryPremium Transit SystemRegional Transit Vision26

Our existing system is a good start, but the Vision attempts to connect the regional places of interest through a hub system that was classified for the region:Mega Gateway HubLargest CBD per County and/orGreater than 25,000 employeesGateway Hub15,000 employees - 25,000 employeesAnchor HubUp to 15,000 employeesLocated at intersection of 2 regional corridorsAt least 50% commute more than 10 milesEducation HubMajor education institutions/campuses

The system is comprosed of regional rail, express bus and enhanced bus.

This vision was the baseline for the regions long range planning efforts26

27Downtown Miami and Port Miami ConclusionPosition ourselves in a globally competitive marketMovement of goods and servicesOver US$15 billion in transportation infrastructure improvements in the next 20 yearsCreate a sustainable and livable communityPreserve delicate environmentUnderstand land use linkagesOffer mobility options


Wilson FernandezTransportation System ManagerMiami-Dade MPO111 NW 1st Street, Suite 920Miami, Florida, U.S.A. 33128

[email protected]