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Download 2015-2016 Mikva Challenge Student Judge Program. Agenda Student Judge Qualifications Responsibilities Mandatory Training Day Working Election Day Online

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2015-2016 Mikva Challenge Student Judge Program

2015-2016 Mikva Challenge Student Judge ProgramAgendaStudent Judge QualificationsResponsibilitiesMandatory Training DayWorking Election DayOnline Application & Permission Slip/HomeworkEvaluationsService Hours & Paid StipendsStudent Judge QualificationsIn order to qualify as a student judge, an applicant must: Be a high school junior or seniorHave a un-weighted GPA of at least a 3.0 on a 4.0 scaleBe a U.S. citizen by election daySuccessfully complete a 4-hour training sessionBe able to work on election day starting at 5am until all duties are completed after the polls closeBe recommended by his/her high school principal StipendsStudent Election Judge Service & Payment

Training = $45Serving on Election day = $125

TOTAL: $170What is an Election Judge?Official responsible for the conduct of the election in the precinct polling place.You are responsible for making sure the election is running smoothly and legally.Eyes and ears of the polling place.You are the backbone of the electoral process.

Judge ResponsibilitiesYou will work with adult election judges and have the same responsibilities, duties and authority.You must set up the voting equipment at 5am on Election DayConduct fair and impartial election in the precinct from 6am 7pmTabulate vote totals for the precinct after the polls close at 7pm

Election Day! Students will be mailed their polling place location and you can check your polling place online.Report to said location by 4:45am on March 15th, 2016Mikva Challenge Staff may also drop by at some point in the day and ask them to take a picture Students will be done by after they have tabulated votes once polls close at 7pmMandatory TrainingAttend training on Monday, February 15th, 2016 for ALL Von Steuben Judges.There is a mandatory training by ALL election judges.You must complete it satisfactorily.You will receive your instructional materials including your Judge of Election Handbook, exam and training supplements.

Student ApplicationThis election cycle, the Chicago Board of Elections is partnering with the Mikva Challenge to seek out eligible high school students to serve in the upcoming March 15, 2016 Primary Election. Students interested in working as Judges of Elections will now be able to apply online using the Chicago Poll Worker Connection.

Online Applicationwww.Chipollworker.com

Write your LOGIN & PASSWORD in your Agenda.

You will need to log in for your precinct assignment.

Login Page: Enter your email address.

Step 1: Select High School Student and find the name of your high school from the dropdown list. If your high school is not listed, select Other and enter your schools name in the space provided.

Step 2: Enter your personal information. Enter your first and last name, home address and birth year in the corresponding fields. Fields not marked with an asterisk (*) are optional. If you are able to serve as a foreign language translator select Yes and choose the language from the dropdown list. Otherwise select No and move on to Step 3.

Step 3: Answer all questions and enter a password that you will use to log back into the system. A confirmation will appear with the information you entered. Please make sure the information you provided is accurate and then submit your application

Step 4: You will receive this page indicating successfully completed application, but you are NOT done yet.

Step 5: Log out and log back into your account. You must click on I have read the Agreement in order to fully complete the application. Log out.

Step 6: Print your EMAIL confirmation. You will submit this along with your permission and homework assignment.

Application Materials DeadlineMonday, November 23rd, 2015

Turn in:Mikva Permission SlipCompleted Homework AssignmentHard Copy of your Confirmation Email

Important DatesTRAINING DATE:Monday, February 15, 2016.

ELECTION DAY:Tuesday, March 15, 2016.

Required EvaluationsA few days after the Election Day, you must complete an Evaluation.Evaluation is required to receive:

15 Service Learning Hours (not project)

QuestionsMS. KWANCounseling Office, Room 109Or [email protected]

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