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  • 2016 CRIMINAL COURT TRAINING Friday, December 16, 2016

    Orleans Parish Criminal District Court



  • 12/16/2016


    60 Apps in 60 Mins.

    Presented by: Paul C. Mitchell, III, Abid Hussain and John Love Norris, IV

    PCM: Dashlane • Ultimate

    Password Manager

    • Supported on multiple platforms

    • Import passwords from your web browser

    IV: Find Your iPhone Before you become a Mobile App attorney d/l Find iPhone application

  • 12/16/2016


    IV: Tile App: Never Miss an Item

    Locate anything in seconds

    Uses the power of bluetooth

    AMH: Office or Google Apps • Both are cloud-enabled

    • Save online

    • Don’t lose data

    • Accessible anywhere

    • Both have heavy features to edit and create docs, spreadsheets, and presentations

    • Updated frequently

    IV:Accounting App Xero or Intuit QuickBooks Cloud

    1. Manage your business on the go.

    2. Reconcile, send invoices, create expense claims and record receipts

  • 12/16/2016


    AMH: Use Your Practice Management App (Clio)

    • Time Tracking

    • Calendars that sync with Google Calendars

    • Mobile billing (increase your receivables)

    • Sync with cloud, no server or legacy software necessary

    PCM: Mobile Parking App

    1. Connect you Banking Account to the App

    2. Allows you to Renew from the phone

    3. Invoices are emailed to the user

    IV: Uber 1. Two hour parking rates doubled

    2. Save $$$ by using Uber’s cheap rates

    3. Never need an umbrella or parking spot again

  • 12/16/2016


    IV: DropBox App 1. Create and edit Microsoft Office files from iPhone or iPad

    2. Share links to your largest files without using email attachments

    IV: RocketMatter IOS users can simply use iCal

    Rocket Matter App -- Applications tailored to Lawyers

    1. View and add contact data and calendar events

    2. Initiate calls, e-mails, and skype conversations directly from your contacts

    3. Record Billable Activity

    IV: D/L a Billable Hours Tracker Hours Time Tracking

    1. Free

    2. Track your time by clients, projects, and tasks if need to

    3. Set rounding rules to --6 minutes, 15 minutes, and more

    4. Quickly see a calendar view which days you tracked time

  • 12/16/2016


    IV: D/L Free Legal Calculators, Because Lawyers are bad at MATH

    1. Multiple Bill Calculator- Calculate Min/Max Sentences Pursuant to Louisiana’s Habitual Offender Law -- Created by Ryan Gaudet, Professor Judson Mitchell, and John Love Norris, IV

    2. Good Time Calculator- Calculate to determine the diminution in sentence (“good time”) for good behavior under Louisiana Law -- Created by Professor Judson Mitchell, Kevin Carter, and John Love Norris, IV

    3. JuJu- Juvenile Justice Calculator- Using public data, helps lawyers advocate for less restrictive and expensive data by calculating the diff. btwn. 2 proposed sentences-- Created by Prof. Mitchell, Monika Alexander, Justin Cantu and Hank Pailet.

    IV: D/L Trialdirector App

    Easy to use evidence management and presentation tool

    AMH: Google Voice • Get a different number you can give clients

    • Free text messages

    • Scheduled times to accept calls

    • Voice mails transcribed and emailed

  • 12/16/2016


    IV: Biz Card Reader

    CamCard Free

    1. Scan and store your business cards, never miss a card

    2. Exchange e-cards with people nearby

    3. Navigate to contact addressed in Map

    IV: Notability • Next Level Note Taking • Record lectures and meetings while  simultaneously taking notes, either  handwritten or typed

    • Notes link to recordings to allow  contemporaneous syncronization

    IV: Keep Track of Expenditures

    1. Mileage- MileIQ App

    2. Receipts- Shoeboxed

    3. Personal- LevelMoney

  • 12/16/2016


    AMH: Luminosity • Mental calisthenics

    disguised as games

    • Research in brain functions

    • Variety, new games, keep you on your toes

    • Stay sharp while having fun

    AMH: Use the Gmail App 1. For Gmail Power Users

    2. No emails downloaded - Secure

    3. All emails available for search

    4. Multiple Gmail accounts

    5. Notifications

    6. Google Calendar integration

    7. Google Maps integration

    PCM: SignMyPad

    • View and edit .pdf files from your iPad

    • Saves money on paper • Great for having clients

    and other important people sign documents

  • 12/16/2016


    AMH: Trello To Do List on steroids

    Collaborate with teams

    Assign tasks

    Attach documents

    Add comments


    Works great on mobile and web


    AMH: Alarm.com • Remote management of your

    alarm system

    • Logs of who is coming in and out of your law office

    • Logs and notifications of power outages

  • 12/16/2016


    IV: PenUltimate

    • Electronic legal pad for the iPad

    • Fast organization of document pages

    • Support for collaborative editing available through iTunes File Sharing

    IV: Mobile Fax App

    1. Send and view Faxes

    2. Attach files from dropbox, google drive

    3. Received Faxes will appear in your Email’s inbox

    PCM: CaseManager

    • Manage your legal practice on your iPhone, iPad, and now Mac and PC

    • Keep track of the key information: events, tasks, contacts, time and expenses, plus the facts, notes and documents unique to each case.

  • 12/16/2016


    AMH: Slack • Chat application on steroids

    • Searchable chats

    • Secure

    • Store attachments

    • Reduce email clutter

    • Perfect for temporary/momentary communications

    • All platforms with notifications

    AMH: Use the Google Calendar App 1. For Google Calendar Power Users

    2. Multiple Calendars

    3. Multiple Google Accounts

    4. Real time sync with the web app

    5. Notifications

    PCM: Interact

    • Contact management is important for attorneys

    • Turn plain text from anywhere into contact information

    • Creates contacts from email signature blocks

  • 12/16/2016


    AMH: Mindmapping Apps • Capture ideas in a free-

    floating format

    • Nonlinear thought capture

    • Many ways to organize later

    • Great way to brainstorm complex cases

    • Break down complicated processes,statutes, case law, etc

    AMH: Ditch the Books, D/L Paid Apps 1. Apps are much cheaper than books (from $4.99 to $49.99)

    2. Paid apps are updated often

    3. Content updates are even cheaper than book updates

    4. Search functions are invaluable

    IV: Adobe Acrobat

    • Open a PDF from mail or the web

    • Read documents anywhere

    • Take notes, make comments, and highlight PDFs

  • 12/16/2016



    PCM: Caliber • Tinder Meets LinkedIn • Connects with your

    LinkedIn profile, imports your contacts, asks for your interests and suggests relevant professionals to connect with

    AMH: Google Maps • Significantly better than Apple Maps

    • More accurate

    • Turn-by-turn

    • Walking, biking, and subway routes

    • Business address

    • Business phones

    • Real time traffic

  • 12/16/2016


    PCM: Genius • Explains Everything • Much more than a lyrics app,

    provides texts and annotations to many news interviews and historical documents

    • Get lyrics for songs playing around you

    IV: Evernote Scannable • Free App • Detects and scans documents

    from simply taking a picture • Scans, Sharpens, and Improves

    quality of scanned images from photos

    • Scannable automatically rotates,  crops and adjusts your scan.

    • Removes creases in folded  documents.

    • Save or share

    PCM: Chrome Remote Desktop • Works with Chrome

    Desktop App to provide secure remote access to your desktop computer from iOS

    • Must download using Google Chrome

  • 12/16/2016


    AMH: Outlook App • Outlook App is much better than

    native Mail and Calendar apps

    • Synced with Office365.com

    • Realtime changes

    • Notifications

    • Search all email

    AMH: Google Home • Chromecast is as good or  better than AppleTV

    • Multiroom audio/video

    • Remote control everything  with your phone

    PCM: Any.Do • To‐Do App • Simplistic task manager • Allows one to add, edit,  and postphone tasks with  ease

    • Geolocater and deadline  alerts to add reminders  based on time and location

  • 12/16/2016


    IV: Tripit • Automatic Itinerary

    Organization • Creates trip itenaries by