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  • The trusted source for award-winning editorial content and integrated marketing solutions for the logistics industry.

    2016 Media Kit

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    Our sole mission is to address the specific informational needs of decision makers and influencers responsible for the success of logistics operations. We reach over 253,000 logistics professionals per month via our print publication, digital presence, lead generation programs, e-newsletters and mobile app.

    DC VELOCITY offers an unmatched circulation mix from DC and warehouse operations managers to supply chain and transportation logistics decision makers. Our audience profile is characterized by a large concentration of high-value buyers of logistics-related products and services, including third-party logistics providers who wield significant spending power.

    Through the crisp, informative writing and eye-catching graphics that have become our hallmark, we attract and hold the interest of todays logistics professionals better than any other media brand in the market.

    The trusted source for award-winning editorial content and integrated marketing solutions for the logistics industry.

    Welcome to DC VELOCITY. READERSHIPThe volume of business information available to todays logistics executives can be overwhelming. Thats why earning their trust as the markets most reliable and useful source of information is critical to a magazines success.

    Our editorial mission is a key differentiator for DC VELOCITY. As silos within the logistics industry disappear and organizations take a unified approach to managing transportation and material handling operations, DC VELOCITYs comprehensive approach to covering the U.S. logistics market aligns with this shift in supply chain management. While other logistics magazines are often exclusively focused on transportation or material handling, our approach earns lasting reader loyalty by delivering all the information they need in a direct, superb resource for logistics business intelligence.

    DC VELOCITY has emerged as the premier publication in several important readership surveys and studies thanks to the strength of its brand, editorial and design teams. In surveys conducted among attendees at trade shows like ProMat and annual conferences held by the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP), Warehousing Education and Research Council (WERC), and National Industrial Transportation League, respondents rated DC VELOCITY the best.*

    When you think logistics, think DC VELOCITY.We look forward to building a successful partnership in 2016.

    AUDIENCE DC VELOCITYs audited circulation covers a combination of corporate-level executives, on-site directors and vice presidents of logistics operations. Why all three? In a typical company, decision makers at one level of an operation recommend and specify a project, with decision makers at another level par-ticipating in the final sign off. This blended audience puts DC VELOCITY above the other logistics magazines in the scope of its market coverage and assures advertisers that messages reach the complete buying team.

    *Readership of Logistics Publications by Attendees of the 2013 WERC Conference

    Corporate management: 18,961

    Operating management: 16,797

    Distribution management: 8,079

    Purchasing management: 3,476

    Other: 2,380



    Wholesale distribution centers: 10,910

    Retail distribution centers: 10,350

    Manufacturing distribution centers: 9,631

    3PL providers: 9,369

    Manufacturers of products & goods: 7,672

    Other: 2,068


    E-Newsletters 66,000

    DCVelocity.com 27,000*

    Mobile apps 7,458

    E-Blasts 56,000

    TOTAL REACH 253,015



    Print 40,000

    Digital edition 11,000

    *Unique visitors

    Jim IndelicatoGroup Publisher [email protected]

    Gary MasterPublisher [email protected]


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    In every issue:

    Special Report Material Handling Update Transportation Report Strategic Insight

    JANUARYAssuring Supply Chain Security

    Lift Trucks Motor Freight 3PLs


    Retail Trends (tentative)Conveyors and Sortation Rail/Intermodal

    Light Manufacturing/ Value-Added Services

    MARCHWarehouse Supportof Manufacturing

    Packaging Motor Freight Mobile Tech

    APRIL13th Annual DCV Logistics Executive Salary Survey

    Pallets and Containers Maritime/Ports Order Fulfillment

    MAY13th Annual DCV/WERC Logistics Metrics Study

    Lift Trucks Air Freight Visibility and Control

    JUNEARC Warehouse

    Improvement StudyRacks and Shelving Import/Export Systems Integration

    JULY Rainmakers Dock EquipmentCSCMPs State of Logistics Report

    Optimizing Freight Spend

    AUGUST Automation Report Batteries and Chargers Rail/Intermodal Workforce of the Future

    SEPTEMBER Sustainability Labeling Systems Motor FreightLift Truck Fleet Management

    OCTOBERSite Selection and Network Design

    AS/RS Parcel ExpressThe Re-emergence

    of RFID?


    Distribution (ARC research)

    Automatic Guided Vehicles Maritime/Ports Optimizing Facility Space

    DECEMBER Defense LogisticsCubing and Weighing

    SystemsMotor Freight Reverse Logistics

    Publisher reserves the right to revise this calendar based on industry developments and editorial judgment. The Special Reports, Material Handling Updates, Transportation Reports, and Strategic Insight and Technology Review stories will appear both in the print edition and online.

    Technology Review Bonus Coverage* Bonus Distribution Ad Close

    Trade ManagementImport/Export

    PARCEL Target Report: Lift Trucks**

    MODEX, NRF, RILA Logistics & Supply Chain Conference, SMC3

    Jump Start, Cargo Logistics CanadaDecember 18

    Internet of ThingsVOICE SYSTEMS

    Target Report: Conveyors and Sortation**MODEX Show Planning Guide

    MODEX, IWLA, RILA Logistics & Supply Chain Conference

    January 15

    Labor Management Systems

    AUTOMATED STORAGETarget Report: Motor Freight**

    MODEX Show Issue/MODEX Preview e-newsletter**

    MODEX, NASSTRAC, Georgia Logistics Summit

    February 12

    Dimensional WeightSUSTAINABILITY

    Target Report: Maritime/Ports**WERC Preview e-newsletter**

    WERC March 18


    Target Report: WMS**MHEDA, TMSA,

    EyeForTransports 3PL SummitApril 15


    Target Report: Systems Integration**SMC3 Connections May 13


    Target Report: Dock Safety Equipment** Annual Partner Profile edition

    CSCMP June 17


    Target Report: Voice**Ad Readership Study

    CSCMP, IANA Intermodal Expo

    July 15


    Target Report: TMS**CSCMP Preview e-newsletter**

    CSCMP August 12

    Facility Asset ManagementFACILITY LIGHTING

    Target Report: AS/RS**September 16

    Track and TraceSORTATION SYSTEMS

    Target Report: Omni-Channel**

    NITL Annual Conference and Freight Exhibition,

    Cargo Logistics USAOctober 14

    Robotics and Emerging Technologies

    BALERS, SHREDDERS, AND RECYCLERSTarget Report: Robotics and Emerging Technologies**

    Annual Boardroom Outlook edition November 18

    Big Picture NewsWorthy Inbound

    Thought Leader Rollouts Outbound

    2016 editorial calendar VELOCITY TARGET REPORTKey topics in logistics require a deeper look. Thats why each month, DC Velocity transmits a content-specific e-newsletter called the Velocity Target Report, bringing into focus our most recent and best-read coverage on timely and key topics. As a sole sponsor, you can either populate all three ad positions with your marketing message or simply choose to include a single banner at the top of our award-winning content.

    *Topics may appear in print, online or both**Electronic distribution only

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    Print advertisingThe one-stop resource for logistics business intelligence

    Print media continues to play a critical role in brand positioning and raising awareness for integrated B2B marketing campaigns. Whether our magazine is read over morning coffee or traveling on a business trip, DC VELOCITY provides the most engaging unplugged readership experience in the market to help advertisers attain their marketing goals.

    AGiLE Business Medias ongoing investment in our print publication includes award-winning graphic and creative design, unbiased and newsworthy staff-written editorial and unmatched paper stock quality and weight. While other publications have cut costs, our attention to an uncompromised, quality reader experience has allowed DC VELOCITY to retain the largest, smartest and most experienced dedicated editorial team covering the logistics market today.


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    1x $9,568 $17,190 $6,001 $4,055 $3,091

    6x $8,597 $15,406 $5,190 $3,678 $2,758

    12x $7,458 $14,273 $4,541 $3,086 $2,433

    Advertisers in the supplement also qualify for an opportunity to sponsor a November webcast on the findings of our Omni-Channel Research Report.

    *All pricing is NET

    OMNI-CHANNEL SPECIAL REPORT, A SUPPLEMENT TO DC VELOCITYOmni-channel distribution challenges continue to grow in both complexity and importance. DC VELOCITY will publish its fourth annual special supplement to its November issue with a case study on one companys journey in meeting omni-channel challenges and the results of our a