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SUNY Plays a Leadership Role in START-UP NY 2016 SUNY PROGRESS REPORT START-UP NY (SUNY Tax-Free Areas to Revitalize and Transform UPstate New York) encourages businesses to start, relocate to or expand in New York State through affiliaons with colleges and universies. 2016 marked a year of increased momentum across the SUNY system. Campuses in all regions are acvely engaged in the program and working closely with their New York State Economic Development Council partners. Half of all SUNY schools have now sponsored START- UP NY businesses, with notable increases occurring at Comprehensive, Technology and Community Colleges. Academic benefits also grew in proporon, with more schools realizing a richer and more substanal array of partnership gains. 5 year company projecons $245M Investments 4,592 Jobs 212 Businesses

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  • SUNY P l ays a L e a d e r s h i p R o l e i n S TA R T- U P N Y


    START-UP NY (SUNY Tax-Free Areas to Revitalize and Transform UPstate New York) encourages businessesto start, relocate to or expand in New York Statethrough affiliations with colleges and universities. 2016 marked a year of increased momentum across the SUNY system. Campuses in all regions are actively engaged in the program and working closely with their New York State Economic Development Council partners. Half of all SUNY schools have now sponsored START-UP NY businesses, with notable increases occurring at Comprehensive, Technology and Community Colleges. Academic benefits also grew in proportion, with more schools realizing a richer and more substantial array of partnership gains.

    5 year company projections

    $245M Investments

    4,592 Jobs

    212 Businesses

  • 84% SUNY

    5% CUNY

    11% Private

    651 tax- free


    1% CUNY

    99% SUNY

    2,952 Available Acreage

    68% SUNY

    6% CUNY

    26% Private

    82 Approved

    Campus Plans90% SUNY

    1% CUNY

    9% Private

    6,499,414 Available Sq


    Campus Planning Process


    ““As an early-stage company in New York, it’s insanely difficult to find wet lab space at a sustainable cost, and partnering with Downstate Biotechnology Incubator has been

    instrumental in allowing us

    to continue our product

    development.”– Jason Kang,

    Co-Founder and CEO


    Specifies the land or space to be included in the program

    Illustrates how a partnership may have a positive community/eco-nomic impact

    Explains how prospective partners align with the cam-pus mission

    Describes the type of business that may locate on the campus

    Outlines the process by which the cam-pus will select participating businesses


  • Partnerships




    212 Approved Partnershipsby Campus Type









    212 Approved Partnerships

    by Region

    “In just its first three years, START-UP NY has produced significant benefits for the

    state’s economy, while simultaneously bringing new private partners to SUNY

    and generating academic benefits for our faculty and students.”

    – SUNY Chancellor Nancy L. Zimpher


    Western New York

    Finger Lakes

    Capital District

    Central New York

    Long Island

    Mid Hudson

    Mohawk Valley

    North Country

    New York City

    Southern Tier

    Doctoral Colleges

    Community Colleges

    Technology Colleges

    Comprehensive Colleges

  • SUNY Canton

    Alfred University Ceramics

    Jamestown C.C.

    Orange C.C.

    Fulton-Montgomery C.C.

    Clinton C.C.

    SUNY Upstate Medical


    SUNY Brockport

    Rockland C.C.

    Mohawk Valley C.C.

    Columbia-Greene C.C.

    Erie C.C.

    Dutchess C.C.

    SUNY Oswego

    Alfred State College

    SUNY Plattsburgh



    Cornell University

    Finger Lakes C.C.

    SUNY Polytechnic

    SUNY Cobleskill

    Ulster C.C.

    University at Albany

    Schenectady C.C.

    Hudson Valley C.C.

    Binghamton University

    Stony Brook University

    SUNY Downstate Medical

    University at Buffalo

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    13 (10)

    21 (20)

    21 (13)

    85 (56)

    0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80

    “SUNY student interns have been a positive addition to our team and the START-UP NY program has enabled us to foster relationships with faculty and benefit from their expertise.”

    – John Ng, PresidentHudson Valley Fish Farm

    “We are pleased to be offering opportunities to a pool of highly competent students from SUNY Plattsburgh. Our recruitment of trainees and graduates have demonstrated, beyond any doubt, the value of START-UP NY and its contribution to our success on American soil.”

    – Michel St-Amour, Président/CEO

    Insum Solutions


    Approved Campus Partnerships

    2016 Partnerships

    2015 Partnerships (includes 2014 approvals)

  • 5


    Vader Systems: A breakthrough idea by former University at Buffalo (UB) student, Zack Vader, has created a machine that prints three-dimensional objects using liquid metal. The machine is so novel it represents a quantum leap in the ability to print three-dimensional objects. UB has been a source of guidance, grants and personnel for the startup as it transforms from a brilliant idea into an industry. UB has helped the company grow by providing the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and by providing student interns. Vader Systems already has hired three UB mechanical engineering graduates.

    Modern Meadow: The company has raised $40M in private venture capital to biofabricate leather without livestock and is poised for a major expansion to create a manufacturing facility at SUNY Farmingdale’s Broad Hollow Bioscience Park that would add 160 new jobs. Co-founder Gabor Forgacs serves as an Adjunct Professor of Life Sciences at Downstate Medical Center and mentored students and faculty, as well as other companies at the Downstate Incubator and BioBAT. The company is also exploring fashion and design collaboration with SUNY’s Fashion Institute of Technology.

    Precision Optical Transceivers: A leading manufacturer of optical transceivers and components for building networks, Precision was the first company to partner with a SUNY comprehensive college and has grown rapidly, from two to 19 employees. Nine of its employees are College at Brockport graduates. Faculty in the School of Business and Economics have used Precision as a case study in international business classes, with students developing international expansion plans presented to Precision management for critique. Additional campus engagement includes membership on Brockport’s Career Services Employer Advisory Board, judging student entrepreneurship competitions, providing student internships and funding scholarships.

    SparkShoppe LTD: The digital marketing firm uses data analytics and digital technology to deliver shopper marketing strategies through the internet, social media and other web-based platforms to increases product movement. SparkShoppe has established relationships with large national and international consumer brands. The company co-founder, an Adjunct Professor in University at Albany’s School of Business, helps students keep pace with evolving digital technology and the latest shopper marketing trends. SparkShoppe is mentoring students, providing internships and recruiting SUNY graduates for vacant positions.

  • 6


    New Flyer of America: The Canadian manufacturer of heavy duty buses has created a new high-tech component factory in New York through a partnership with Jamestown Community College (JCC). New Flyer is known for ground-breaking innova-tion with the first low-floor bus, the first diesel-electric bus and, most recently, the world’s first zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell fleet. Under START-UP NY, JCC is partnering with New Flyer to provide training space and workforce development assistance. New Flyer hosts class field trips, is creating student internship positions and developing scholarship funding.

    Construction Robotics: The company has developed a first-of-its kind brick-laying robotic system that revolutionizes the masonry industry by addressing skilled labor shortages and dramatically improving jobsite efficiency. The firm has hired interns and graduates from Finger Lakes Community College and collaborated with FLCC faculty in the Instrument and Control Technologies program on a FuzeHub Manufacturing Innovation Fund grant for prototype development, specialized equipment and proof of concept manufacturing. FLCC students regularly visit Construction Robotics to see first-hand how state-of-the-art equipment is being developed to automate masonry construction.

    “Our START-UP NY partnership with MVCC has been a strong success. They welcomed our company to the Mohawk Valley, helped us find talented local people, and connected us with resources that we would not have discovered on our own.”

    – Vivien Heriard Dubreuil, President Microdrones

    “The Mesonet Program of cutting-edge weather observation technology and world-class atmospheric research at the University of Albany are combining with industry innovation under START-UP NY to make New York State a weather-ready Nation leader.”

    – Don Berchoff, CEO TruWeather Solutions

    “Being here in BioBAT has been an enormous help in launching Modern Meadow. We moved from California and the midwest straight into world-class laboratory space in Brooklyn. The location enabled us to attract great talent and grow with support from START-UP NY.”

    – Andras Forgacs, CEO Modern Meadow

  • Event Sponsor: Jasmine Universe (Stony Brook) sponsored the AERTC 2016 Advanced Energy Conference at the Javits Center

    Trade Show Promotions: You First Services (UB) was part of the New York State Pavilion at the Bio International Convention

    Institutional Agreement: Call9 (Downstate Med) has an Institutional Agreement in place with the Office of Graduate Medical Education

    Program Development: IRX Therapeutics (Downstate Med) is helping BioBAT develop a STEAM program for Pre-K students


    Funding Proposal Collaboration: LightSpin Technology (Binghamton) is a research grant co-applicant with Binghamton faculty

    Student Presentations: SpaceoutVR (Hudson Valley C.C.) presented to the Student Entrepre-neurship Group

    Academic Benefits a r e at t h e h e a r t o f e v e ry S TA R T- U P N Y pa r t n e r s h i p.


    START-UP businesses paid SUNY campuses more than $2.1 MILLION IN RENT FOR CAMPUS FACILITIES. This additional income is helping to support operations all across the system.

    Nearly every START-UP company is offering some type of experiential learning opportunity. 134 SUNY STUDENTS INTERNED at START-UP businesses.

    Internships put SUNY students first-in-line for recruitment and hiring into full-time positions after graduation. 121 SUNY GRADUATES went to WORK FOR START-UP FIRMS.

    SUNY Research produces more than 100 new technologies every year. The Research Foundation for SUNY works with partners to convert research capacity into economic growth. START-UP NY firms LICENSED 17 SUNY TECHNOLOGIES.

    Successful START-UP NY firms have the financial capacity to support their academic partners in a host of ways. One such business made a $20,000 DONATION to a campus foundation fundraising campaign.

    I l l u s t r at i v e E x a m p l e s

  • Advisory Board: Beekman 1802 (Schenectady C.C.) joined the campus Business Advisory Council

    Student Engagement: Furlocity.com (Schenectady C.C.) engaged marketing students in development and launch of a mobile app

    Using Special Facilities: g.tec neurotechnology (UAlbany) is using the Adaptive Neurotech-nology Lab to support functional brain mapping

    Teaching Students: SparkShoppe (UAlbany) employees are also adjunct faculty collaborat-ing with students on digital market-ing projects

    Global Networking: DPS (SUNY Poly) hosted the Silicon Europe Alliance visit to New York, connecting the campus to world-class partners for joint R&D

    Case Study: Precision Optical Transceivers (Brockport) provided case study material for international business students

    Faculty Collaboration: Construction Robotics (Finger Lakes C.C.) collaborated with faculty on a FuzeHub Manufacturing Innovation grant for prototype development

    Product Donations: Empire Farmstead Brewing (Morrisville) donated products and use of their facility to support campus events

    Hiring Graduates: Belvac Production Machining (Alfred State) hired a graduate to serve as head machinist and lead their manufacturing operations

    Curriculum Develop-ment: Hudson Valley Fish Farm (Columbia Green C.C.) participated in campus master planning process to inform development of a new agribusiness course

    Guest Lecturer: ChromaNanoTech, LLC (Bingham-ton) provided guest lecturers to Binghamton University students

    Focus Group: Spaceout VR, Inc. (Hudson Valley C.C.) conducted a product marketing focus group with HVCC business marketing students

    Academic Benefits a r e at t h e h e a r t o f e v e ry S TA R T- U P N Y pa r t n e r s h i p.


    I l l u s t r at i v e E x a m p l e s

  • B I O T e c h n o l o gy / L i f e S c i e n c e s

    I n d u s t r i a l / M a n u fa c t u r i n g

    F o o d / B e v e r a g e / A g r i c u lt u r e

    I n f o r m at i o n T e c h n o l o gy

    www.startup.ny.gov • [email protected] • 518.434.7110 9

    2016 Business Partners

  • For more information on SUNY’s START-UP NY program contact:

    Jeffrey A. Boyce, BA, MPADirector of Research-Supported Economic DevelopmentThe Research Foundation | State University of New York | 35 State Street | Albany, NY 12207 518-434-7110 | [email protected]