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Page 1 2020 Artist Prospectus “Morning Reflections”, painting by Stephen Jesic 2019 AFC Best-in-Show Winner

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    2020 Artist Prospectus

    “Morning Reflections”, painting by Stephen Jesic2019 AFC Best-in-Show Winner

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    2020 AFC Exhibit & Festival Opportunities

    About the Artists for Conservation FestivalThe Artists for Conservation Festival is a multi-day art and environmental event, featuring the premiere of AFC’s world-class annual art exhibit and is positioned as the world’s premiere visual arts event reconnecting society with nature. The event brings out leading nature and wildlife artists from around the world, immersing visitors in art and nature through workshops, film, and a world’s top conservation-themed art exhibit of original paintings and sculptures. All artwork sales benefit conservation. It’s a unique opportunity for the public to engage with AFC artists, learn about conservation issues and support conservation.

    About the VanDusen Botanical GardensFor our premiere weekend, we are pleased to be returning to VanDusen Botan-ical Garden – a 55-acre garden of 7300 plants with a stunning state-of-the art “living building” visitor centre, with satellite activities at the Bloedel Conservatory – a domed “biosphere” featuring 3 biomes, more than 200 free-flying exotic birds, and over 500 exotic plants and flowers, within its temperature-controlled envi-ronment.


    MAY 4, 2020

    AFC FESTIVAL 2020:

    October 1-4, 2020

    AFC TOUR 2020/21:

    James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art (Florida). Add’l venues/schedule TBA.

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    AFC’s Annual Juried Exhibit2020 will be AFC’s 13th year for AFC’s flagship exhibit and conservation benefit. The exhibit assembles many of the world’s greatest nature and wildlife artists in a common cause for conservation. Since its inception in 2008, it has established itself as the world’s foremost conservation-themed art exhibit in the world today. Each year, following its premiere in Vancouver, Canada, the exhibit tours internationally.

    Opportunities for AFC Members


    Demos and PresentationsWe are pleased to invite AFC Signature Members to offer slideshow presentations and to demonstrate techniques to the public and promote their work during the AFC Festival in 2020. This is a relaxed and easy way to expose your work to a large fresh audience.


    Circle of PatronsAFC’s patron program offers a sponsorship opportunity to AFC Signature or Associate Members who are ardent supporters of the AFC mission, to offer extra support by contributing towards operation expenses and capital expenditures in the organization.


    Top (opposite): Visitor Centre at VanDusen Botanical Gardens;Top: Bloedel Conservatory;Bottom (left): AFC Hardcover Exhibit Book;Bottom (right): AFC Environmental Calendar

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    1) AFC Annual Juried Exhibit

    AFC’s annual exhibit celebrates artistic excellence in the depiction of nature, raises awareness of conservation issues and supports organizations dedicated to them. In addition to a live exhibit of an expected 80-90 artworks, there will ALSO be a virtual exhibit featuring approximately 200 artworks including the artwork of the live exhibit.

    The purpose of the exhibit is three-fold: i) To support conservation through fundraising and education; ii) To showcase the extraordinary pool of artistic talent in the AFC; and iii) To expose the nature art genre to new prospective collectors in audiences outside the conventional nature/wildlife art collecting circles to sell artwork.


    Members may submit for the live exhibit or for the virtual exhibit alone, allowing greater participation among artists where shipping costs are prohibitive or artworks are otherwise inadmissible due to size or weight restrictions. All art-work submissions are automatically considered for inclusion in the Virtual Exbibit - which comprises all artwork select-ed for the live exhibit PLUS art that is either not available for or otherwise not selected for inclusion in the live exhibit.

    ARTWORK SUBMISSION DEADLINE: MAY 4, 2020 Online Registration Start Date: February 10, 2020 Artwork Submission Deadline: May 4, 2020 Notification of Jury Selections: May 31, 2020 Artwork Delivered to AFC: September 10, 2020 Exhibit Dates: October 1-4, 2020 Artist Dinner & Awards: October 1, 2020 Tour: James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art (Florida) Add’l venues &.schedule TBA (Late 2020-2021)

    REGISTER BY LOGGING ONTO YOUR PERSONAL AFC WEBSITEwww.artistsforconservation.org/member-login


    Accompanying the exhibit will be a hardcover book featuring all exhibit artworks (live & virtual). The book will be marketed to the public and distributed to media, museums and galleries.The calendar will feature 13 art-works from the exhibit representing a breadth of subject matter and styles. Each submitting member will receive one copy of the book and calendar. Additional copies will be available at a discount. TOURING EXHIBIT

    Artworks selected for the live exhibit should be available through Fall, 2021. Following the opening exhibit in Vancouver, many of the show’s artworks will be included in a touring exhibit in North America including to the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, and potential additional venues including Asia-Pacific Tour in China.


    The exhibit is open to all members of AFC whose dues are paid. All art with a nature theme, including depic-tions of flora, fauna and/or their habitats and landscapes or seascapes, will be eligible for entry. Interpretive and abstract “environmental” art is also encouraged. Artists are encouraged to submit artwork which addresses one or more conservation-related issue. Artworks exhibited in previous AFC exhibits are NOT admissible.

    Artwork selections for the live exhibit will be based primarily on artistic merit, availability for sale in the live exhibit, and its relevance to the conservation theme. An AFC-appointed jury will select artworks for virtual and live exhibits. The entire exhibit will appear on AFC’s Virtual Exhibit website and in the companion book. When submitting artworks, artists will indicate if a piece is available for the live exhibit and/or for sale.

    “All art with a nature theme, from realistic to abstract, including depic-tions of flora, fauna and/or their habitats and landscapes or seascapes, will be eligible for entry.“

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    The following are accepted media for submissions: oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, mixed media, pastel, pencil, pen and ink, tempera, scratchboard, original prints (e.g., lithograph, etching, engraving, and serigraph), sculpture in any material. Ineligible media includes photography, reproduction prints and video. Works must be original and must have been completed in 2017 or later. Mem-bers may submit up to 4 entries but no more than 2 from any one member will be selected for the exhibit.

    While there are no formal size or weight restrictions, any piece of exceptional dimension or weight may be pre-cluded from the live exhibit (but not the virtual exhibit) due to display and handling limitations. Works for the live exhibit should generally not exceed 48” in height or width (including frame), and not weigh more than 70 lbs (including crate), however oversized/overweight works may be accepted with prior approval. All accepted non-sculptural artworks must be professionally mount-ed, matted and ideally framed, unless otherwise ap-proved by AFC. Framing is the responsibility of the artist. REGISTRATION & ENTRY FEES

    A “Registration Fee” (aka “Entry Fee”) will be assessed to each artist who APPLIES to the jurying process. Fees are $25 PER ARTWORK SUBMITTED (max. four entries per artist). All entries will be considered for acceptance in the virtual exhibit, book, and calendar.

    An “Entry Fee” (aka “Catalog Fee”) of $135 will be as-sessed to all artists for EACH artwork that is SELECTED by the jury for inclusion in the exhibit (live and virtual). This is to help in the high printing costs. There will be no additional fee for artwork included in the calendar.


    With the artist’s permission, several artworks may be selected for production as special edition giclée prints for additional exhibiting and fundraising opportunities. Artists are encouraged to opt-in but is not required.

    IMPORTANT: Accepted artworks indicated as being for sale at submission may be sold by the artist prior to the exhibit, BUT ALL COMMISSIONS will apply (including 25% to AFC, and pledge to conservation beneficiary).

    Artist to allow up to 5% price variation to account for currency fluctuations. Also, unless otherwise indicated in email, artist to allow for 10% price negotiation.

    Artists should price their artwork with the assumption that if their artwork is sold, their crates will NOT be returned.



    Artwork need not be available for sale for inclusion in the virtual exhibit and book; however priority in the live exhibit will be given to those artworks that are. The artist sets a price and provides exclusive rights to AFC to sell the artwork LEADING UP TO AND DURING the exhibit. The buyer pays any applicable tax and shipping costs. Upon sale of the work, AFC retains a 25% sales commis-sion and the remaining amount will be disbursed to the artist who is expected to donate their pledged amount to their conservation cause. The minimum pledge is 15% for paintings and 10% for sculptures. The 25% AFC sales commission is voluntary for artworks sold only in the vir-tual exhibit. Outside of the USA, artwork will be priced based on exchange rates at the time.


    Several awards will be presented as part of the opening reception weekend. These include:

    • AFC’s Simon Combes Conservation Award for ex-traordinary support for conservation through art.

    • Best of Show (for both painting and sculpture)• AFC Medals of Excellence • AFC Environmental Statement Award (for both

    painting and sculpture)• Best Interpretive/Abstract (painting or sculpture) ARTWORK SALES (ASIA-PACIFIC)

    We are tentatively planning to return to a new venue in China in 2021 and we will confirm details, including commissions, donation obligation and beneficiary. Actual pricing may be increased to cover the substan-tial incremental costs due to intercontinental shipping, insurance and our continued support of international conservation efforts through sales proceeds. Unsold art-work is distributed back to the artists following its return to Vancouver.

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    Only high-resolution digital images will be accepted. Images should be professionally taken and print-ready quality as these will be used in the show companion book for selected entries. Only one image should be sent for each hanging (2-d) artwork; however, two images are required for each sculpture. Upon receipt of the artwork, AFC reserves the right not to display art which does not meet the standards or quality of the juried images. Digital images should be 300 dpi in JPG (or JPEG) format, with an image width of approximately 7-10 inches (18-25cm) and at least 3000 pixels in the longest dimension. CRATING

    Participants must assume that their artwork will be shipped multiple times, including across international borders. As such artwork must be packed for safe and easy inspection and search by border officials during international shipping. All crates/boxes must be easily UNPACKED OR RE-PACKED IN UNDER 3 MINUTES by a single unskilled person. Explicit instructions, including customs declaration forms, labels and shipping address will be provided.

    Accepted artworks must be shipped or delivered in fine art quality, easily reusable lightweight boxes. Artists are STRONGLY encouraged to use professional, re-usable lightweight padded and puncture-protected lined art shipping boxes (e.g. Airfloat/Masterpak Strongbox or Uline Deluxe Artwork Shippers).

    Due to excessive weight, increased shipping costs and time and ease of unpacking, home-made and wood crates are acceptable ONLY FOR SCULPTURES or if ap-proved in advance for paintings. For shipments requiring specialty/freight carriers (e.g. oversized or packages with special handling requirements), or packages that exceed

    a total shipping weight of 70 lbs, special arrangements will need to be made in advance,.

    All wood crates must be CERTIFIED FOR INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING. ABSOLUTELY NO FOAM PEANUTS. AFC may replace and bill artist for non-compliant crates.

    Sculptures must be packed with NO MORE THAN 3 pieces of foam fittings (e.g. injection mold) and should be secured within the crate to withstand shifting during handling.


    Members grant AFC and its exhibiting partners, the right to reproduce accepted artworks on AFC’s web-site, in press releases, publications, brochures, posters, calendars, advertisements, invitations, partner catalogs or programs, radio or television announcements, and/or other printed or electronic media, for the purposes of advertising, education, and publicity for this and any future AFC exhibits or programs. EXHIBIT CONTACTS

    If you have any questions about the show or require clar-ification on any of the content of this prospectus, please email us at [email protected]


    Artists are responsible for packing, crating, shipping and insurance during shipping to the exhibit. The final venue will pay the cost of shipping and insuring the artwork to the return address specified by the artist at time of sub-mission. AFC requires all venues to have insurance while artwork is in their facilities and while in transit to the next venue. AFC and its agents or officers do not assume any liability for loss or damage to artwork at any time.

    ALL ARTISTS MUST REGISTER ONLINEArtists will submit their work via AFC’s ONLINE REGISTRATION SYSTEM.To register, login to your personal AFC website manager (start at www.artistsforconservation.org/member-login) on or after the online registration start date, and complete the show registration form and upload your digital images. The form will request in-formation about each artwork (title, subject, medium, dimensions, etc.), a brief statement about the artwork, plus additional information such as sales price, the availability of the work for the live show, and the percent-age pledge to the beneficiary upon sale. After completing the form, you will receive further instructions on how to complete your entry and a confirmation of registration. This page should be printed for your records. If you have any problems during registration, please contact Bill or Jeff at [email protected]



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    For those artworks not selected for the tour, return shipping will be arranged and pre-paid by AFC. AFC will preside over the initial opening and unpacking of the artwork and will assess and record the condition upon receipt and before re-shipping to the originator or, in the case of tour artworks, before shipping to the next venue.

    !ATTENTION USA ARTISTS – USA-BASED ARTWORK SHIPPING ADDRESSTo simplify the shipping process and reduce costs to our USA-based artists, AFC maintains a USA-based freight-forwarding mailing address to receive artwork in advance of the show. AFC will arrange to import all the artwork in a single ship-ment, simplifying paperwork and saving our USA-based members substantially on shipping costs, broker fees and taxes.

    ARTWORK DELIVERY DEADLINE: SEPTEMBER 10, 2020USA Address (Artwork only): Artists for Conservation, 1120 Yew Ave, Blaine, WA, USA 98230 | Tel: 1-778-340-0749.

    Canada/International Address (Artwork and all other mail): Artists for Conservation, 718 - 333 Brooksbank Ave, #702 North Vancouver, BC V7J 3V8, Canada | Tel: 1-778-340-0749

    All artwork and crates must be properly labeled and accompanied by the required docu-ments and forms. Documents along with further detailed instructions will be provided with notification of jury selections.

    2) Live Artist Demos & PresentationsAs per tradition, we are pleased to invite AFC Signature Members to demonstrate technique to the public and promote their work. This is a relaxed and easy way to expose your work to a large fresh audience. Artist demo displays will be set up in prominent locations throughout the AFC exhibit space and AFC volunteers will be available to help you set up. Artists would be responsible for transporting and ensuring the safe display of their demo artwork when on-site. Demonstrations would involve setting up an easel and/or small side-table and one or two artworks to demonstrate artistic techniques.

    In addition, we will be offering a limited number of artist slideshow presentations during the Festival, ten-tatively scheduled to run throughout the day on Saturday, October 3. Each presentation should be approxi-mately 15 minutes in length with time for 5 minutes of questions/answers.

    Limited space is available, particularly for lectures. If you are interested in participating, either as a demon-strating artist or as a presenter, please complete the online form at the link below to provide details.

    DEADLINE: August 31, 2020 Visit: www.artistsforconservation.org/register/demos-lectures

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    3) AFC Circle of Patrons ProgramAFC’s patron program offers a sponsorship opportunity to members and supporters of the AFC mission, to offer extra support by contributing towards operation expenses and capital expenditures in the organiza-tion. Typically these are areas that are either not eligible for grant funding, or are less appealing to funders and corporate sponsors seeking attachment to a high profile program.

    The program evolved from an original single-patron program model, wherein a single individual would donate a large portion of the proceeds from a single high-value original artwork. This approach, while occasionally successful, has not proven to be a reliable source of timely revenue and has diverted consider-able resources toward the sale of a single artwork, resulting in limited financial return.

    The program provides a special platform for patrons to share the causes they are most passionate about. Under the program, there are three levels of participation: Patron, Ambassador & Champion. AFC FESTIVAL PATRON

    Contribution: Tax-deductible contribution of $2,500

    Acknowledgement: Patrons will be acknowledged for their generous contribution as follows:

    • “Patron” status under AFC’s Circle of Patrons program

    • Acknowledgement in annual book with photo, conservation/art statement and bio brief

    • Recognition for 1 year on AFC/Festival websites

    • Recognition in AFC eNewsletter and Social Media

    • Recognition on Patron Program sign/poster at the festival (with photo, statement, bio)

    • Recognition in blog/eNewsletter article about the patron program


    Contributions of $5,000 or greater. Contributors at this level will be recognized as “AFC Ambassadors” and will receive special acknowledgement beyond Patron status.


    Contributions of $10,000 or greater. Contributors at this level will be recognized as “AFC Champion” and will receive special acknowledgement beyond Patron status.

    INTERESTED IN JOINING AFC’S PATRON CIRCLE? Contact Jeffrey Whiting, AFC President @ [email protected] or call 1-778-340-0749

    DEADLINE: JUNE 1, 2020 Certain Patron recognition opportunities may not be available after this date.)

    INTERESTED IN JOINING AFC’S PATRON CIRCLE? Contact Jeffrey Whiting, AFC President @ [email protected]

    or call 1-778-340-0749