26 social media marketing trends for 2013

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26 Social media marketing trends for 2013 Priit Kallas Dreamgrow.com

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Original blogpost http://bit.ly/UX3JKj Every year I have compiled a list of trends that marketers have to follow closely in the following year to beat the competition. Social media marketing trends for 2013 is all about mobile, personalization and location. Read on to find out how marketing will change in the near future.


  • 26 Social media marketing trends for 2013Priit KallasDreamgrow.com

  • Every year I have compiled a list of trends that marketers have to follow closely in the following year to beat the competition.Social media marketing trends for 2013 are all about mobile, personalization and location. Read on to find out how marketing will change in the near future.

  • socialeverythingSocial technologies will be at the heart of everyday life and business environment.

  • Social media as entertainmentThe triggers for this are obvious: its easy to use, requires little mental effort, makes you feel good and connected.

  • Social TVUser interaction will be fed back into live shows or inspire plot changes in TV series.

  • Read all about it!News will become social!News sites will crunch data from social interactions to deliver more targeted news.

  • Second screen shoppingMarketers will create models that have the potential to turn any TV program into an infomercial.

  • Social commerceSocial media will allow consumers to get real user experience before making purchase decisions.

  • mobileeverythingMobile platforms on tablets and smartphones will enable second screen media consumption and local services.

  • Advertising on mobile devicesFacebook and Twitter will be leading the way try to figure out how to present ads on mobile.

  • Mobile first in web and add socialMaking your site mobile-friendly will give you an edge over your more old-fashioned competitors.

  • LocalLocation based marketing on mobile devices will become one of the most important channels to get new and repeat customers.

  • BIG data gets socialBig data will combine and mine different sources from offline purchases to web behaviour and social with location context.

  • Social media budgets will growThe spending should at least double (if not triple) by the end of 2016.

  • C-level demands to see social media marketing ROIThe more money goes into social media marketing the more important it is to show the results.

  • Social media advertising will growAs Twitter and Facebook will be offering more advertising solutions, marketers are going to spend more.

  • Social media integration with other marketingCreating social media connection with other marketing will get you better results for the same budget.

  • Social reputation managementTo engage consumers brands start to use social causes, economic, and environmental issues as the backbone of their campaign strategies.

  • Content creation inside your companyCombine the management of content creation, blogging, social media, SEO, paid search and advertising.

  • Content curation and discoveryCuration will create an impression of being in the know, a central hub and a valued resource in your area.

  • Images, videos and instant gratificationShort videos and infographics point in the direction of ever increasing information overload.

  • Targeting, personas and contextTargeting content, selecting the right context and time will get you a lot more results from the same budget.

  • Social media monitoringSocial media monitoring tools combined with business metrics will lead to better understanding of the value of social interaction.

  • Customer support on social mediaMost of the questions posted in social media are left unanswered.

  • Social CRMtakes up speedSCRM is predicted to grow at staggering 21% compound annual growth rate in the next five years.

  • Brand iscustomerexperienceYour brandsinteraction will bevisible and discussed whether you like it or not.

  • Your social media footprint will growEverything you do: what sites you visit, using social networking sites,your mobile usage, purchase behaviour, can and will be tracked.

  • Facebook will get to1,500,000,000usersFacebook will figure out how to make ton of money from that billion plus users.

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