3 a’s of computational thinking. computational thinking

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  • 3 As of Computational Thinking

  • Computational Thinking

  • Understand what aspects of a problem are amenable to computation

    Evaluate the match between computational tools and techniques and a problem

    Understand the limitations and power of computational tools and techniques

  • Apply or adapt a computational tool or technique to a new use

    Recognize an opportunity to use computation in a new way

    Apply computational strategies such divide and conquer in any domain

  • Computational Thinking:Solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behavior by drawing on the concepts fundamental to computer science

  • Computer Science

  • Computer Science

  • Computer Science

    The scientific and mathematical approach to computation (and specifically: the design of computing machines and processes).

  • Input (data)Output (data)

  • Key terms:


    Data (Dataology)Quantitative & Qualitative


  • 3 As:Abstraction, Automation, Analysis

  • Abstraction

  • Abstraction

    The process of generalizing from specific instances.

  • http://laurenrabaino.hubpages.com

  • http://www.leda-tutorial.org

  • Abstraction

    Capturing essential common characteristics while discarding unessential characteristics

  • Abstraction of computational process:


  • Caughtthought.com

  • Wheres Abstraction in the Computational Science Cycle?

  • Here it is!

  • Automation

  • Cookie factory

  • Wheres Automation in the Computational Science Cycle?

  • Here it is!

  • Analysis

  • Wheres Analysis in the Computational Science Cycle?

  • Here it is!

  • Categories of Analysis:

    Verification: you have the right model

    Validation: your model is accurate


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