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    3 Proven Ways to Quit Your Job in 12 Weeks Flipping Real Estate

    An Interview with 3 „Regular Joes‟ Who Turned

    Their Hobby of Real Estate Investing into Multimillion-Dollar Businesses

    By Sue Reddy Silverman

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    Now is the best time to invest in Real Estate. According to our experts, we will never have an

    opportunity like this again. The market had tanked but it‟s starting to rise again now. It is going

    to stabilize and turn around in the right direction. And right now, America is truly on sale.

    Don‟t get left out of the game. Millions of dollars are being made in Real Estate in a variety of

    ways, including buying heavily discounted HUD homes and selling them cheap; buying short

    sales and flipping them and rehabbing homes. You can even make money just by connecting

    buyers and sellers doing no real Real Estate work at all.

    Find out how to make your millions in this new report “3 Proven Ways to Quit Your Job in 12

    Weeks Flipping Real Estate.”

    We got up-close-and-personal with three “Regular Joes” who turned their hobby of Real Estate

    investing into multimillion-dollar businesses. And they told us exactly how they did it too.

    These three masters reveal how they got started investing in Real Estate, what their primary

    revenue pillars are, the Number 1 mistake new investors make, how they find buyers and sellers,

    what their top marketing strategies are and how to make the really big bucks in Real Estate in a

    very short time.

    Their stories will inspire you; some will amuse you, but mostly they can lead you on a new and

    faster path to prosperity.

    We are pleased to share this informative report with you.

    The Net Income Real Estate Team



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    Expert Real Estate Investing Professionals

    Josh Cantwell

    A native of Northeast Ohio, Josh Cantwell graduated from Baldwin

    Wallace College in 1998 with a Major in Business Administration

    and a Minor in Communications. Although a full-time student and

    college athlete, Josh was already driven to succeed in his career.

    After graduation he obtained his Series 6, 63, 66 and life and health

    insurance licenses, and worked as a Financial Advisor from 1999-


    In 2004, Josh ventured out on his own and started investing in real

    estate full time. He was able to combine his knowledge of Financial

    Investing with real estate to create a very successful business,

    which quickly grew and he began training and teaching apprentice

    partners and students. He began Strategic Real Estate Coach in

    2007, and since then has been involved in wholesale, rehab, rental,

    foreclosure, pre-foreclosure and short sale transactions, and taught

    thousands of investors how to replicate his success. Josh has vast

    knowledge and experience in helping coaching clients, mentor

    students and apprentice partners from across the U.S. in finding,

    structuring, negotiating and closing various types of transactions for

    a profit.

    He has bought and sold more than 600 properties in 30 states, and

    currently holds a robust rental portfolio of cash-flowing properties.

    He is the founder of Sharp Concepts Realty, a real estate brokerage

    based in Cleveland, Ohio. Josh lives in Strongsville, Ohio with his

    wife and three children.

    Jason Medley

    Jason “The Money Man” Medley is the President of Flip My First

    House LLC, a company dedicated to helping brand new as well as

    seasoned real estate investors grow their businesses through a

    broad spectrum of educational training products, tools, and short-

    term funding options for flip transactions. FlipMyFirstHouse.com

    is the parent company for the “My Beginner‟s Luck” brand, which

    is specifically geared toward providing a three-step formula that

    helps the new investor get their very first deal done.

    It also parents the “Secret Six Figure Society” mastermind, which

    consists of 37 of the nation‟s top real estate investors that meet

    quarterly to share their recession-proof investing systems,

    strategies, and profit sources.

    Jason currently lives and enjoys life in Tampa, Florida, where he

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    spends time “grillin and chillin” as he calls it with friends and

    family. He frequently works from his home office “the dock,”

    actively practicing what he is so passionate about teaching, living a

    life full of freedom and choice where you set your own rules.

    To learn more about flipping your first house or building a “house

    flipping machine” that allows you to live life freely while making

    your own rules, visit www.MyBeginnersLuck.com and


    John Cochran

    John Cochran, 29, from Dayton, Ohio, is Real Estate investor who

    has flipped more than 150 Real Estate deals in his 11-year career.

    He started off doing a lot of rehabbing, then he bought a HUD

    House for $18.47 and got hooked on wholesaling homes for fat

    profits. Once he tweaked his HUD Buying System

    (www.hudwholesaling.com) to run smoothly without him, he

    created a training program called Wholesaling Mastery to reveal to

    the world the tips and tricks he uses on a daily basis to wholesale

    more than 8 properties a month.

    John is also the founder of one of the fastest growing Real Estate

    Brokerages in the country "HomeBackers Realty." His brokerage is

    very unique. It ONLY works with buyers. In fact, he has developed

    a proprietary system called “BuyersonFire.com” that has allowed

    him to build a very responsive buyers‟ list of 18,000+, including

    retail, cash, rent-to-own and investor buyers in his own local

    market. “When you have all the buyers in area, you pretty much

    own the market and write your own paycheck,” he said.

    With all of his Real Estate Investments and his Brokerage

    combined, he is involved with more than 30 transactions a month.

    John is also a systems nut! He is the founder of

    TheKingofSystems.com and is in the process of developing a

    software call AgentSoft that he claims will change the way Real

    Estate is sold in just a couple of short years.

    http://www.mybeginnersluck.com/ http://www.secretsixfiguresociety.com/ http://www.hudwholesaling.com/

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    3 Proven Ways to Quit Your Job in 12 Weeks Flipping Real Estate Josh Cantwell

    Interviewer: How did you get started in real estate investing? What's your background?

    Josh Cantwell: I actually got started in real estate investing, because as a financial planner

    and as a financial advisor, I saw that a lot of my wealthiest clients didn't

    have their money in the stock market, didn't have their money in

    investments, like mutual funds and stocks and bonds. They owned real

    estate. So back in 1997, I graduated from college, became a financial

    planner at 21 years old, got my insurance licenses, series 6, series 7. And

    over the next three, four, five years, I became really good at advising

    people about money, but I quickly realized that my most successful and

    wealthiest clients owned real estate. I took notice. They owned restaurants.

    They owned not the restaurant, the business, but the restaurant building.

    They owned rental properties. They owned commercial properties. They

    owned single-family homes. They owned apartment houses. I took notice.

    In 2003, I basically quit as a financial adviser. I was sick of that business,

    because it's very constricting. It's very buttoned up, if you will. And I

    decided to venture out into real estate. I just wanted to focus on pursuing

    my dreams of becoming financially free and wealthy with real estate in a

    business that was much more open to creative marketing ideas, creative

    wealth-building strategies. I jumped right in and started focusing on pre-

    foreclosures and short sales and foreclosure properties, because in my

    area, northeast Ohio and Cleveland, we had already been hit by a

    foreclosure crisis. The foreclosure crisis in Cleveland started in 1999,

    because we had a bunch of Fortune 500 companies that moved out of the

    area. So there became a lot of inventory, a lot of foreclosures, a lot of short

    sales, a lot of bank-owned properties. So I immediately jumped into

    foreclosures in the spring of 2004, and I've been a full-time real estate

    investor ever since.

    Interviewer: What are your top two primary revenue pillars; the ways you make money

    with real estate?

    Josh: I actually focus on seven revenue pillars. I don't recommend that investors

    focus on seven, but I've been a full-time real estate investor for almost

    nine years now, since 2004, so I focus on seven. My seven revenue pillars

    are bank and government foreclosures, that's number one, short sales are

    number two, lease options are number three, buyers tha

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