3 tips for conducting smarter interviews

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Choosing the ideal candidate to help your organization grow is a very huge decision. Arguably, the most important decision. Other tips, tricks, and guides can be found at: http://goodhelpings.blogspot.com/


  • 1. 3 Tips for ConductingSmarter Interviews

2. HIm a systems and strategic thinker.Who likes to make things look pretty. ello, I'm Raechel. And I write tips, tricks, and guides.Not preparing for inventible growing pains and nutritional requirements can lead to stretch marks. Stretch marks within an organization can look like staff member burnout; lapses in quality or quantity of services. This series highlights topics that can help an organization decrease their risk of stretch marks as they grow. 3. Choosing a candidate is a big decision.Arguably, the decision that helps your organization move from point A to B. 4. 1Send a pre-interview questionnaire. 5. Resumes can only tell you so much.To narrow down your top candidates before scheduling interviews, consider sending a pre-interview questionnaire.This provides you with an opportunity to get a better sense about each persons skills and experiences. You can also ask what motivated them to apply. 6. Ask open ended questions or request specific examples that demonstrate the key skills youre looking for.Skills like public speaking or field-specific knowledge are nearly impossible to assess based on a resume. 7. 2Ask for a prepared demonstration. 8. Talk is cheap.If youre interested in a candidate, give them an opportunity to show you what theyve got. If the position requires public speaking, ask them to prepare a short presentation on a relevant topic. Or if its event planning, give them some parameters (purpose, audience, budget) and ask them to prepare a brief proposal. With graphic design, give them some specs and ask for a draft. And so on. 9. Having candidates demonstrate their skills also offers insights into their work style and comprehension.Dont just ask candidates questions about their skills - provide an opportunity to show their skills. 10. 3Dont ask lame questions. Seriously. 11. Whats your greatest strength and weakness?As an entire species can we please commit to never ask that question again? Please. Youre asking the candidate to boast, and then self incriminate in the same breath. Not a good question. Also, dont just stick to positive stuff. Ask about their failures and what they learned. 12. Really think about what you need to know and how the position will impact/grow your organization.Dont ask questions that recap what you should have already gleaned from their resume and/or references. 13. Pre-Interview QuestionnaireQuality Questions.Prepared Demonstrations 14. This was just a taste. For the full post on this topic as well as other spoonfuls, please visit:goodhelpings.blogspot.com

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