30 ways to get 30s

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30 ways to get 30s. SCFI 2011 How to get better speaks or die trying. Why do we care?. Higher Seeding Easier out rounds Increases your chances of winning People will like you more Shiny trophies Overall better debating. It’s all about perception . Look like you care Show up on time - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


30 ways to get 30s

30 ways to get 30sSCFI 2011How to get better speaks or die tryingWhy do we care?Higher SeedingEasier out rounds Increases your chances of winningPeople will like you moreShiny trophiesOverall better debating

Its all about perception Look like you careShow up on timeCome preparedBe not mean Have a positive winning attitudeFlowingOrganizationGo Fish for Speaker PointsThere was a fisherman named Fisherwho fished for some fish in a fissure.Till a fish with a grin,pulled the fisherman in.Now they're fishing the fissure for Fisher.

Before the TournamentSpeaking drillsRead your evidenceWrite your overviewsWhen SpeakingStand Up Face the Judge, look up at the judgeBe Clean, Clear, CollectedSignpostMake sure your judge can see you and vice versaLet your funny side out, if you are mean keep that side hidden

Cross XMinimize tag teamBe strong but not overbearing Judge- Pet PeevesDont Steal PrepNo talking during speechesAvoid unnecessary movement while others are speakingMaking bad arguments to take timeEx: Ts that the aff clearly meets A Race to Elimination RoundsOne-one was a race horse.Two-two was one too.One-one won one race.Two-two won one too. Explanation 2AC/Neg Block- Give the judge a preview to the impact calc in the last rebuttals Dont get totally caught up in the line by lineMake us want to listenNear an ear, a nearer ear, a nearly eerie ear.Adapt to your Environment When you ask your judges questions before the round they expect you to listenKnow the expectations