33 tips to cure presentation anxiety, in 140 characters or less

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Post on 05-Dec-2014


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Cure your presentation anxiety, and boost your confidence with these 33 tips, in 140 characters or less. As Mark Twain said, “There are two types of speakers. Those who get nervous and those who are liars.” These tips will help you use your nervous energy to deliver a compelling, professional presentation that will resonate with your audience. See the complete blog post, including source links for each tip, at: http://ethr.ee/1tBTbEz To feel confident about your presentation design, let the leaders in presentation design create a winning presentation for you. Call Ethos3 today to get started: 1-800-215-3692 Ethos3 is a presentation design agency with premier PowerPoint and presentation designers. We can create the perfect presentation for you: http://www.ethos3.com/contact/


  • 1. - 33 TlP$ TO (UM - m 140 k L$$ ammo: )Don't be afraid to make mistakes. If you mess up, keep going. No one else will notice. @1'lanMochari (Face yourlfears. List all of your concerns, and evise a p an to handle each issue. @Stanford Be able to recite your intro on autopilot. The first minute of a presentation is the most nerve-racking. @TheWeek "One important key to success is selfconf'd A key to selfconfidence is preparation. " I ance. - Arthur Ashe @Zen_Habits Anticipate curveballs. Create backup slides that answer questions that might arise during the Q&A. @OPENForum - Dont calm down. Use your nervous energy to generate enthusiasm. @JulieEBeck _ . _ ___' Avoid the jitters. If your nerves are causing your heart to race, steer clear of caffeine. @MailOnline "Enaploy aerobic exercise strategies- daily aerobic exercise can cut anxiety by 50% " @Ul'owa To manage fear, take slow, rhythmic breaths with slightly longer exhales. @PresentationZen ~- Look in th ' - ' @LifeHaCkgIf;111'1'0l. and give yourself a pep talk, To build confidence, don't overthink the task at hand. Instead of dwelling, take action. @TheAtlantic Pump yourself up. Make a habit of writing a list of your recent accomplishments. @HuffPost r - - _. __, Believe in your lucky charm. Studies suggest that embracing superstitions can improve performance. @Oprah. .F1ipboard . ,., gllagge ygggtglcgisgs Ettlltldtyotlr emotions will . a ll @GretchenRubin y you want to feel' _ 47-. Focus on the audience instead of yourself. Don t seek approval. Be a giver and a teacher. @SlideShare . - , _._. .,. ,_, .,. ,., ,._~. - . - "vv 4 - ' . ~ : i Develop rapport with audience members. Arrive early and work the room before your presentations. @EntMagazine Keep it simple. Memorize key points instead of trying to retain presentation material verbatim. @BostonDotCom Embrace imperfection. You will likely fumble in some way, at some point. Roll with the punches. @Ethos3 Shape your presentation around an idea that matters to you. L t ' , concerns. @Creati: zit33,$L: iIstpasSl0n trump your . _ _ __ . -, Minimize potential distractions. Try to replicate the presentation setting for your rehearsals. @lickCrew Remember: your audience members are your allies. They don't wa t t t in ~ rooting fm you. @FmnbeSo wa c you fail. They are . -:_ -1. Treat your confidence like a muscle. Bulk up your public speaking assurance by presenting often. ' @FastCompany To minimize awkwardness, bond with the audience. Demonstrat th t ' - and presence. @Ethos3e a you Value their time Decide to stop being afraid. "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Franklin D. Roosevelt @EntMagazine Don't fear silence. If you lose your train of thmlgm during 3 Presentation, pause to gain Wmlbosure. @MayoClin1c . ._. __. .._. Learn from the experts: hire a coach, watch instructional videos, and attend presentations. @DailyMuse * , t-3-. ~4r Il; :f1: iVieW . Vu_rself on camera. Practice answering om questions. You ll feel prepared for anything. @HealthyLiving Accept the reality that some people will not like you. - Stay positive, and dont let critics get you down. A @Forbes Get comfortable with the presentation venue_ early and walk around the room and stage. , _ __. _. Throw a tantrum. Find a private space to shout out all of your frustrations and fears. @DrSuzanneGelb Imagine the worst case scenario. You will likely realize that even the worst scenario is manageable. @DebraFine P-e concise. To keep your audience smiling at you during your presentation, get to the point. @BusinessInsider l>s3.