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  1. 1. Copyright 2015 WriterHelpWanted.com, All Rights Reserved 1
  2. 2. Copyright 2015 WriterHelpWanted.com, All Rights Reserved 2 How Can You Turn Your Writing Skills into Profit? Here Are 34 Ways to Get You Started Were so glad you decided to download your free copy of 34 Ways to Turn Writing into Profit. Our goal is to give you plenty of ideas for turning your writing skills into a profitable business of your own. This guide includes a quick introduction to each writing market and a handy tip to make the most of the writing opportunity. But this really is just the beginning, weve got plenty more market advice and strategies for building your writing career, so stay tuned. Meet Your Write for a Living Experts, Alice Seba and Ron Douglas There are plenty of resources out there that will teach you about writing and even how to write for pay, but few do it like WriterHelpWanted.com. Combined, we have over 27 years experience using the Internet to grow our incomes through writing. Alice has a built a business around creating content for over 20,000 customers and Ron is a New York Times bestselling author who has sold over 1.5 million books and ebooks. We both live our dream of having freedom in our lifestyles, working when we want and without having to answer to editors or employers, just to ourselves. Alice enjoys that lifestyle in Vancouver, Canada with her husband and 3 children, while Ron does the same in Long Island, New York with his wife and 2 children. Now weve taken all this experience and put it into a resource that will help you find quality writing jobs to earn extra income or even replace a full-time income, but also elevate you to a business that provides you with the freedom you desire. Where you go from here is all up to you and it would be our pleasure to serve as your guides. To get you started, lets look at 34 markets where you can start earning from your writing
  3. 3. Copyright 2015 WriterHelpWanted.com, All Rights Reserved 3 Market #1: Article Writing As an article writer, you can write for online publications and magazines, but youll probably find more opportunities online. There are so many publishers, small, medium and large, online that its relatively easy to find work if you look for it. Tip - Look for publications that accept reprints: Many publications expect original work submissions. However, you can find others that will pay to reprint your work. These are a great source for income because essentially you are getting paid for work youve already done. Market #2: Biographies and Memoir Writing Heres a unique opportunity that allows you to help people tell their story. Many people want to publish biography or memoir, but dont have the writing skills to put it together. In fact, many famous biographies were not written by their authors. Instead, they are ghostwritten and thats where your services come in. In some cases, you might even get credit as a co-author. Tip - Make passive income: Instead of doing all the hard work of putting together a memoir or biography, teach people how to write their own, so they can do it themselves. You can create an information product about the process that you can sell repeatedly. Or once youve achieved success on your own, you can teach other aspiring memoir writers to break into the market. Market #3: Blogging Youre probably familiar with the concept of blogging. However, you might not know that many bloggers dont actually write their own content. They hire someone to write it for them. Bloggers can make a great living working for a handful of chosen blogs. Some bloggers are ghostwriters, while others are guest bloggers. Tip - Get ongoing work: Offer blogging services from your own website and set up a monthly subscription plan where you write a certain number of blog posts each work. Give your monthly subscribers a special retainer rate, so they are encouraged to keep their subscription active. Market #4: Book Proposals Writers who want their books to be published by a publishing company, need a book proposal. This proposal sells the idea of why the book should be published and includes an overview of the book, its market, and competition. A book proposal is a specialized type of writing that needs to be detailed and persuasive. Proposals can be used for fiction and nonfiction work, so there are a variety of types of clients you can work with. Tip - Focus on results: While not all of your clients will get book deals because of your work, the success rate you do achieve will be critical in growing your opportunities. Always follow up with your clients to find out how things went and use those success stories as case studies to showcase your expertise.
  4. 4. Copyright 2015 WriterHelpWanted.com, All Rights Reserved 4 Market #5: Business Letters: Businesses need professional correspondence and thats where your persuasive writing skills can come into play. You can get paid to write to sales letters, prospecting letters, query letters and more. Many businesses are willing to pay top dollar for letters that are going to be used to get new or repeat customers and business. Tip - Get ongoing work: Keep growing your portfolio and if you can couple that with conversion numbers that show you get your clients results, youll have clients lining up to work with you. Create a service website that focuses on your being a results-driven business letter writer. Market #6: Business Plan Writer If you have experience with writing business plans and know what investors look for in a business, writing for a living could be a possibility for you. You can focus on a specific business size or type or you might choose to specialize in an industry. For example, you might help small home businesses or work with startups only. Tip - Get to know the markets that your clients are working in: If they operate a tanning salon, you should understand the business, its potential and understand how your client can succeed. Market #7: Blog, Forum & Group Commenting While commenting isnt usually high-paying work, its easy to do. Whether its commenting on blog posts, Facebook updates, or forums, many businesses will pay you to do this. If its their website or social media profile, they might need someone to generate discussion and to give the appearance of a thriving community. On the other side, business owners like to comment on other peoples websites because it allows them to showcase their expertise and gain awareness for their brand. Tip - Position yourself as a business building service: If businesses see the value of what youre doing for them, they are more likely to pay well. For example, if they have a Facebook Group that is part of product they are selling and they need to keep the group active to maintain the value of their product, you can help them do that. Market #8: Copywriting Copywriting is the art of writing material that helps convert readers into customers. Copywriting can encompass everything from email messages to advertisements to online sales pages. Any marketing material often entails some level of copywriting. You can do things like slogan writing, brochures, ad copy, sales letters, product descriptions and more. Copywriters are in high demand and once you have a proven track record, youll have clients knocking on your door. Tip - Track your results: Copywriting is a results driven business and your clients want to know you can get them more leads and customers. Keep a record of conversion rates and help your clients improve those rates as part of a value-added service.
  5. 5. Copyright 2015 WriterHelpWanted.com, All Rights Reserved 5 Market #9: Creative Writing If creative writing was one of your favorite subjects in school, youll be glad to know there are opportunities to make money doing it. The different types of opportunities are abundant. You might ghostwrite fiction, do songwriting, write jokes and humor, poetry, greeting card messages, jingles and more. Here is a look at some types of writing you might do. Tip - Treat your creative writing pursuits like a business: You need to build your own audience by growing and marketing to your email list. These are fans you can contact directly about your works for sale and send other product recommendations where you earn a commission. Treat like you would any other businessjust writing good content isnt enough. Market #10: Ebooks The ebook industry is thriving and there are many opportunities for writers. You can write for clients or for yourself. There are opportunities in fiction and non-fiction. The important thing is to find a niche for yourself. Tip Find a lucrative market of clients: Look for business owners who want to use a book as a marketing tool. For example, a professional coach can publish a book that they can use to build awareness for their services and establish credibility. When they are directly building your business from the content you write, they are willing to pay well to get that service done. Market #11: Editors With all the publishing being done these days, the opportunities for talented editors are abundant. In addition to traditional publishing, think about all the blogs, books, and newsletters people are publishing. If youve got an eye for making writing more succinct and clear, this could be an opportunity for you. Tip - Hang out with writers: Many writers need editing services, so make sure they know who you are. Join online communities and groups. Attend local writing events to connect with them. Market #12: Emails and Newsletters Email is a very commercial medium that produces a high return on investment, so clients are often willing to pay well for you to write for them. According to the Direct Marketing Association, email produces a return on investment (ROI) of nearly 4300% .That means, for every dollar they spend, they get $43.52 in return. This is your opportunity to write for clients who want to generate income from their email

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