4. cool colours and warm colours

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  • As you know, we can classify colours in primary and secondary colours. But we

    can also classify them in warm and cool colours.

    -What are warm colours? What are cool colours?

    -Why do you think that they are called warm and cool colours?

  • Lots of artworks are made up of tints and shades of warm and cool colours.

    Elefantes; Salvador Dal (1948) La Noche Estrellada; Vicent Van Gogh


  • What is the weather like in the pictures? Is it hot or cold?

    How is the temperature? Is it higt or low?

  • What is the weather like in the pictures? Is it hot or cold?

    How is the temperature? Is it higt or low?

  • Here you can see two different interpretations of El Grito (Edvard Munch,


    How do think the man in the painting feels?

  • Now, its your turn

    Complete de worksheet 1 and 2.

    Los girasoles; Vicent Van

    Gogh (1888)

  • Complete de worksheet 1 and 2.

    Reproduce one of the following drawings and

    colour it in cool or warm colours.

    Use the RULER or the


    Now, its your turn

  • Today we are going to paint a seabed with

    starfishes and other fishes. Now, its your turn

    Seabed Starfish

  • You can choose whether painting the animals in

    warm colours and the water in cool colours, or

    vice versa.

    Now, its your turn

  • Now, its your turn

    Here you have

    some ideas

  • Joan Mir was a Spanish painter and sculptor. His work combined Abstract art

    with Surrealism, and he used to paint with bright colours and defined forms.

  • Now, its your turn

    Look at these paintings and draw a new one.

    You have to include de following sentence:

    This painting is the result of my interpretation of Joan Mir. The bright colours

    and the forms are the main elements.

  • Joan Mir

  • This sculpture of a cow is part of the Cow Parade, an international art exhibit.

    Almost a hundred cities around the world have participated. Artists from each

    city paint their cow in their own unique way. This artists painted designs with lots

    of different colours.

  • Now, its your turn

    -Mirar dentro del sobre

    -Ver la vaca o animal que tienen que


    -Elaborar una descripcion de la vaca

    -Ponerles ttulo

    -Colorear su propia vaca. Esta en la pagina

    23 del libro de 5

  • Look at the images and think about the use of the colours and the feelings that

    they evoke.