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Class activity 16 B.1 Grammar 1. Non-action Verbs: Practice 1 1. Amy: Hi! What's up? Talia: Oh, I -1 (select) on this Nick Crawford story. 2. Amy: -1 (select) to take a break? Talia: I can't. I have too much to do. 3. Amy: I -1 (select) you work too hard, Talia. Talia: You're probably right. 4. Amy: There's a good movie at the Quad. Talia: I -1 (select) . I'd love to go. 5. Talia: I just -1 (select) time to go to the movies. Amy: That's too bad. 6. Amy: I -1 (select) some coffee. Would you like some? Talia: Sure, thanks. 7. Amy: What's wrong? Why -1 (select) the cream? Talia: Oh. I thought it smelled bad, but it's OK.

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Class activity 16B.1 Grammar

1. Non-action Verbs: Practice 1

1. Amy: Hi! What's up? Talia: Oh, I on this Nick Crawford story. 2. Amy: to take a break? Talia: I can't. I have too much to do. 3. Amy: I you work too hard, Talia. Talia: You're probably right. 4. Amy: There's a good movie at the Quad. Talia: I . I'd love to go. 5. Talia: I just time to go to the movies. Amy: That's too bad. 6. Amy: I some coffee. Would you like some? Talia: Sure, thanks. 7. Amy: What's wrong? Why the cream? Talia: Oh. I thought it smelled bad, but it's OK. 8. Talia: Mmm. This good. Amy: Yes, there's nothing like a good cup of coffee!

Talia: I spoke to Nick Crawford today. I (think) that he (be) too honest to lie. Amy: Really? Talia: Yes. I really (believe) him! Someone (want) to hurt him. Someone (try) to destroy his career. Amy: But what about the voice on the tape? Talia: Well, it certainly (sound) like him, but he (be) too nice of a guy to take a bribe. Amy: What you (mean), "he's too nice"? you (let) your emotions color your judgment? Talia: Of course not. I just (know) he's innocent, that's all. Amy: Well, I (not understand). you (have) any proof? Talia: Not yet, but I (work) on it. The Soccer Federation (put) pressure on the coach to take Nick out of the game next week. I have to get some proof--and quickly! Amy: You really (like) this guy, don't you?Class activity 17

Complete each dialog. Click on the answer.

1. Luis: ______ you answer a few questions for me?Ari: Of course.Are



2.Ella: Will you ______ me after work?Jean: Sure.call


to call

3. Ned: Would you please explain this?Marek: ______. What would you like to know?Certainly

Yes, I would

No, I wouldn't

4. Bill: Would you mind lending me a few dollars until tomorrow?Sherry: ______. Is ten enough?Yes, I would

Not at all

Yes, I do

5.Cassie: Can you ______ help me?Bon-Hwa: Of course.not at all



6. Russ: ______ working late tonight? We still have a lot to do.Ana: Sorry, I can't. I have to meet my mother at the airport.Can you

Would you

Would you mind

7.Nora: Would you ______ the phone, please?Klaus: Sure.answer


to answer

8. Meg: Could ______ your report by Monday?Alan: Of course.you finish please

you please finish

please you finish

Class activity 18

PRACTICE 2Complete the dialogJosh: I'm tired! I went dancing with some friends last night. We had good time, but we stayed out too late.Amy: Oh, where did you go?Josh: To a new club on North Main. Everyone's talking about it. It was crowded that I was afraid we wouldn't get in. Amy: Who was playing there?Josh: The Blue Notes. They're good musicians! Have you ever heard them?Amy: No. I'm sorry I wasn't there. Josh: Me too. You need to get out more. Why are you working hard these days?Amy: Oh, you know, between my job and my classes I don't have much free time.Josh: You're beginning to sound like your friend Talia. Speaking of Talia, how is she?Amy: Busy as usual. She's working on a story about Nick Crawford. Josh: Crawford's amazing athlete, but the things people are saying about him are terrible.Amy: I know. Sorry, Josh, but I've got to go. Josh: OK. Hey, I'll let you know next time we go dancing. Bring Talia and I'll take you to dinner!Amy: Thanks, Josh. You're great friend!

VOCABULARYRead the question and click the best answer.1. Which word has the same meaning as get ahead?a. succeed

b. understand

c. enter

2. Which phrase has the same meaning as get going?a. buy something

b. be good at something

c. begin something

3. Which phrase has the same meaning as get carried away?a. become sad

b. become excited

c. become confused

4. Which word has the same meaning as get along?a. like

b. leave

c. argue

Review QuizGrammar 2Amy's sister Jennifer is moving to Los Angeles, and Amy is helping her pack. Complete the dialog. Click on each drop-down box. Then click on the answer.

Amy: I'm so happy that you got that job in Los Angeles. You're going to like living there. Jennifer: I hope so. Thanks for helping me pack today. (1) me that picture frame? I want to wrap it in newspaper so it doesn't break. Amy: Good idea. Jennifer: (2) taking all the dishes out of the cabinet so that I can wrap them too? Amy: No problem. Do you want me to wrap them up? Jennifer: Sure. Amy: (3) hand me some newspaper? Jennifer: Here you go. Amy: And (4) get me a glass of water? All this hard work is making me thirsty.B2Vocabulary Phrases with 'Feel'

feel for someone phr. v. to care strongly if someone feels bad Sharzade felt for the lost, frightened little boy, and she stayed with him until his parents were found. feel free collocation SPOKEN used in order to say that you are happy if someone wants to do something Please feel free to borrow my dictionary any time. feel funny collocation feel slightly ill I've been feeling funny ever since I ate that fish. feel like doing something collocation SPOKEN to want to do something Hannes doesn't have any plans this weekend, so if you feel like doing anything, give him a call. feel like something collocation SPOKEN to want to have somethingI don't care what we have, but Young-Dae says he feels like Indian food. feel out phr. v. INFORMAL to find out what someone thinks or feels by asking indirectly You should feel Dad out about using the car this weekend. He wasn't too happy when it got all dirty the last time you used it. feel up to phr. v. INFORMAL to feel you can do a particular job or activity I just don't feel up to going dancing tonight. I think I'll stay home and watch TV. feel yourself idiom to feel healthy or happy in the way that you normally do It took a long time to get over the flu, but I'm finally feeling myself again.

complete each sentence. Click on the answer.feel for someonefeel freefeel funny

feel like doing somethingfeel like somethingfeel somebody out

feel up to somethingfeel yourself

1. To ________ is to try to learn a person's opinions without asking directly.feel for someone

feel somebody out

2. If you have been sick and get well, you can say that you ___________ again.feel yourself

feel funny

3. To __________ is to want to have it.feel like something

feel up to something

4. If someone tells you to ___________ to do something, you can do it if you want.feel yourself

feel free

5. If you __________, you are a little bit sick.feel like something

feel funny

6. To ________ is to have sympathy for that person.feel somebody out

feel for someone

7. To ___________ is to want to do it.feel like doing something

feel up to something

8. If you ______________, you think you can do it.feel like something

feel up to something

PRACTICE1. You look really terrific! You must be again after your cold. 2. I really Chinese food tonight. It's my favorite! 3. I --I think I'm getting sick. 4. Jack just lost his job. He has a big family to support--I really . 5. Please to use the phone any time you like. 6. We always go to the movies! I something different tonight. 7. She doesn't that job yet. She still needs more training. 8. Sometimes, it's better to than to ask direct questions.

Class activity 191. Gerunds as Subjects and Objects:

Complete the paragraph. Type the correct form of the word in parentheses into the blank. Use capital letters if necessary.Many people enjoy (exercise) for fun and for health. (run) (be) a very popular form of exercise. But you don't have to work that hard. (take) long walks (be) good for you, too. The nice thing about these two forms of exercise is that you can do them without (spend) a lot of money on equipment. (put) on a good pair of shoes is all you need to do. If you like water better than land, you may prefer (swim). With so many possibilities, there is no reason to avoid (get) into shape.Complete each dialog. Choose a word from the answer pool. Type the correct form of the word into the blank. Use capital letters if necessary.



1. Coach: Nick's in a lot of trouble.Dean: I know, Coach. a bribe is a serious crime. 2. Dean: People say Nick enjoys .Coach: I've heard that, too, but I find it difficult to believe. 3. Dean: You can never really know another person.Coach: Well, I know Nick, and I'm not going to stop in him. 4. Coach: soccer means everything in the world to Nick.Dean: It means everything to all of us, Coach. 5. Amy: Why do you still believe Nick?Talia: Well, I just don't believe he'd risk his career. 6. Amy: Do you have any proof that Nick is innocent?Talia: Not yet. But I'm not going to quit this story. 7. Talia: I keep that I'll get a break in this story.Tony: Just be careful. Don't become too emotionally involved. 8. Talia: Trust me. out the truth is the most important thing to me.Tony: Well, good luck.Class activity 202. Modals of Possibility: Complete the sentences. Click on the drop-down box. Then click on the answer.1. Nick may Talia because he knows her. 2. It's possible that Nick be guilty. 3. What do you think? guilty or innocent? 4. Talia keep investigating the story. She definitely won't quit. 5. Nick is the best player on his team. The coach is worried because without him they win. 6. People say that Nick have a gambling problem. He owes a lot of money. 7. Newsline has no choice. They air the story tonight. 8. Tony is worried about Talia. He thinks she might help with the story.

Read the dialogs. Complete the sentences with the modal in parentheses. Type the answers into the blanks. You may need to use the negative form.1. John: Do you think Nick is innocent?Amy: He (may). Talia thinks so. 2. Josh: Do you think Talia will discover the truth?Amy: She's a good researcher. She (might). 3. Tony: The team will probably lose without Nick.John: I don't agree. They (might). They have other good players. 4. Josh: Is Talia going to get her break with this story?Amy: She (might). It's a tough one. 5. Tony: You heard the tape. There can't be another explanation.Talia: I'm not so sure about that. There (could). 6. Coach: Is Dean going to work out today?Nick: He (might). He's feeling sick. 7.Amy: Will the teacher give you an A?Talia: He (could). I did well on the midterm.Class activity 21

Complete each dialog. Click on the drop-down box. Then click on the answer.

1. Talia: Does your friend Josh have a roommate?Amy: No, he lives by . 2. Talia: How was the club you went to last weekend?Amy: Great! We really enjoyed . 3. Tony: You did a good job on that transportation story, Talia. You should be proud of . Talia: Thanks, Tony. 4.Tony: Good reporters have to keep from getting emotionally involved with their stories. Talia: Don't worry, Tony. You can trust me. 5. Amy: Nick told Talia that he's innocent.Tony: I know. And she believes ! 6. Amy: How are you going to find out the truth about Nick?Talia: I'm not sure. I keep asking the same question, but I haven't come up with a plan yet. 7. John: Do you want me to help Talia with the Crawford story?Tony: No. I want to give her a chance to do it by . 8. Amy and Talia: Good night, Tony.Tony: Good night. Take care of .

Review QuizGRAMMAR 1Complete the dialog. Click on each drop-down box. Then click on the answer.

Amy: Parties are great! Are you having fun? Talia: Yes -- I like parties, too. What do you like about (1) to parties? Amy: Well, I enjoy (2) to new people. And I love (3) the food. Josh: Hello, ladies. Please, help (4) to the desserts. I made them (5) . Talia: Thanks, Josh. By the way, great party! We're really enjoying (6) . GRAMMAR 2Complete the dialog. Click on each drop-down box. Then click on the answer.Alex: Do you think Nick (1) be guilty? Tony: It sure seems that he (2) be. Alex: Talia thinks that Nick (3) be guilty. Tony: Yes, but if the Soccer Federation finds out that he's guilty, he (4) play soccer anymore.B3VOCABULARY Verbs and Nounsanalysis n. the careful examination of something in order to understand it better An analysis of her test results showed that she was perfectly healthy. analyze v. to examine or think about something carefully in order to understand it Government scientists are trying to analyze what went wrong. announce v. to officially and publicly tell people about something The police announced that the suspect had been arrested. announcement n. an official public statement The whole country was waiting for an announcement about the results of the election. appoint v. to choose someone for a job, position, etc. The assistant principal appointed Yussuf to lead the committee. appointment n. the act of choosing someone for a job, position, etc. The president has been giving a lot of thought to the appointment of a new department head. combination n. two or more different things that are used or put together A combination of factors led to the choice of Germany as the site of the Soccer World Cup championship. combine v. if you combine two or more things, ideas, or qualities, they begin to work or exist together The three airlines combined to make one giant company. criticism n. the act of judging whether someone or something is good or bad Teresa's criticism of the plan made us reconsider it. criticize v. to judge someone or something severely The news media criticized the mayor's plan for higher taxes. develop v. to grow or change into something bigger, stronger, or more advanced We have plans to develop the local economy. development n. the process of becoming bigger, stronger, or more advanced There's been a lot of economic development in this region recently--just last week, three new factories opened up. endorse v. to officially say that you approve of someone or something After several famous runners endorsed the new shoe, sales rose sharply. endorsement n. officially saying that you approve of someone or something The president's endorsement is sure to help the senator get reelected. press v. to push something with our finger to make a machine do something, ring a bell, etc. Just press the doorbell, and I'll come down and let you in. pressure n. an attempt to make someone do something by using influence, threats, etc. The group is putting a lot of pressure on the governor to change her mind. proposal n. a plan or idea that is officially suggested for someone to consider The city government has made a proposal to build several new schools. propose v. to officially suggest that something be done The group proposed to hold its next meeting in April. react v. to behave in a particular way because of what someone has done or said to you Ivor didn't react well to the news of his former girlfriend's marriage. reaction n. something that you feel or do because of what has happened to you or been said to you What was her reaction when you told her? recommend v. to advise someone to do something I recommend that you try the chicken Kiev -- it's very good here. recommendation n. advice given to someone, especially about what to do Mona's recommendation is that we go hiking tomorrow, because it might rain today.When you are sure you understand all the nouns, do the exercise. Do you know the verb that is related to each noun below? Type the verb in the blank.



1. analysis 2. announcement 3. proposal 4. combination 5. criticism 6. development 7. pressure 8. appointment 9. reaction 10. recommendation Complete the sentences. Drag and drop the answer into the blank. Two of the verbs will not be used.

Class activity 22Complete each dialog. Click on the correct form and tense of the verb.1. Amy: Hi, Josh. I called you at home last night at 11:00, but there was no answer.Josh: At 11:00? Oh, I ________ a shower.was taking

were taking


2. Josh: Why did you leave the party early?Amy: I ________ a headache.was having

were having


3. John: Hi, Talia. Hi, Amy. Amy: Hi, John. We ________ the Crawford story.just discussed

was just discussing

were just discussing

4. Amy: The report on Nick's bank account came in. I gave it to Tony.John: ________ you ________ it? What does it say?Did . . . read

Were . . . reading

Was . . . reading

5.Nick: I was talking to Jackie Baker ________ I was having a drink at the juice bar.Talia: What happened next?why



6. Nick: I met Jackie at the Gower Building one day.Talia: What ________ she ________ to you?did . . . say

was . . . saying

were . . . saying

7. Talia: I saw Nick today. He and his teammates ________ at the training ground. Tony: Tell me about it.practiced

was practicing

were practicing

Practice 2Complete Lisa's email to Peter. Type the correct form of the verbs in parentheses into the blanks.What a day! At 6:00, I still (work) on the story about the train accident. Just my luck! Jeff (come) to see me just as I (leave) for class. Of course, he (ask) me about the report again. By the way, why weren't you in class tonight? What you (do)? You can have my notes, but they might not be very good. I (listen) while the teacher (talk), but my eyes kept closing! See you tomorrow bright and early!Class activity 23Complete each dialog. Click on the answer.1. Josh: Would you like a cup of coffee?Megan: Thanks, but I ______ tea if you have some.prefers

'd prefer

'd rather

2. Josh: How about some cake?Megan: Thanks, but I'd rather ______. I'm going to have dinner very soon.no



3. Ana: ______ you rather be a reporter or a researcher?Tyler: A reporter. It's more exciting.Would



4. Tom: Does Erik go to the movies a lot?Anton: No. He prefers ______ videos.renting


I rent

5. Tom: What kind of movies does he like? Comedies?Anton: No, actually, he ______ serious movies.rather

'd rather


6. Jessie: Let's go get some pizza.Ryan: I ______ to get a hamburger. I had pizza last night.rather

'd rather

'd prefer

7. Ryan: Does your sister ever watch soccer?Jessie: No. She ______ baseball.prefer

'd rather watch

'd rather not

8. Ryan: What about you? ______ you prefer baseball, too?Jessie: Me? No. I'm a big soccer fan.Are



Complete each dialog. Choose a verb from the answer pool. Type the correct form of the verb into the blank.gohearmeetpay

staytry onwatchwork

1. Salesperson: Would you like to try on those running shoes?Jessica: No, I'd rather a pair of the white ones. 2. Dan: Why don't you come to my office at around 11:00?Bill: I'd prefer later if that's OK with you. 3. Anne-Marie: Are you going to call Frank?Philippe: I think I'd rather him a visit. 4.Mia: Would you like to go out tonight?Cal: No, actually, I'd prefer home. I'm really tired. 5. Toby: Should I turn on The News at Six?Rick: I'd prefer Newsline, if you don't mind. I think they have better reporters. 6. Dania: The boss wants some of us to come in on Saturday to finish the reports.Brian: I don't mind staying late, but I'd rather not on the weekend. 7. Jeff: Do you want to eat at home or would you rather to a restaurant?Lola: Why don't we try that new Italian restaurant around the corner? 8. Nick: Do you want to hear my story?Talia: I'd prefer the truth.Class activity 24Complete the sentences. Click on the drop-down box. Then click on the answer.1. Ed Haskins is the coach of the national soccer team. He is older all of the players. 2. Nick and Dean are both on the team, but Nick is a player. In fact, he's the team's star player. 3. Talia would rather be a reporter than a researcher. She thinks that the job of reporter is . 4. Talia is always working. She's Amy. 5. Nick is smart. He was a student. 6. Talia believes Nick's story, but Tony doesn't. He's than Talia. 7. Speedies running shoes cost $60. Cheetah shoes cost $70. Cheetahs are than Speedies.Practice 2Complete the advertisement. Type the correct form of the word in parentheses into the blank.Athletic shoes. You work in them. You play in them. You want them to look and feel great. New Speedies are the right shoes for you. They're (light) other athletic shoes. And that means you'll be (fast) in them. They're (soft) other brands, too. And (soft) means (comfortable). With their new design, they'll look a lot (nice) your old ones. But that's not all! At only $60, they're (expensive) the competition! So what are you waiting for? Get new Speedies--now even (good).

Class activity 25Complete each sentence. Click on the answer.1. Talia and Nick used to _____ in the same English class.be



2. Nick _____ live in England, but now he lives in the States.uses

use to

used to

3. Ed Haskins used to _____ soccer before he became a coach.play



4. Talia _____ use to like soccer, but now she enjoys it quite a lot.didn't



5. _____ you ever use to play soccer when you were younger?Do



6. Nick _____ Jackie Baker once in the lobby of the Gower Building.meets


used to meet

7. Jacob Banker used _____ in the Gower Building.to work



8. Josh never _____ work out, but now he works out at the health club every week.used to

didn't use to


Complete each sentence. Type the correct answer with used to into the blank. You also need to add a verb.

1. Talia in a restaurant, but now she works for Newsline. 2. Amy takes journalism classes, but she dance classes. 3. Josh coffee, but now he drinks three cups a day. 4. Nick in England, but now he lives in the United States. 5. John soccer, but now he plays tennis instead. 6. Newsline at 5:00, but now it's on at 6:00. 7. Nick to a health club, but now he goes almost every day. 8. Nick and Talia classmates, but they aren't classmates anymore.Class activity 262. Embedded 'Wh-' Questions: Practice 1Complete each dialog. Drag and drop the words into the blanks.

Look at the question and read the dialog. Change the question to an embedded question, and type it into the blank. Add the correct punctuation (period or question mark).

1. Where is it? Brian: I have an interview at The Gower Building. Do you know Ana: I think it's near here, but I'm not really sure. 2. What should I wear? Brian: I don't know Ana: A suit is always good. 3. What time does she get to the office? Tomas: I need to speak to Ms. Miller. Can you tell me Jen: Ms. Miller? She's usually at her desk at 8:30. 4. How much do they cost? Andre: Those are nice shoes. I wonder Todd: I don't know, but they look expensive. 5. Who took this photograph of us? Tyler: Can you remember Mindy: It was John. 6. Why did Mark move? Sonya: I'd like to know Derek: Because he got a great job offer in Centerville. 7. How many people did Josh invite to his party? Lauren: Do you know Amy: I think there were about thirty people there.

Class activity 27

Complete each dialog. Click on the drop-down box. Then click on the answer.

1. Vita: called you a few minutes ago. He wouldn't leave his name.Jessica: Really? Did he leave a message? 2. Vita: No, he didn't say except that he wants you to call back.Jessica: Hmm. That's funny. 3. Amy: Let's go to the student lounge. Maybe there's good on TV. Josh: OK. Let's ask Serena to come too. 4. Josh: Serena, we're going to the lounge to watch TV. Do you want to come?Serena: No, thanks. There anything good on Wednesday night. 5. Abby: Would you like to drink?Fran: I'm not sure. What do you have? 6. Abby: I only have coffee or tea.Fran: Thanks, but I don't want right now. 7. Lyn: I think Crawford is the best player on the team.Chen: I like Dean Bishop. I guess everybody their own favorite player.