5 important ways to get noticed by retail buyers

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5 Important Ways to Get Noticed by Retail BuyersEmail Is Cheap: Send Something Real

Speak Up

Time Is Precious

Share Your News

Follow But Dont Stalk

EMAIL IS CHEAP: SEND SOMETHING REALHave great fabric swatches that you are using for F/W? Send a sample over with a personalized note card to the prospective buyer.

Include a couple of sketches. This is personal, real and valuable.

In essence, it is a pre-lookbook. If you are a new fashion brand its essential to make a great first impression.

SPEAK UP Buyers are extremely busy, so dont always assume they saw your first email. Also, dont hard sell your potential partner.

If its not a good fit, its not a good fit. But, they need to tell you that first.

How to tell if youre a good fit before getting the hard rejection? Visit the retail store or check out the e-commerce site. What are the price points and aesthetics of the store?

Is your brand positioned at a luxury price point but the retailer offers affordable luxury? Check first.

Remember:- Both of you are after the same goal: to get the right product, at the right price to the right customer.

TIME IS PRECIOUS Your time, their time, everyones time. Dont contact the wrong person, dont expect them to put you in touch with anyone.

More importantly, dont expect a response if youre using an outdated email list.

Buyers change like the seasons, and you need to double-check your lists via LinkedIn.

Remember: the womens designer is not the same as womens contemporary, so do your homework.

SHARE YOUR NEWS Did you receive press lately? Was your brand just featured in a popular publication? Which celebrities are wearing your brand?

Are you going to be at an upcoming tradeshow? Let the world know.

Make sure to email your most recent press kit to potential buyers you met or spoke with. Nothing interesting going on? Dont make something up.

FOLLOW BUT DONT STALKThere is a distinct difference between following a buyer on Twitter and friending them on Facebook. Dont engage on a professional level with someone, on a platform used for personal means.

Example: If the buyer you want to reach out to has a personal non-work/industry related Instagram account, i.e. photos of her baby and friends dont stalk her. If it is focused on fashion and work, then follow and engage away.

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