5 mobile marketing tips that drive sales (infographic)

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1. offers work best In 2014 mobile internet users caughtup to desktopusers and now make up 67/ o of all internet traffic! Number of Users (Millions) 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 20150 Desktop UsersHere's the top 5 ways you canwith mobile marketing: 0 O 47% 47%are more likely to are left feeling explore other frustrated or brands annoyedCurrent Percentage of Internet Users Mobile Users 33%are less likely to use brand in the future1-800555-1234Call Us Now! Quick Tip: Option 2Convert mobile prospects by offering location-based offers,deals and specialsMobile checkin offers have been proven to drive sales. .. 29% of US smartphone users have used their mobile device to check29 0 in to a location serviceSign up for a Yelp business accountIn the settings,go to Check-in OffersTest various offers and ID top performersUse Offer Now$10 Quick Tip:Don't forget to use the power of social media to encourage your fans to help you spread the word! Avg.open rate for email is only 22% compared to 98% for SMS0 iiiTrack campaigns so you can make improvementsExclusive and limited timeBe sure to add a personal touch to your campaignsPeoples inboxes are crowded,you need to know how-to get their attention: wouldGMDG1If all mobile internet time was condensed into an hour. ..be spent on emailHOURMake these small screen tweaks for big time results: Optimize your emails for skimmers: 0 Short sentences & paragraphs0 Bullet points & listsEmail subject lines that get results: 0 Simple,clean design0 Obvious call-to-action & next stepSimple,no nonsense 0 PersonalizedFunny /Shocking 0 Questions One word subject lineNumbers & listsAdd character with Emojis .& -5 0 Scarcity Tactics 0 Mysterious1. On Mac computers,go to the Messages app 2. Create a message then click on the smiley face:(:3 3. Select the Emojis you want,then just copy & paste them! Which means your content & website need to be optimized for mobile: Short & sweet: Distinct calls-to-action: Utilize responsive design:- website will auto adjust based on screen sizeDesign for mobile:- easy navigation - use extra spacing- large fonts & buttons - eliminate flash pluginsQuick page load timesUse mobile-specific featuresGET STARTED- make sure your content is strait to the pointUse more visuals,less text- mobile visitors should know exactly what step to take next (email opt-in,call,etc. )Make opt-in forms easy to complete Now that you've seen my favorite mobile marketingtips,it's time for you to get started.And remember. ..EL| /EMORE CONTENT AT: