50 shades of millennials: what seduces us into buying online?

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50 Shades of Millennials: What seduces us into buying online? We polled 555 millennials on their shopping habits, which brand sites they have gone to, and why. Wait until you see the results! *Data powered by OpiaTalk, the hyper-conversion widget for any brand.


  • Never 4% Daily 14% Weekly 39% Monthly 16% Rarely 28% We asked Millennials: How often do you visit a brand site? (Not aggregators like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, etc.) $0-24,999 $25,000-49,999 $50,000-74,999 $75,000-99,999 $100,000-124,999 $125,000+ 16% 35% 25% 11% 6% 7% Number of sexy people: 555 Average year sexy people were born: 66% 34% Women Men Why did you go to the site? Just to browse Had a product in mind Other 46% 43% 11% Did you end up buying something? No: 80% Oh yeah, baby: 20% If yes, what did you get? Other 25% Clothing & Shoes 45% Electronics 15% Health & Beauty 6% Books 6% Jewlery 3% If not, why not? 17% 22% 21% 22% 7% No promos or deals happening I was just comparing prices Products were too expensive Cant remember Just browsing Of those who had a product in mind, how many actually made a purchase: 33% 6% Over 272 other brands listed. 80% 20% However, these only represent 20% of the brands listed. The other 80% were as diverse as the positions in the Kama Sutra. What was the last brand site you went to? Who was on top: Apple J.Crew Target Nike Nordstrom H&M Lululemon Victorias Secret Banana Republic Best Buy = One sexy person Our favorite responses to What did you buy?: A fresh sea urchin. 26, 5 bricks of silver. The big ones. A whole paychecks worth. Why? Because I think saving for the future is really really important. 27, Books! As in real ones. With paper. Amazon still sells those, amazingly enough. 26, Whats seducing us into buying online? 1988 Of those with just the intent to browse, how many ended up making a purchase: DATA POWERED BY The hyper-conversion widget for any brand


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