50 websites in 60 minutes

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50 websites in 60 minutes

90 websites in 120 minutesQuick and Easy Technology for the ClassroomTales of WoeCopyright careful where and what you postStudent info online require loginsFree today gone tomorrowCyber-bullying and SupervisionDisclaimer not an expert2Sources30 Treasures of the Web [email protected] to examples50 Websites in 60 Min Links to blog with reviews of sitesUtilizing Free Internet (webinar)https://sschwister.jux.comOrono School District Speed GeekingSuper Book of Web Tools for Educators

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For your Viewing PleasureFollow along via SlideSharewww.slideshare.net/jehennes/50-websites-in-60-minutes

TodaysMeetA back channel discussion of what is really going on during the presentation. Great for a co-teaching environment.Copyright & EthicsPublic Domain ImagesCreative CommonsRoyalty Free MusicCitationMachine EasyBib

Cyber SafetyStudent Guide to Avoid CyberBullyingStop Bullying

Net Smartz KidsEndorsed by MN Gov.Real life Stories (Ages 11-17)Online Safety Games K12

Google Search LessonsLesson PlansWith more and more of the world's content online, it is critical that students understand how to effectively use web search to find quality sources appropriate to their task. Heres a series of lessons to help you guide your students to use search meaningfully in their schoolwork and beyond. (example)Tied to Common Core StandardsGoogle a Day ChallengesSame site as lesson plans. Click Tab for Google a Day Challenges sorted by content areaTodays Google challenge: www.agoogleaday.com

Searching Magic :. topic site:.gov Government site with public domain imagesTutorialiMovie:.tutorialdirectionsInteractiveFractions:.interactiveSimulation

Google Advanced Search = Reading Levels Ie iMovie:.tutorial fractions:.interactive13More SearchinSweet SearchSearch engine for kids evaluated by researchers (Biographies section is excellent)KidRexPowered by google advance searchFamhoo?Kigose

Lesson PlansThinkfinityThousands of lesson plans, resources, activities, etc.SAS Curriculum PathwaysProfessional DevelopmentAudio, Print and Web activities grades 6-12

ReadWorksReading ComprehensionMN Learning LoopResources tied to MN standardsMarzano Common Core Proficiency Rubrics

LMS & Social NetworksDistrict SupportedMoodleEdmodoContact Instruct Tech for Site CodeFree19PencilsSchoologyBigMarker

Word CloudsWordleCopy/paste textDoes not saveTagxedoWill save contentCan purchase merchandise

Take a famous speech and put it into a word cloud - most used words = largest. Analyze the main idea17AudioButtonBeatsMake Music OnlineSoundCloudGet and share sounds TonyBYou are the DJ, create and share music

VideosCCC!Snag FilmsneoK12TEDTalksKhanAcademyover 2,600 videos on arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and 232 practice exercises. can track student progress by creating an account

WatchKnowLearnTheTeachingChannelTied to standards and includes lesson plansGrockitInsert Questions and Answers into a YouTube Video

Graphic OrganizerGliffyFlowcharts, Floor Plans, Technical Drawings, etcChartGoiCharts Popplet Bubble.usRead the getting startedCan use without creating accountCacoo

Timelines X timeline PrecedenRequires joining for fee or being limited to 3 events Dipitylimited to three timelines. TimeToast TimeRime Timegliderlimited to three timelines.

Digital PostcardsPhreetingsSend as link or e-mailgeoGreetings40 character maxSend link or as emailhttp://www.geogreeting.com/view.html?yPKUCsDoC

PodcastingiPadioRecord and publish from any phone AudioBoo

VocarooSimplest interface

AvatarsVokiSite includes lesson plansBlabberizeUse any pictureShare with link or embed htmlhttp://blabberize.com/view/id/611977

Digital Bulletin BoardCorkboard.meShare linkSimple interfaceAnonymous responseshttp://corkboard.me/mhb80HOV4n


Movie MakersAnimotoFree educator accountSimple guided process KerpoofLesson Plans and StandardsTies DragonTapeDrag image and shareZimmerTwins

MovieMakerOnlineBusy homepageIncludes tutorial

Most uses photo clips, not original film. Make commercials on unit of study26Digital ArtLettersDrawIslandMuroFlamePainterCanvasticBasic draw toolsExamples

Showcase for WritingLuluSelf-publishingMyStoryMakerEducator resources KidBlogSafe secure blog spot for students


Comic GeneratorsToonDoLooks most like a newspaper comic ReadWriteThinksimplestFunnyTimesGraphics include gun, bomb, and political figures

PresentationsPreziThe zooming powerpointWeebly Create a free websiteGlogster Digital PostersLive BinderExample

Digital StorytellingLittleBirdTalesShare books via emailBulk upload student informationUpload student's own artworkCreate images using built-in drawing programRestrict sharing of books

ZooburstCreate pop-up storyUse webcam for 3D augmented reality StorybirdClassroom account to manage student accountsBulk upload student information

Engage students in the writing process by adding images and/or audioMotivate students by sharing their books with parents and/or online31More Story TellingTumbleCloud Secondary students WordTamerWalks students through the story writing processBased on the book

Educational GamesBrainPop GameselementaryBubbaBrainK-12KnowledgeAdventurePreK-6Peetnik MysteriesDo I Have a Right

ScreencastingShowMeWatch and/or create white board lessons

Join.MeWeb conference screen sharing

ShowMeWhatsWrongGet help with your computer issuesScreenCastOMaticCreate 15 min screen capturesFree trial account

Elementary Reading OnlineChildrens Books ForeverStory Time for MeStoryline Online

MiscPlayficRead and/or write interactive storiesSuper Book of Web Tools for EducatorsVideo AntChat or add questions to online videoiPad User GroupApps and resourcesLibrary Media DatabasesBack ChannelGoogle Apps

AssessmentSocrativeUse any web enabled device to deliver questionsGet anonymous resultsQuizlet Use or create flashcard sets EssayTaggerFaster way to grade and comment on essaysQuizStarReporting FeaturesWeb Quizzes FlubarooUse with Google DocsDoes the grading for you

Funding for More TechnologyDonors ChooseSeveral local teachers have received funding for projectsPost on school websites or Facebook wallsGetEdFundinga free and fresh grant finding resourcea collection of more than 600 grants from federal, state, regional and community sourcesSelf HelpUse the :.tutorial searchLook for a Help section of the websiteSearch YouTubeDisclaimer not an expert39Finished ProductsBe sure to explore each site and plan how students will share their finished productE-mailPost to blog or websiteNo identifying student infoPrintShare linkClass presentationScreen captureEdmodo/Moodle course

Thank YouNo matter how well planned, how interesting, stimulating, colorful or relevant the lesson, if the teacher does all the interacting with the material, the teacher's --- not the student's --- brain will grow.Pat WolfeExit SlipWhat will you try first?Post on http://corkboard.me/mhb80HOV4nFeedback: Sites you LOVED, Sites you HATED, Too much?