[500distro] catalyzing with content: what b2cs should be doing in the first 6 months

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Catalyzing with Content: What B2Cs Should Be Doing in The First Six Months

Author: 500-startups

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Adam Lovallo, Co-Founder, CourseReport.com & Grow.co


  • Catalyzing with Content: What B2Cs Should Be Doing in The First Six Months
  • What we did What we fucked up What worked
  • Who I am: Ran customer acquisition/retention at LivingSocial Co-founded coursereport.com Fair warning: I love business stock photography Adam Lovallo | @alovallo
  • Lets begin! Adam Lovallo | @alovallo
  • coursereport.com Ratings/review site for programming bootcamps Focused on organic search Lead gen model Adam Lovallo | @alovallo
  • coursereport.com Adam Lovallo | @alovallo
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Yay - Bootstrap!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo coursereport.com/schools
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo coursereport.com/school-name
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo coursereport.com /blog/blog-post BONUS: Tags link to schools!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo At this point Im feeling good
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo We have 6 entity types schools campuses/locations courses Instructors cities blog posts lets give each one a page!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Fuck up #1
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Google thought it was duplicative because it was Inbound links were spread across different (similar) pages
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Deploying new pages/templates was easy I didnt stop to think about how those pages would have distinct content
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Fuck up #2
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Filters = search results My first idea: index it all - more pages that can rank!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo https://www.coursereport.com/schools?fo cus=Rails&location=New+York Vs: https://www.coursereport.com/cit ies/new-york
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo My second idea: use rel= canonical Closer but no
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo My third idea: Noindex! Better!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo The future? Why not create pages for common filters with unique content?
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo https://www.coursereport.com/schools?fo cus=Rails&location=New+York https://www.coursereport.com/cities/n ew-york/rails Plus content! Hooray!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Ok, so what content then? Guides Lists Editorial analysis U.G.C. Interviews
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Guides Big time investment Useful for email capture too
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Lists First thing people do so extremely competitive
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Editorial Also takes a lot of time
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo UGC Chicken v Egg
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Interviews!!!
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Pros: Easy to produce Universally applicable Almost always interesting Potentially good link bait Cons: Editing is a huge pain in the ass
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo Pro tip eLance & Odesk! Cheap, relatively high quality, and dramatically increase output
  • Adam Lovallo | @alovallo More on elance Try a couple Plenty of solid english speakers $5 -$10 MAX per hour