[#500distro] heating up the open rate: new school rules for email marketing

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  • Why Email?

  • Email is:1. Permission-based2. Direct3. Measurable

  • Emails bad rap1. Batch and blast2. Purchased lists

  • Neither of those addresses the customer of one

  • Lifecycle replaces the newsletter1. Your customer is entering a relationship with you2. You know where they are in that relationship

  • But how do I get a list?1. On-site popup2. Partner marketing3. At signup time4. Events

  • How do I even get started on this? HELP!

  • Some general best practices1. Test EVERYTHING2. Watch your unsubscribe rates3. Mind your preheaders4. Cull your list

  • Quick wins1. Personalize subject lines2. Keep it simple - 1 banner, 1 image, a little text, CTA3. Send T/W/Th between 8 & 9am(but you should still test all this)

  • Start small

  • Checkout loop1. Follow-up emails2. Abandoned cart

  • Follow-up emails lead to future revenue (how was your purchase etc)

    1. How was your purchase?2. Do you have questions?3. Referral program reminder4. Loyalty program reminder

  • Abandoned cart emailOne email boosted conversion rates 21% 100k increase in monthly revenue(credit to James Kim)

  • Post-sign-up drip campaign1. Start with a sign-up confirmation, and 1 or 2 additional emails2. A/B test through adding more emails

  • How do I figure out more places to send email?

    1. Look at your data 1. What determines user success? 2. When? 3. Start testing there.

  • Example:Data tells us (at Yammer) that mobile app downloads predicate continued engagement, especially if the download occurs in the the first 30 days.

    Based on this, we can start testing sending a reminder to download the mobileapp in that timeframe.

  • ToolsBig ESP - move the logic offsite

    API-driven stack - the product drives the email marketing

  • Lets say Im the director of email for AirBnB 1. I have a massive deck of transactional emails as well as marketing emails 2. I have to deal with a large number of languages 3. All of my emails are (mostly) customized by user / market / language

  • What? 1. a structure to fill in, 2. a place to store the content 3. a way to identify which content which customer gets

  • In ExactTarget / other enterprise MAS1. Pass all of the user data over in bulk daily2. Query data via automation action, build send list 3. Build email with content customized based on user profile

  • In Klaviyo + segment.io1. Customer performs action / reaches threshold to receive an email2. Segment.io picks up that signal + data and passed to Klaviyo3. Within Klaviyo, assemble personalized email

  • What should I do?Your technology strategy should enable your

    marketers to test and change content / timing / triggers.

    This should drive your platform / technology decisions.

  • How do I staff this thing?

    Look for:1. Platform experience2. Technical background3. Marketing knowledge

  • Questions?

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