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  • 1. Medieval TourItinerarySarah Allen

2. Canterbury CathedralThe Cathedral atCanterbury wasestablished when St.Augustine of Hippobecame Archbishop.It has beensignificantly built upsince then, especiallyThis would be my first stopby the Saxons. In because it represented the1077, it was Church, which was central tocompletely rebuilt byMedieval times as well asArchbishop Lanfranc. because it is still in full use today. 3. Chirk CastleThe land this castlesits on was granted toRoger Mortimer byEdward I in 1282. Ithas been almostconstantly lived insince then. Thearchitecture used tobuild the castle is likeChirk is another castle that stillthat of other, more functions today. There would beroyallots of people there to guide mycastles, suggesting exploration of the castle and its grounds, preparing me for when Iroyal assistance inhave to do it on my own.building it. 4. Beaumaris CastleThis was the lastand largest of thecastles build byEdward I in Wales. Itwas built, in pre-cannon times, towithstand virtually anyattack. Despite, and Beaumaris is similar in design toperhaps because of, its Chirk, so it would be a logical nextfortification, the castle step in my journy across Europe.saw little action outsideIt is also the only castle on the itinerary which employs an actualof the 17th century Civil moat, which is exciting.War. 5. Chepstow CastleThis castle wascarefully set upon a cliffto observe on of theriver crossings fromsouthern England intoWales. It may wellhave been the firststone castle of itscentury and was a Chepstow was a very important castle because of the many battles itcenter of military and sat through and the politics carriedadministrative power out within its walls. Though much of its magnificence now lies inthroughout the Middle rubble, exploring these ruins wouldbe fascinating.Ages. 6. Ewloe Castle This castlefeatures a curtainthat suggests thatthe outer section ofthe wall was builtafter the originalstructure. Thoughthere are fewcontemporary Little more than rubble remains ofreferences to it, weEwloe, making it a good site to savecan infer from thisfor last, when I will have the mostthat the castle was at experience under my belt. Afterone point attacked having observed four other structures, I will be better-prepared toby a formidable foe.see this one.