7 research backed tips on improving twitter conversions

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7 Research Research-Backed CONVERSIONS TWITTER Tips on Improving Improving @shurleyhall

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1. 7 ResearchResearch-Backed CONVERSIONSTWITTER Tips on ImprovingImproving @shurleyhall 2. TwitterTwitter what is it good for? 3. TwitterTwitter has become a place that breaksbreaks newsnews, provides customercustomer serviceservice and has a goodly dose of snark and humor. 4. But if youre a marketermarketer, only one thing matters: how can you use Twitter to meet your conversionconversion optimizationoptimization goals? 5. Use these studies to improve your conversions! 6. 1PublishPublish Image-Image- RichRich TweetsTweets 7. Saw an increase in retweets, clicks and favorites and had a 55% rise in leads HubspotHubspot 8. BufferBuffer Found that tweets with images got 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets 9. 2Get theGet the TimingTiming RightRight 10. KissmetricsKissmetrics Science of Social Timing: if you tweet when people in the Eastern and Central time zones will see your update, you will be in front of 80% of the tweeting public. 11. SysomosSysomos Avoid the dead zone between 3 and 7AM Eastern and tweet on Friday evenings instead. 12. Dan ZarellaDan Zarella Favors evenings and weekends 13. 3PromotePromote Your TweetsYour Tweets 14. ShiftShift One company saw engagement rise by 34% while the cost per engagement fell by 38%. 15. AirBnBAirBnB Used a Promoted Tweets campaign in conjunction with a special discount offer to get a 4% increase in engagement for one of their tweets 16. Dallas Tanning Spa LUXDallas Tanning Spa LUX Saw a fivefold return on ad spend from its campaign 17. 4Use the Power ofUse the Power of RecommendationsRecommendations (and Social Proof)(and Social Proof) 18. SysomosSysomos Top three most-used phrases to get product recommendations were: - Who makes the best...? - Does anyone know...? - Im looking for... 19. 5FollowFollow Twitters AdviceTwitters Advice 20. TwitterTwitter Twitter published an infographic capturing the results of its survey of 1,100 SMB owners: 72% of whom felt that being on Twitter was important. 21. A few conversion tactics coming out of the survey included: - using Twitter to send people to other resources - increasing engagement by using Twitter as a customer response tool - using advertising to increase reach 22. 6Work OutWork Out WhyWhy People Follow YouPeople Follow You 23. Know what your followers are looking for, provide it, and increase their satisfaction and likelihood for further interaction. 24. Center for Marketing ResearchCenter for Marketing Research Main reasons millennials follow brands: - to support the brand - to get updates from the brand - to get discounts - to research brands - to follow the people their friends are following 25. They are also clear about one thing: offering a discount or coupon is likely to lead to an increase in sales. 26. 7Play Your (Twitter)Play Your (Twitter) CardsCards RightRight 27. TwitterTwitter Lead Generation Cards, Product Cards, and Website Cards reduce cost-per-click while increasing the number of URL clicks. 28. WebtrendsWebtrends A Webtrends case study of the Lead Generation Cards showed a 500% improvement in cost per lead, with a 996% jump in lead acquisition. 29. The research is clear: Twitter still has a role to play in acquiring leads and making sales. 30. Want updates on the latest marketing and blogging trends? 31. SIGN UPSIGN UP for "Write on Time" updates! Click now! 32. Read the full article at Crazy EggCrazy Egg! 33. A Presentation By Sharon Hurley Hall and