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Discover 7 key tips to help you ace your next job interview, from Boston tech insider CareerEncore. We’ll help you land your ideal job. More info: http://www.CareerEncore.com . Subscribe to CareerEncore for more Insider presentations, tips and tricks, and exclusive advice. If you are a professional looking to further your career, CareerEncore is happy to help. Specializing in hiring throughout the Technology industry, CareerEncore has positions available for programmers, developers, designers, engineers, and much more, and can help you get the job that's right for you and your unique skills. Check out our website at http://www.CareerEncore.com/ View our open positions at http://www.CareerEncore.com/Jobs/ Email us at [email protected]


  • 7 Tips for Acing Your Job InterviewBoston High-Tech Recruiter

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  • Tip 1: Do Your ResearchBefore every interview, research the companyExplore the companys website & competitors websites Read press releases & recent news stories Check out social media sites for customers thoughtsUnderstand the companys products, services, customers, & industry

  • Tip 2: Listen More Than You TalkRemember: You have two ears and one mouthListen twice as much as you talk Pay attention to the tone and context of questions Think, What is the interviewer really trying to find out?

  • Tip 3: Think Quality, Not Quantity

    Answer the question & dont go off on tangentsShow a strong understanding of the subjectDont just give an intro to a bunch of things you know a little bit about Be aware of body languageConvey confidence, but not arrogance & always smileMake your response specifically relevant to the position

  • Tip 4: Take the Time to Learn

    When they ask, Do you have any questions for me?have topics ready that tie in with earlier interview pointsAsk about:the companys culturewhat a standard day is likewhat current employees love about the company

  • Tip 5:Ask For the Job!

    At the end, ask: Do you think Id be a good fit for the team?Address any hesitations & clear up miscommunications Sometimes, its even appropriate to outright ask for the job

  • Tip 6:Where do I go from here?

    An interview is a start to building a business relationshipWhen its over, there is still work to be done Ask if you can provide anything else references, case studies, or a portfolio Ask about the next stepsDo you need to prepare any paperwork? Will there be more interviews? When might you hear back?

  • Tip: 7 Finish Strong

    The interview is over when you both agree its overDont seem eager to leaveDont hold the interviewer hostage stop talking if you have nothing of value to addEnd with an affirmative handshake & a pleasant smileWait a day, then send a Thank you email

  • Final ThoughtsA lot goes into making a successful interview. The turnout is largely impacted by your preparedness and ability to shake those butterflies from introduction to exit.

    Remember to be confident and stay relevant and you may soon find yourself arranging pictures and knickknacks on the top of your new desk.

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