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  • Seven Wonders

    of The

    Ancient World!

    Mr. Peels www.HistoryClassRoom.com The Statue of Zeus at

    Olympia, Greece

    The Colossus of Rhodes, Greece

    The Lighthouse of Alexandra, Egypt

  • The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, Turkey The Temple of Artemis, Turkey

    The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Iraq The Great Pyramid of Giza, Egypt

  • Seven NEW

    Wonders of the World!

    Mr. Peels www.HistoryClassRoom.com

    Machu Picchu, Peru Taj Mahal, India

    Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • The Colosseum, Rome, Italy Great Wall of China

    Petra, Jordan Chichn Itz, Mexico

  • S E V E N N E W W O N D E R S O F T H E W O R L D !

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  • Directions: A. On the four Left triangles 1. Draw a Map of Egypt and label the Nile River, Lower Egypt (near the Mediterranean Sea) and Upper Egypt (Near Mts.) 2.Draw a Picture of a Pharoah, 3. Draw a pyramid and, 4. Your Choice of drawing & Write your Name & Block Number. B. YOU CAN HAVE YOUR Super PYRAMID ON YOUR DESK WHEN YOU TAKE THE TEST! Look over your notes in your spiralring notebook and condense them onto the four Right triangles. (Graphic Organizers, Outlines, Summaries, Vocab., etc.) C. Cut out, fold Back, four Left Triangles, Stick glue Tab, fold forward four triangles on the right side, and fold inside of pyramid. NOTE: Im NOT a fan of Open Book Tests. However, I did have a graduate course in Economics where we could use ONE page of notes for the midterm. In the process of summarizing and printing in 6 point font, I learned the material & didnt really need the Notes!



    Pyramid Mr. Peels


    Stick Glue Tab

    Color your King and Queen Mummies and you can write notes on the back of them too! Put them inside your Pyramid for the Test!

    Name_______________________ Block #____

    2009 Mr. PeelsHistoryClassRoom.com

  • Stic

    k G


    753 BC 509 BC 27 BC

    P1 P2

    Ionian Sea

    2009 Mr. Peels HistoryClassRoom.com

    Name___________________ Block___

    Roman Review Colosseum !


    P3DIRECTIONS: REVIEW YOUR NOTES, OUTLINES, GRAPHIC ORGANIZERS, SUMMARIES AND VOCABULARY IN YOUR SPIRALRING NOTEBOOK. SUMMARIZE YOUR NOTES AND WRITE THEM ON THE BACK OF YOUR COLOSSEUM. (YOU CAN KEEP THE COLOSSEUM ON YOUR DESK WHILE YOU ARE TAKING THE TEST! SO REVIEW & WRITE!) Before Cutting & Stick Glue: P1. Complete the Timeline P2. Label Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Rome, Appenines, & Adriatic Sea. P3. You may also take notes on the back of the gladiators and lions. Then put them in your Colosseum for the Big Test!

  • Fold Fold

    2300bc 1250bc 563bc 320ad

    Paper Power Technology!

    1. Complete the Timeline (see page 121)

    2. Label the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean. (See p. 125)

    3. Cut out your Taj Mahal and write your Graphic Organizer & Vocabulary for sec._on the back.



    k G


    Tab Stick G

    lue Tab

    Fold Fold Fold Fold Fold Fold

    2009 Mr. Peels www.HistoryClassRoom.comName Block

    Name_____________ Block ____

    (Print on 11x17 paper.)

  • Name___________________________________Block___ 2009 Mr. Peels www.HistoryClassRoom.com

    Directions: Shi Huangdi (c.259-210 BC) of the Qin Dynasty unified China and built what would become the Great Wall Of China! 1. Complete the Timeline (see p.157). 2. On the Map of China (see p. 161) Label the Yellow Sea, East China Sea, & South China Sea. 3 C l t G hi O i f A i t Chi Ch 6 S ( 160 165 166 171 172 176 178 183 d/ 186 189)

    c.1500s BC 1100s BC 551 BC 221 BC 206 BC

    Great Wall Paper Power Project! Name________________________Block____

  • DIRECTIONS: Taking Notes in Class and from the Textbook is one thing. ACTUALLY REVIEWING YOUR NOTES & SUMMARIZING them is even more beneficial! In order to

    encourage you to do that, YOU MAY HAVE YOUR PARTHENON ON YOUR DESK WHEN YOU TAKE THE TEST! (Summarize & write notes on the inside of your Parthenon.)

    DIRECTIONS FOR PARTHENON POWER!P1. Complete the timeline (See p.225) P2. Label Sparta, Athens, Crete, Ionian & Aegean Seas. P3&4. Your Choice of Drawings on P3 and P4 P5. Condense & write notes on INSIDE of Parthenon!

    2009 Mr. Peels www.HistoryClassRoom.com

    Stick Glue Tab

    Stick Glue Tab



    T G






    Stick Glue Tab

    Stick Glue Tab

    c.2000 BC c.1200BC c.750 BC c.500 BC

    P2Map of Greece

    Name___________________________________ Block_____

    PARTHENON POWER PROJECT !Not an Official Wonder, But Cool!