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What is Communication?

• It is the process of sending and receiving information without any distortion. and tells that how information is sent and received in an organization

• Communication is an art, soft voice, good words, logical thinking and reasoning and confident body language makes it effective.

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What makes communication effective?

1. Completeness2. Conciseness3. Consideration4. Concreteness5. Clarity6. Courtesy7. Correctness

The 7cs makes communication more effective, understandable, and responsive.

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Message Receiver

Who receives information, ideas ,opinions.

listener or reader, desire complete information to their question.

Message sender

The person who sends massage to others by using some medium in verbal communication the air is medium for communicate.

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• Means clear every thing to your receiver.

• Choose those words which are easy, conversational, short and familiar for bringing clarity in your communication.

• Sending your message in a way that your receiver understand it as, you want to convey him.

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• It means your message must be correct and contain no mistakes.

• It should be free from mistakes in names words, and in facts & figures.

• Remove the mistakes of language.

• Make sure that the correct punctuation is used for conniving message.

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• Convey your message in some words.

• Concise message save time f both sender & Receiver.

• Concise your message and eliminate unimportant words.

• Comprise only related Material.

• Avoid extreme explationation.

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• Bring politeness in message which increase the respect and concern for others.

• Be honestly delicate, considerate, and


• Use declaration that shoes admiration.

• Choose fair expression.

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• Considerate with others.

• instead of “I” and “we” emprise on “you.”

• Demonstration audience advantage or attention.

• Focused on constructive, & pleasing way.

• Always act upon win win approach.

• Not pay attention on win lose approach.

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• exact, definite, bright this makes a message


• Use of active verb in message bring concreteness.

• By using these principles you can communicate with others more effectively.

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