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A weekend trip to the Texas Hill Country.


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2. On the edge of the Texas Hill Country, near Hondo. 3. Kerrville-Schreiner Park.Shelter for bikes and us from predicted hail storms. 4. The cabin is plain, but weve come to play out doors.. 5. 6. Bridgeacross theGuadalupe River.Kerrville ,TX . 7. I requested a romantic view at the Lakehouse Restaurant. 8. The Lakehouse is a favorite with local seniors. 9. 10. After dining at the Lakehouse,we returned to the cabin for the night.The following morning we traded our cabin for a tent site. Here Iam helping the little woman with the tent. 11. 12. 13. Thats it, a little more to the left. 14. Camp made, fast broken, we hit I-10. 15. The super slab took us to : 16. Luke, our guide tells us the stone box encloses a sink hole, original entrance to the cave. 17. View from underneath 18. The cave was first explored by three children with with a single kerosene lantern. 19. 20. 21. A living limestone cave.Living means it is still being formed. 22. 23. 24. The gravel we stand on covers over 12 feet of thick mud. The gravel we stand on covers over 12 feet of thick mud. 25. Caving is thirsty work.Time for a cold one. 26. This sign looks familiar. 27. Ah!I found what Im looking for. 28. We ran into an old friend who lives across the creek.He helped us to be tourists. 29. Texas music is played here. 30. Top-down weather in Luckenbach . 31. Luckenbach is fun, but we decided to find good German food in Fredericksburg, TX 32. Under the bustle, Fredericksburg is a laid-back town. 33. Back at the ranch, we took it easy.Tomorrow, we ride. 34. Breakfast in Bandera.Across the street, a hand parks in front of the general store. 35. With breakfast under our belts, and Bandera in our rear views, we retraced our steps to the coast.Again, we rode under clouds and in chilly air. Wedhad good weather all weekend, dangerous storms having gone around us at night, and the sun having shone on us during the day. We ran intolight rain a few miles from home.The clouds in Kerrville had turned into a deluge upon reaching the coast and we rode in as it was pushing into the Gulf.I guess we just live right. The road goes on forever