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  • 1. Elena Lagares Valladolid2 Bto. Ingls (2012-2013)

2. Mlaga HumiltonTrip out Date City TimeCheck-in timeDeparture15/08/2013 Mlaga 19.10 18.25Arrival18/08/2013 Hamilton 12.30 11.50Layover: 2Flight time: 55h 20mAirline: British Airways and Air Zealand Ltd 3. Humilton- MlagaTrip backDateCityTimeCheck-in timeDeparture30/08/2013Hamilton13.10 12.25Arrival31/08/2013Mlaga22.10 21.25Layover: 2Flight time: 43h 0mAirline: Air Zealand Ltd and British Airways 4. Cost for each Ticket TaxesQuanty TotalfamilyAdult 1620,00496,00 x2 4232,00Young 1215,00496,00 x2 3422,00Discountx4 -176,00Total for familyIn Euro Return ticket7478,00 5. Hotel City EntryWay outDay CostColonial City Motel Hamilton 18.08.2013 21.08.2013 3 245,69***Oaks Residences *** Auockland 21.08.201324.08.2013 3 343,00Taiparoro Mansion Tauranga 24.08.2013 27.08.2013 3 392,00Guesthouse ***Sudima Hotel Lake Rotoura27.08.2013 30.08.2013 4 417,02Rotoura *** 6. Hamilton (3 days) The city is situated in the rivers banks Hamilton. In the city is Victoria Street, the main street of the city where is assemblealways all the commerce. There are the restaurants, the coffee shops andthe nightlife. 7. Hamilton has immense and beauty gardens with manyspecies of plants. It is located in Cobham Drive. The gardensare always open and are free. To gain access the garden, youhave to walk towards to South by the rivers pedestrianstreet. 8. To have a pleasant afternoon you may go theHamilton Lake or the Waikato River. 9. The Museum of Arts and History is veryinteresting and the ticket costs very little money. In Hamilton, the temperature is 20C - 25C insummer and 10C - 15C in winter. There is highhumidity, too. 10. Auockland (3 days) Auckland is the biggest city of North Island. It is recognizingas the marine city, so that you may do aquatic sport in theports and bays 11. The city is very near of the beach, of the native forest and ofSubtropical Island in order to that you may choose where togo. You may go for a walk through Queen Street where thereare theatres, cinemas, art galleries, bank and public centers. 12. There is a canoe-shaped museum that has thingsof the Maori culture. This museum is in Domain. 13. Sky Tower is the highest of New Zealand and is inHarrahs Sky City, where there are pubs,restaurants, casinos and cafeterias. 14. Auckland Art Gallery has the gallery with the collectiongreatest of artworks of the world. You may attend every dayof the week. Equally, you may visit Auckland Civic Theatre, a famoustheatre located in the downtown. 15. Tauranga (3 days) In Tauranga you may have tranquil holidays on thebeach and to do surfing. It have a preciouswonderful views the sea. 16. In the citys north is Mount Maunganui, a citylocated in Plentys Baha. Here, every year iscelebrating the Northern Regional SurfChampionships (NRCs), the NZ Under 14 OceanAthlete Championships and the Pro VolleyballTour. 17. Rotorua (3 days) The city is an exclusive natural spa with geothermal watersthat fall directly from the hot water of the city. It has alsoamazing mineral reserves. Inside the city there are hot bubbly mud swimming pools andin erupting. There are treatments such as massage Aix. 18. The population is mainly Maori; therefore you mayattend the festivities and concerts Hangi. Thefestivities were celebrated by the best Maori artists.The celebrations consist in songs and dances of thisculture. 19. If you search an adventure, you visit the regionslakes populated of trout. These lakes offeractivities such as sailing boats, jet-boat, and jet-ski or navigate tranquil waters. You may also dorap-jumping from a volcano. 20. Finally, you may also to walk through excellentforest called Redwood. 21. Costs: The total cost of the return tickets would be:7.478,00 The stay in the hotels would be: 1.396,71 We suppose that for such as foods, drinks, gifts youhave: 1.000 Thus, the approximate total cost of the trip will be9.874,71, less than 10.000. 22. THE END