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de rene y Raquel


  • 1. Our trip to Foodland By: RaquelandIrene. 6 v

2. Weappeared in the broccolis forest. 3. We walked to the Cheese Village. 4. We watched the cauliflowers under the water. It was exciting!!!! 5. The people talked about the famous CocosPark , but we didnt go. 6. When we went to the hotel we visited a potatos field. 7. They tell us that , to arrive to the hotel, we must sail in a peas boat into the Red Salmon Sea. 8. On the journey, we saw a very beautiful rainbow. 9. We had a good trip to the Cheese Village. 10. We came to our room and ate an amazing food. 11. We didnt go to the bread mountains, beucase they were far. 12. We liked the bananas hot air balloon best. 13. We went to visit our granny in the ham house. 14. After visiting our granny, we swam in the Ham River. 15. We went to the Yorks Ham mountains and we played with the snow.It was very funny!! 16. THE END We hope you enjoy it!!!